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Wonder WOmanSometimes I feel like a motley crew of different people all stuck inside my one tiny brain.  People find it hard to believe that I’m both a glamorous drag queen AND a raging comic book geek.  ‘Tis true, true believers.  In addition to stomping the stage in platform heels, I also enjoy immersing myself in the spandex-y world of super villains and mutants.  I have a special love for all things X-men, and my favorite character was always Dazzler – not a big surprise considering the fact that she practically started out as a drag queen in her shimmery white jumpsuit, blue butterfly makeup, and mirrored roller skates!  I also love Wonder Woman and have a small collection of WW collector items on display right above my computer in my office, including a framed photo of me in my homemade WW costume from several years ago, packaging from MAC’s limited edition Wonder Woman makeup collection, a hand mirror from the 70s (a thrift store find from my bargain hunter friend, Angie), and the first issue of MS. magazine that featured “Wonder Woman For President” as its cover.  Despite all of the glamorous good girls and delicious femme fatales to be found in the pages of comic books, rarely do I find opportunities for my glam goddess and raging geek selves to come together.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across!  I was searching for images of makeup looks using SugarPill Cosmetics products for a Makeup Forum entry I was writing about the company (you can find that post here: SugarPill) and I saw this amazing makeup art with mingled red and blue with a glittery spiderweb extending out from the corner (this look is the one I used as the featured image for this post).  I clicked through to the page and discovered Siryn, a makeup artist and blogger who shares my combined love of comic books as well as an appreciation for glitter and glam.  Her makeup looks are fun and a little out there, and really capture the look and feel of some of the great comic book characters from yesterday and today.  For those of you out there who might feel a similar conflict between your geek and glam natures, I wanted to share a few of her looks with you.

Here is a video tutorial inspired by Deathbird, a villain from the X-men franchise:

Next to Dazzler, my other favorite X-men character is Storm, mistress of the elements.  Siryn does an amazing color-block look with just a hint of lightning effect using gold liner:

StormStorm Card

Because green is my favorite color, I knew I would love this Polaris-inspired look, capturing the traditional primary yellow and blue of the X-uniform as well as the luscious green of Polaris’ emerald curls:

polaris_x-factor_011 polaris1

Another mean, green diva from the Marvel Universe is She-Hulk from the Avengers.  Unlike her cousin, the Hulk, She-Hulk is able to control her transformation to and from her Hulk persona, though she sometimes gets caught up in the celebrity of being a famous crime-fighter and loses sight of the worth and contributions of her normal self, Jennifer Walters.  This look is colorful and surprisingly soft, combining lighter shades with dark accents.

she-hulk-scales-of-justice shulkie1

Although I’m a pretty big Marvel fan, I also love some of the fabulous ladies from DC Comics as well.  With this look, inspired by Ice from DC’s Justice League, Siryn shows that blue eyeshadow doesn’t have to be relegated to the trailer park and can make really stunning character looks (if you handle it right!).

ice_olafsdotter ice1

What I love about Siryn’s site as a whole is that she does so many different things with these comics-inspired looks.  Some of them are more literal interpretations of the characters and their powers, designed more as costume or editorial looks, but there are others where she takes the character and creates a lovely and very wearable look that captures the subject while also creating a look that someone could wear out onto the street.  Below are two looks using X-men characters as their inspiration.  On the left, is Psylocke.  This look translates the glowing energy of her psionic powers very literally and is better suited to a specialty look or a costume (or those who love to rock really avant-garde makeup!).  On the right is a look inspired by Selene, the Black Queen. This look captures the dark malice of the character but in a more street-ready way – whether you like comics or not, that’s a damn sexy smoky eye!

psylocke selene1

Comic books aren’t all superheroes and primary colors.  I am a big fan of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, and Siryn creates a funky and fun interpretation of Delirium of the Endless.  Delirium, formerly Delight, has given in so thoroughly to the pleasures of the world around her that she is slightly mad.  Her look changes throughout the series, but she is always colorful and a little wild, reflecting the openness of her nature.  This look is matte perfection!


Of course, I had to scour her blog and see if she had done an interpretation of Dazzler, my all-time favorite X-men character, and Siryn did not disappoint.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that her Dazzler look was actually one of her more wearable styles, avoiding the gaudy blue butterfly look and instead focusing on Allison Blaire’s sparkling persona as an entertainer, with a few rhinestones to remind us of her light-based mutant powers.  I love this champagne-infused look, and will certainly have to give it a try on my own eyes.


NEW (Updated 8/27/2014):

Since I’m reposing this after losing the images, I figured I would give a little “bonus” material – a few additional geektastic looks that I absolutely adore!

Spiderwoman is another character who has a great look from the comics – all sleek lines and primary colors – and I like her origins and the way she was used in the Secret Invasion storyline.  She’s a hero and an outsider.  I love the shimmery treatment Siryn gives her in this makeup look.

swj2Spider Woman

Lilandra – queen of the bird people?  Sort of…

The Shi’ar, in X-men mythology, are an alien race that share some DNA with birdlike species or have some sort of birdlike features that have developed over their evolution.  It’s sort of odd, and those characters have never really been my favorites in the X-men history, but I definitely love the gorgeous look shown here, complete with feather lashes!


Finally, another great neutral look that is totally wearable – Wolfsbane!  How do you take a woman who basically transforms into a werewolf at will and make that glamorous?  Keep it simple!  I little bit of shimmer, some champagne tones and gorgeous browns, and groomed browswith shadowe accents inviting you to walk on the wild side!

wb5000 Wolfsbane

Please take some time to visit MakeupBySiryn and look through all of her amazing and geek-tastic makeup looks.  In addition to comic book characters, she also has looks inspired by pop culture sources like My Little Pony and Monster High, and she reviews products and provides lots of great makeup-related tips and tricks.  I’m very glad to have found this talented makeup artist’s site; for once, my geek and my goddess feel perfectly in sync.  (Special thanks to Siryn for allowing me to link and to repost these awesome looks!)

Now go forth and get painted!

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  1. siryn says:

    Omg! This is an amazing write up! I feel so honored and flattered by it! Thank you for your gracious compliments and I’ll be sure to share this with my followers! <3

    • Janessa Jaye says:

      You are so welcome! My jaw dropped when I happened across that Spiderman eye look! I love the combination of comic book sensibility and really gorgeous makeup!

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