Janessa Nominated for HPR Best Bets – Best Drag Performer…AGAIN!

Published on October 18, 2012 by   ·   1 Comment

The time has come once again for the Red River Valley to choose the best of the best in the area, and once again Janessa, the Susan Lucci of these awards, is nominated as “Best Drag Performer.”  Could this finally be the year where she will break through and win the trophy?  Only YOU can make that happen!

Voting goes through November 1; you must vote in at least 15 categories for your vote to count, so be sure to complete your ballot!

Here is the link:

Be sure to pass this link along to your friends in the area, and ask them to cast a vote for Janessa, and let’s see if we can finally make it official: Janessa is THE best bet in town!  Thanks for voting!

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Readers Comments (1)
  1. janessajaye says:

    Thanks for all of the support! Once again, I lost the crown to “She who shall not be named” but it was heart-warming feel such love and support from so many people. Maybe next year?? LOL

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