Pill Poppin’: An Adventure in Color With SugarPill Cosmetics

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I am so, so, so glad that indie makeup companies are making a comeback…and doing it with real quality products!  When I was first getting started in drag, the big indie company that I remember playing around with was Urban Decay.  Yep, before the days where UD was slickly packaged and available at a Sephora near you, it used to be found in headshops right between the Manic Panic hair dye and a rack of one-hitters.  The lipsticks looked like bullet casings, and they were fantastic.  There are 3 old school Urban Decay lipsticks that I still need to take occasional mourning periods for: Gash (this amazing shimmery deep blood-red – I think they have one now with the same name but NOT the same color), Burnout (the most gorgeous coral-pink with intense gold shimmer), and Uzi (a silver glitter that actually went on the way it looked in the tube, not all clumpy and waxy like most glitter lipsticks).  I still love me some Urban Decay (especially the Primer Potions), but it just feels much more slick and corporate – and the prices have been jacked up to match.  Enter SugarPill.

0000000000 Sugar Look

I first heard of SugarPill when I was watching (who else?!) Queen of Blending do a makeup tutorial.  She used quite a few pairs of their lashes as well as loose and pressed shadows.  There was one shadow in particular that I thought looked gorgeous (Stella, used in the “Black Diamond” tutorial – find it here) and I decided to give them a try.  When you go to their site, you will probably notice that they are not a full makeup line.  There are no face products, no lip products, no blushes, no polishes.  They do eyes – 0000000000 Sugar Looseand they do them well.  Their current product range includes loose pigment shadows, pressed shadows, a few collections (pressed powders in quad palettes, loose pigments in trios), and eyelashes, as well as a few odds and ends (some stickers and key chains).  What I find really nice about the collections is that all of the colors are available individually.  If you find one you absolutely love and use it down to the pan, you don’t have to buy another quad to get it again.  If you love all the colors you can buy the collection and get a price break (loose pigments are $12 each and $30 for the trio; quads are an even better value at $34 each with individual pressed shadows also costing $12 each), or you can mix with their available colors.  They specialize in bright, vivid, true colors, perfect for drag and other performers, or for the makeup maven who just loves a wild look.  The limited range of their products shouldn’t put you off; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing one thing and doing it well.  It also gives this great indie company room to grow (and I hope they do – I have a small fetish for lipsticks in crazy colors like green and blue!).

There are a lot of makeup tutorials out there that demonstrate how to create gorgeous looks with the quads or the loose shadows.  Besides the QoB tutorials I linked to above in my other post, I found this one that uses the Heart Breaker palette with a touch of glitter (I’m thinking of trying out this look myself for an upcoming show, though I will probably amp up the glitter factor a bit!):

When I placed my order, I decided to focus on the loose pigment shadows rather than the pressed shadows, though a couple of pressed shadows (Tako, a dreamy matte white, and Love+, a true fire engine red) will certainly make their way into my kit before too long.  I ordered the Reckless trio, which includes Absinthe (a fresh lime green), Starling (a teal blue with a mermaid-y shimmer), and my beloved Stella (black pigment with opalescent glitter effect), as well as Weekender (a shimmery royal purple) and 0000000000 Sugar StellaDecora (a bright, Barbie pink).  The order was lovingly packaged with lots of tissue paper, an ad card promoting an upcoming palette release, and a free glitter sticker of the company’s logo – and who doesn’t like free stuff?  The shadows themselves were a lot of fun to play with – the pigment is rich and vibrant and the sparkle is divine, and they blend with other products wonderfully.  I found the color payoff to be similar to MAC pigments at their prime (the last few years, I feel like MAC has been “watering down” their product line and it shows in the pigments, especially) and when paired with a white base like NYX’s white base or Milk jumbo pencil, the color payoff is truly stunning.  I tried working them with both cream and powder shadows and had good blending experiences both ways.  This really is a high quality product at a price that is very competitive in the market.

My standout favorite of the colors I got was definitely Decora (I also really love Absinthe, but I’m a total whore for anything green, my favorite color). Decora is such a rich beautiful pink with almost a coral tint to it, and the glitter factor really takes this over the top.  It’s one of those great pinks that isn’t too blue-based or too yellow, so you can combine it with a wide range of other colors without it seeming too warm or too cool for the look.  I’m planning to try out a fresh, springy look with Decora and Absinthe, very 60s mod with light colors and a dark black eyeliner.  These shadows blend amazingly well (again, better than MAC’s pigments in my experience) and really pop with amazing color.

SugarPill is one of the great new indie makeup companies, and I hope to see their product line expand.  Here’s hoping they that they can grow and offer more products without becoming a sad, watered down version of what they once were (I’m looking at YOU, Hard Candy).  But for now, they’ve got a small but invaluable collection of really great, useful products to help your eyes really pop with amazing, vibrant, unbelievable color!

Now go forth and get painted!


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