Blue Door Gallery Hosts .SACRED CANDY. – A Unique Theatrical Experience, July 23

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Blue Door PhotoIt’s tucked away downtown, right next to Amazing Grains, in the basement of the St. John’s Block building next door to where the Northern Valley Arts Council used to be located.  The Blue Door Gallery is a wonderful collection of the work of local artists, the perfect place for you to start your own art collection, or add to it.  And now, the gallery is expanding its repertoire into the theatrical realm by hosting .Sacred Candy., a production of Jawbone Puppet Theatre & Poncili Company.

The Facebook event group describes the production:

Puppets.  Big masks.  Physical theater.

Including the short masterpiece “Fire Hydrant Woman Gets Tooken Away,” written, designed, and directed by the 5-year-old, which culminates in a disemboweled t-rex spewing guts and candies, the show quickly spirals into madness, as two little old ladies try to feed a baby while navigating their way through a bizarre and surreal, dystopian future, while a mad carnival barker raffles secrets, and everybody prays to the holy mutant cow in hopes of ending their addiction to candy.  Babies will cry, and monsters will lose their shape no matter how many eyes you have to see them.  In the midst of all this, our resident hobo clown recounts the sad, sad story of “the bucket rider,” a tragic tale of death by freezing, based on the short story by Franz Kafka.

So who are Jawbone Puppet Theatre & Poncili Company?  Again, from the event page:

Jawbone Puppet Theater is a quirky, potty-mouthed, father-son act from Brooklyn, NY, by way of Taiwan.  Poncili Company is a mysterious experimental art collective from Puerto Rico.  Together again after our triumphant winter tour, “Dinosaur Saints & Humble Robots,” which you can check out HERE.

In addition to the show, the Blue Door Gallery also features a lot of great artwork by local artists from the Escape Artist Collective, the group that maintains the Blue Door Gallery, and it is very affordably priced.  I have a couple of pieces from the Gallery in my own collection, and you will love the myriad of perspectives that are represented in their displayed works.

For more information on this event, please visit the Facebook event page HERE.  For more about Blue Door Gallery and the Escape Artist Collective, visit them on Facebook HERE or at their website HERE.


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