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000000 Glitter OverallRelax.  This isn’t a post about one of the worst movies ever made featuring Mariah Carey, a cringe-inducing script, and some pretty bad music.  On the contrary, this is a post about one of the most wonderful things in whole world.  Sparkly, shiny, prismatic glitter.

Even the word sounds fun, doesn’t it?  There’s something about it that just makes me smile…and sends a shiver of terror down the spine of anyone who has ever had to clean up a venue after one of my shows.  In addition to all of the glitter I like to pack on my face, I’ve been known to shower the audience with an entire tube of craft glitter.  Or three.  I have an addiction, don’t judge me.  I just can’t get enough.

Apparently I’m not the only one who loves a good glitter bath.  There are a couple of growing companies whose sole purpose it is to bring glitter to the masses, affordably and even safely.  Ever hear that old warning that you should never wear glitter around your eyes because it could cause damage?  Yeah, me too.  Didn’t stop me though.  But the fine folks at both Eye Kandy Cosmetics and Lit Cosmetics took it upon themselves to create two expansive lines of glitter, all of which are made of plastic particles (instead of metal) and that are completely safe to wear around your eyes.

000000 Glitter MAC 3d SilverGiven my love of glitter, I’m honestly surprised I never ran across either of these companies before.  But then again, MAC used to do a better job of making new and fun glitters part of their special collections on a regular basis.  My personal favorites were the really vivid opalescent glitters like Neon 60s, Crystalled Lime, Crystalled Yellow, and Rocking Orange.  3D Silver is still one of my favorites and is usually a key component of my glitter lip look.  Well, Eye Kandy and Lit bring glitter to a whole new level!  Eye Kandy boasts about 60 shades of glitter (plus more than a dozen metallic pigment shades), while Lit features over 230 different options (including a few shades, called Electrics, that glow under blacklight)!  Both companies offer different cuts of glitter, ranging from smaller, more subtle cuts to larger cuts that work well for performers and for people who want to do something a little crazy and fun.  Also, both companies feature iridescent colors which don’t have a solid glitter color but that help enhance the makeup or skin colors beneath (Eye Kandy calls them “Sugars” while Lit calls them “Shimmers”).

In addition to the sparkly stuff itself, both Eye Kandy and Lit offer a liquid glitter base to help you with application; Lit also features an inexpensive tool (The “Spark-L Duster,” $1.95) for removing glitter fallout.  I’ve tried samples of both glitter bases and found them both to be good; I also have used Hard Candy’s “Showgirl’s Secret” base as well and didn’t see any real difference.  I found a video comparing the two liquid products here:

I don’t have particularly sensitive eyes (I glue my lashes on with spirit gum, if that gives you an idea of what kind of punishment I put my eye area through on a regular basis!) and didn’t notice any big differences between how the products felt on my eyes, but the reviewer above did feel that the Lit product was a little better for people with sensitive eyes, mainly because of the alcohol in the Eye Kandy base.

000000 Glitter Hedwig

One of my favorite uses for glitter is to do a very sparkly lip.  The moment I saw the movie poster for Hedwig and the Angry Inch with that sickening red glitter lip, I knew that I had to find a way to replicate it.  The best success I’ve had has been to paint my lips with a demi-permanent lip color in a bright, true red and then to coat my lips with a mixture of MAC’s liquid mixing medium and either pure red glitter or a mixture of red with a little holographic glitter in silver.  The last time I was on the MAC website, I wasn’t able to find the liquid mixing medium – I’m hoping that it hasn’t gone away forever or I will be one sad little queen.  Glitter on the lips is very hard to work with, and MAC’s mixing medium made it super-duper simple.  I’m going to try out one of the glitter bases noted above to see how well it helps glitter stick to the lips.  If anyone has ideas on great ways to do glitter (especially lips!) I’d love to hear about them!

Now go forth and get painted!

PS- I thought I had a MAC addiction, until I came across this post right here:

This is absolutely one of the biggest collections of MAC products I have ever seen!  You go, girl!

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  1. janessajaye says:

    I’ve tried both Eye Kandy glitter and Lit glitter and like them both, but the main difference is the price: Eye Kandy glitters are $6.00 each while Lit glitters are $12.95 each (though Lit does advertise a free color that they give away with the purchase of 2 colors, and they have kits that save you money on a selection of products). I had trouble finding volume information, but the Lit Glitter does look like it has more product; as you can see in the video review above, the Lit Cosmetics glitter has the better packaging, and a much wider range of colors. Still, both great!

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