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Ok, I get it.  I’m a little late to the party.  People have been making videos and posting them on YouTube for years and I’m sure that my slack-jawed wonder at the magics of the interweb will make some of you “ROFL.”  But I recently discovered a woman doing makeup tutorials videos on YouTube that I think is really worth sharing: The Queen of Blending.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve included a couple of her videos in other posts in the Makeup Forum, and I have to say that I really enjoy watching her videos.  Her deadpan delivery often hides a great deal of humor (sometimes people completely miss when she is being sarcastic and their confusion in the comments is almost as good as the jokes themselves) and her makeup looks are absolutely stunning. She loves over-the-top looks and her tutorials are great for drag queens and other performers who want something big, bold, and colorful.  In fact, she has several tutorials that are based on looks done by competitors on RuPaul’s Drag Race, including this look inspired by Latrice Royale:

(To see her video inspired by Phi Phi O’Hara’s post-apocalyptic look, visit my post about costume contact lenses, here: CRAZY EYES; she also has videos featuring looks by Jiggly Caliente, Kenya Michaels, Sharon Needles, and more on her YouTube channel.)

One thing I like about QoB is that she isn’t afraid to use bargain and drugstore products to create her looks, and reminds viewers that they can create amazing makeup looks no matter what their budget, their skin type, or what brands they may prefer to use.  She created an amazing green eye look using an 88-color palette by BH Cosmetics (you can find it in my post about SHANY Cosmetics, here: SHANY); here is another great look that she created to feature a Wet’n’Wild eyeshadow compact:

In addition to using drag queens for inspiration, she has a couple of Twilightinspired videos.  Even though the whole Twilight thing makes me gag, she actually created a couple of pretty fierce looks!  My favorite, featuring some amazing bright yellow, is featured below:

Lauren, the Queen of Blending herself, is not afraid to fuck with people a little bit.  Some of her faux-video tutorials for April Fool’s Day and such are pretty funny and a little bizarre.  Here’s one where she pretends that “doubling up” is the hottest new makeup trend sweeping the nation:

I love, love, LOVE that QoB isn’t afraid to really go all out, using color and trying unexpected things.  One facet that has popped up in a lot of the videos I’ve watched is the colored brow.  I haven’t tried this myself since I’ve started covering my brows with gluestick and drawing them on my forehead, but her colored brows can look really sick and I may just have to experiment with them to see how they work when you don’t actually have real hair to set the colors.  Here is a great video with vivid colors and a pretty wild colored brow:

One last tutorial I wanted to share with you: this is a video where QoB takes the smokey eye and makes it so dragtastic and over-the-top, rhinestones and all, that I had to share it here:

I’ve recently been playing around with gluing rhinestones in my makeup design, and this look does that very well.  I love having the jet stones in the eyeliner (sick!) and I may have to splurge and track down some of those Dior “Velvet Eyes” eyeliner stickers.  Her makeup looks really inspire me, with their crazy colors and really artistic combinations, and her tutorials are easy to follow and give good instruction.  The one main drawback is that she loves doing crazy eye makeup, but the rest of her look is usually pretty basic (and, I’m sorry to say, a little boring): some sort of bronze-y, peach-y blush and a peach-y or nude glossy lip.  I can’t blame her; after all, she is an actual girl and is trying to make her avant-garde looks wearable for people who aren’t, you know, drag queens.  Every now and then she throws in a darker lip, usually with a more Halloween-y type look, but usually it’s the basic gloss.

Another reason I really appreciate QoB is that she has such a strong personality and just seems to really love makeup and wanting to help people achieve their wild and vibrant makeup dreams (even if her delivery is sometimes a little dry – she almost sounds bored) and she seems very genuine and unpretentious.  One of my favorite videos, another spoof, is one where she spoofs the “boyfriend does my makeup” tag by having her 9-year-old daughter do up her makeup.  The two are clearly playing and have such a good relationship that you can’t help but smile while watching (especially when they bust out some impromptu Phantom of the Opera):

Part of why I love makeup is experimenting with new products and trying new looks, and it can be a lot of fun to watch some videos to learn some new techniques and then try them out myself.  QoB has looks that are perfect for a big ol’ drag queen like me, or that be adapted for drag looks, and her presence is supportive and comforting, like the drag mother I never had.  I recommend all of her videos and hope you enjoy watching them as you work to improve your makeup skills (I know I’ll be working away – I want to master that cut crease!)

Now go forth and get painted!

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  1. Janessa Jaye says:

    I’m not sure if other people are seeing this, but the image that displays on the Black Diamond tutorial when it’s not playing is NOT the actual makeup look. The image I see is a pretty simple silver holographic glitter eye with some black liquid liner. Trust me, the Black Diamond look is MUCH more elaborate and worth a watch!

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