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0 Mixing MediumI’m currently in mourning.  I’ve stated in several Makeup Forum posts that I’ve drifted away from my MAC roots the last couple of years because their products have seemed to be slipping in quality and just not standing up to the quality I had come to expect from the brand, but now they’ve really gone and done it: they’ve discontinued the liquid mixing medium!

For those who have ever seen my signature glitter lip and wondered how I did it, MAC’s mixing medium was the key.  That product was amazing, and no matter what else I’ve tried, I’ve never found anything else that worked as well as this for the lips.  There are lots of options for glitter working with the eyes or the face: Ben Nye and Graftobian both have glitters that come already mixed in with a liquid base that you can paint on (the Ben Nye is better for painting a more precise line, both are good for painting on and spreading around for a sprinkled glitter effect), and there are great adhesives for keeping glitter in place on your eyes (Lit Cosmetics’ glitter base and Too Faced Cosmetic’s Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue both come to mind).  But no one likes a stiff glue on their lips, and the liquid glitters by Ben Nye and Graftobian are too hard to contain on the lips and I haven’t found them particularly customizable.

0 Pink LipThe mixing medium was perfect:  all you had to do was a little mix ‘n match.  I would start by throwing together a little pile of glitter, usually mixing together several colors and sometimes loose pigment as well to get just the right shade, and then just drip mixing medium over the pile and mixing with a small liner brush until I had the right consistency.  Then all I had to do was paint it on my lips and I was good to go.  Now, as an emcee I talk a lot during my shows, so to keep my lips looking good, I also had a very specific prep process.  First, I would paint my lips with a demi-permanent lip color like MAC’s Pro Longwear or Max Factor’s Lipfinity.  Once that dried, I would line my lips with either a black or dark brown pencil, depending on the specific look.  Sometimes I would add a lipstick over the base color, if I wanted to change it up a bit, and sometimes I would just do the glitter right on top of the base.  Then I would paint the glitter and mixing medium concoction all over my lips until I had sparkling DSLs for days, hunty!

0 Bling LipsNow, I need to start looking for an alternative so I can bring my glitter lips back.  I did buy an extra mixing medium on Ebay (way overpriced, of course) so I have one glorious bottle left in my kit, and MAC still does have a couple of their mixing medium formulas still available, so there is hope that the liquid base will make a return at some point in the future.  But I love me some glitter lips, and I need to have a Plan B – and not just because I had unprotected sex with your husband last night and don’t want to get knocked up!

The problem is that glitter is very hard to work with.  I’ve tried adding glitter in to a clear gloss, but that can be tricky as the gloss can dull the glitter, sometimes the color of the glitter will leach into gloss itself and appear cloudy, and it rarely has the same sparkle and shine.  I know some people are able to do it with some degree of success, and it can actually make a really cool effect if you mix a clear gloss with a metallic pigment, but loose particle glitter is a whole different story.  Some people also put on a gloss and then pat glitter into it, but then forget about your lips ever touching again after that point – one quick rub and you’re a goopy, soupy mess.

So I went out in search of the perfect glitter lip strategy now that my beloved mixing medium is an endangered species, and found that I wasn’t the only one craving some serious DSL action.  Here are some of my favorite tutorials for creating sparkling, fantastic, orgasmic glitter lips.  Enjoy!

Patting Glitter into a Gloss:  Here are a couple of tutorials where they just put on a gloss and then pat glitter into it.  Like I said before, your lips can kiss each other goodbye for as long as you want the effect to last.  Also, as you’ll see in the second tutorial, you’re always getting glitter in your mouth!  I included these, because I love the lip looks they created even if they are sort of a hot mess in terms of actual wear.  These would be great for editorial looks where we started to take photos immediately after application (and, I imagine, frequent touch-ups!) but they just aren’t practical for my show needs.

Okay, so this next one is supposed to be about glitter lips, but this girl loves to talky-talk!  You are welcome to watch the whole thing (it still comes in at under 10 minutes), but if you want to skip past her talking about her haircolor and doing the rest of her face, you can get right to the lips at about 6:10.

Glitter “Lip Tattoos”: I’d heard some rumblings about lip tattoos, but I wasn’t really sure what they were until I ran across this video.  I also found that Spencer Gifts carries special two-packs of the brand Violent Lips that is featured in this video.  I bought the rainbow lip tattoos (I was shopping after Bismarck Pride and it seemed apropos!), but after watching this video, I’m definitely interested in trying out the glitter lips.  They seem to work just like those temporary tattoos I used to get out of quarter machines when I was a kid.  Simple concept, but it seems to transfer very well to the cosmetics world.  Plus, the company was started by a 12-year-old girl who came up with the idea with her dad, so that’s a fun story (better than just saying it was some researcher at a multi-million dollar Estee Lauder facility!).

Glitter Base by Eye Candy:  This video makes use of the Eye Kandy “Liquid Sugar” base to adhere the glitter to the lips.  I haven’t tried Eye Kandy’s base but I have used Lit Cosmetics’ glitter base and though it’s heaven for glitter on the eyes, I just didn’t find it very pleasant for the lips.  I’m known for being a little heavy-handed in the makeup application department (Umm, because I’m a fucking drag queen…Helllllooooooo!) so perhaps I just need to try it again and tone it down.  This girl seems to love her glitter lips so perhaps my problem was just user error!

This video is short and sweet, but in a shameless act of self-promotion that simultaneously annoys me and makes me proud of this bitch, you have to actually click through to her blog to get the product list.  The look is gorgeous, very Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and she achieved it with red lipstick and Ben Nye glitter glue!

Glitter and Gloss:  I found videos by MakeupByRinaP where she creates fun colored glitter lips by mixing MAC pigments with a clear gloss and then patting the glitter on top.  The look is fierce, but again I’m worried about the wearability for someone like me, who never shuts up for three straight hours during a show!

The previous video is more just the process on video.  This second video has much more explanation, products used, etc.

Bling It, Bitch!:  If you can’t beat ’em, bling ’em!  This video is a short and sweet demonstration of adding crystal bling to the lips.  She merely uses gloss to adhere the gems which I can’t imagine would last very long.  I’m tempted to try this, but I will definitely be using my trusty Duo eyelash adhesive to stick these babies on.

Ombre with Glitter:  Ok, so this next video is actually more about Ombre lips (Which I LOVE – expect to see a post about Ombre lips coming very soon to the Makeup Forum!) but she does finish off with some glitter in her “optional steps” so I decided to include it.  It’s a short one – enjoy!

So my search of the interwebs revealed to me that lots of girls (and girly-boys!) are looking for the perfect glittery lips, but our options really are limited.  The same tricks keep popping up – press into your lipstick or gloss or paint on with a glue base – but I’m not finding any solutions that will fully replace my fabulous MAC Mixing Medium.  Perhaps we’ll have to start a write-in campaign to get it back into production.  I smell a petition in the making!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

(And BTDubs, for those of you who spent this whole post wondering WTF I was talking about when I said DSLs, y’all need to acquaint yourself with a little thing I like to call Urban Dictionary!)

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