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Like all of those new pics you’ve been seeing on the site lately: Janessa looking fierce and flawless in a hot pink zebra and aqua dress?  The body may be courtesy of Little Debbie, but the images are the work of Grand Forks photographer Miranda Roen of Roen Photography.  Leading up to this weekend’s extravaganze “10 Years of Dreams” and the unveiling of Janessa’s favorite images from the shoot, we asked Miranda to tell us a little bit more about herself and her work and to share some of her other images with us.  We hope you enjoy.

I was born and raised inGrand Forks. I graduated from the UND with a degree in Anthropology. I had hopes of becoming an archaeologist but a car accident left me unable to pursue that path and so I decided to take my interest in photography and turn it into a career. Well, I should say, the goal is to turn photography into a career but I’m still working on making that happen.


 As I mentioned, injuries I sustained in a car accident made it impossible for me to be a field archaeologist. I have been interested in photography for several years but it was after the accident that I decided it was time to pursue photography more seriously. My first paid gig was a wedding. I had no experience working with (or for) someone and I barely even knew how to use my camera but I managed to pull if off and it snowballed from there. People saw the wedding photos and started booking me for other events. I eventually went on to win the Grand Cities Emerging Artist award this year and have had a couple of my photos published in magazines and in an online publication of Vogue Italia.


 People always want to know what it is that inspires me. I think all one has to do is take a look at my work to know…I have an obvious affinity for the morbid. My site is littered with photos of bones, decaying animal remains, abandoned places, shadows, and a bit of romance too I suppose. I’m obsessed with time. The bones and other remains embody the passing of time to me.   Art is very important to me, not just my own, but the art of others as well. I am inspired by other artists and I like to look at their work and imagine what frame of mind they were in as they created it. I want what I do to reflect who I am, even if no one gets it…or likes it. I need it to reflect me in order to cope with life and death too. 

Bird Skeleton 003

We hope that you’ve enjoyed these gorgeous images and this small introduction to Miranda, her work and her thought process.  For more information or to inquire about bookings, please visit her on the web at or “like” Roen Photography on Facebook.  And don’t forget, Janessa will be unveiling a small gallery of images from her recent shoot with Miranda at the “10 Years of Dreams” Anniversary Celebration and Launch Party on August 25th at Sensations.

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