TAROT TALK: Hope In The Darkness: When The Star Card Shines Its Light On You

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000000000000000000000000 Star 01Except for The Sun card (which generally represents the essence of fulfillment and contentment), The Star is perhaps the most optimistic card in the tarot.  The Star, along with The Sun and The Moon, form a triptych that remind us of the cyclical nature of struggle in our lives: in between times of contentment (The Sun), we go through hard times (The Moon) which help us grow and evolve, and during these struggles we need to hold onto hope (The Star) that the good times will once again shine upon us.  Everyone must go through struggles, as this is how we grow, but no one is mired in struggle all the time.  The Star represents those points of light in the darkness that help lead us into a shining new day.  With hope, we are able to find our way through the night and into our better selves.

This card often pops up to remind us that hope is never far away, no matter how dark the times are in which we find ourselves.  In fact, the darker the night is, the brighter the stars above will shine!  If this card pops into your spread, it can be a reminder that you need to keep hoping and put all of your best intention into making it through your hard times.  If it shows up in a position in a reading that represents the people around you or things that are there to support you, it can serve as a reminder to look to the people around you to help you regain your hope or for assistance in dealing with your present situation.  The people in our lives are there to help support us in our Moon periods, so that we may grow and become strong enough to return that support to them when it’s their turn to go through a transition or hardship.  This give-and-take is the nature of our human relationships – or at least it should be!

000000000000000000000000 Star MarilynIf you are not in the middle of a dark time, The Star can pop up to highlight feelings you have of being especially positive or hopeful, even inspired!  This might be a great time to start into a new venture – you have hope on your side!  It’s much easier to find the inspiration we need for new projects when we have the hopeful gaze of The Star in our corner.  New business?  New love?  New beginnings?  Nothing is ever promised, but The Star definitely helps put us in the right frame of mind to start out on some new adventure with the best of intentions.

There is an almost ethereal quality to The Star, and on more than one occasion this card has come up to signal that a loved one who has passed in watching over the client and their situation, providing love and support from beyond our physical life.  In some cases, it was the loss of this loved one that lead to the client feeling hopeless in their situation, and so this reminder can help comfort them in their time of grief.  As with those we keep near us in our physical life, we need not always find the source of our hope in ourselves.  Others can provide that connection for us, until we strengthen ourselves enough to once again find our inner wellspring.

It is important to remember that The Star is not without its cautionary qualities!  Be aware of how the card sits in the reading.  Are you holding onto impossible hopes for a situation that is better left in the past?  Maybe it’s time to let go of that attachment (an old job, a bad relationship, etc.) rather than to cling to the hope that it can be salvaged.  Part of the reason for our Moon times are to help us learn when we should recommit to situations and when we should process what we’ve learned and gracefully let go.  Don’t let foolish hopes get in the way of your progress and development.

000000000000000000000000 Star Cosmic TribeIf The Star shows up in the position of your obstacle, be aware of your expectations: is idealism blinding you to the true nature of people and situations?  It’s great to hope for the best, but if you are letting that hope get in the way of maintaining your self-respect, then you need to strive for more balance.  Hope is great, but we all have to live in the “real” world (at least some of the time!).

I love it when The Star shines its light into a reading (and not just because its number, 17, aligns with my birthday!).  Whenever I buy a new deck (or look through a new deck that someone is sharing with me), I always go to The Star first to enjoy the artwork and experience how that deck has chosen to depict the beauty of hope.  Its comforting light is a welcome message regardless of what you are struggling with.  Give in, and enjoy the good feelings (and good karma!) that encountering the world with hope and wonder can provide!

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Readers Comments (5)
  1. Sara says:

    Hi Janessa,

    Lovely blog, but if you are going to use one of my artworks could you please credit me with it, by linking back to my site.

    I’m pleased that you like my artwork enough to include it :)


  2. janessajaye says:

    Not a problem Sara…sorry for the omission!

    The artwork she is talking about is the gorgeous black card with the almost ghostly quality to it…you can find Sara and more of her work here:



    • Sara says:

      Thank you Janessa :)

      The Star really is the shining light of the Tarot, faith, hope and the promise of something wonderful.


    • janessajaye says:

      PLEASE NOTE: After we lost our images in late 2013, I wasn’t able to find the same tarot images as before when rebuilding the post, so Sara’s image is no longer shown. However, please still visit her page as she has some great stuff!

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