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000 HelloHey World of Champagne readers!

The last year working with this site has been rewarding, challenging, exciting, thought-provoking, exhausting, and a whole lot of fun!  I’m so excited about all of the changes we’ve made.  We’ve added the Local Arts & Theatre section to provide announcements and reviews of local productions and artistic events, as well as profiles of local artists as well as selected events and artists from around the state (like our profile of Cody Blotter or our review of Bismarck’s Sleepy Hollow Summer Theatre).  We’ve also added the Makeup Forum, a glittery place to share product reviews, tutorials and photographs of my favorite looks, tips and tricks, and tons of other great stuff related to the cosmetics world.  And as we have since the beginning of the site, we still bring you my blog articles (which I know I don’t post often enough!), announcements about shows and other special news, and photo galleries where you can see performance shots as well as photo shoots with great photographers like Miranda Roen and Raquel Smith.

So far, I’ve been doing all of this on my own (with technical help from my fabulous webmistress Natalina and her business partner Gene from World Blogosphere), and as much as I enjoy it, I recognize that I’m only one queen.  I can’t possibly make it to every event and performance, and as much as I love to hear myself talk I know that it might be refreshing to get other perspectives from time to time.  This spring, when I was assistant directing for Moon Over Buffalo at the Fire Hall Theatre, we had “Mitzi Canard” (aka Chris Berg of the Empire Theatre Company) write the review of the show, and it was kind of fun to have the same experience you guys have of reading it for the first time on the site (if you missed the review, no worries – you can check it out HERE).  That got me thinking: why not build the site by bringing in other great writers to submit their work for our readers.  And where better to start looking than with our readers – I know that we have some amazing talents who are reading this announcement as we speak!

000 Guest AuthorsAs a first step, I’m looking to expand the coverage in the Local Arts & Theatre section.  I’ve got a pretty good handle on “the big 3” for local theatre (Fire Hall, ETC, and UND’s Burtness Theatre) but I know there are tons of other great productions and events.  Red River and Central High Schools both have great drama programs that put on quality shows.  There was the recent production “The Visit” that was put on as a collaboration between professional actors from the Twin Cities and local theatre artists at the East Grand Forks Heritage Village.  And I’m sure there are lots of other great theatrical events nearby that I’m just not hearing about.  And that’s just theatre.  I’d love for the site to cover events at the Blue Door Gallery, or bands and musicians that are playing downtown at Ojata Records.  There really is a great community of artists and performers that should be featured and promoted on the World of Champagne, and I just can’t be everywhere I’d like to be!

As usual, I have big dreams for what we could be doing with this site, and I hope to keep it growing and changing by offering new and exciting content as well as opportunities for local writers and artists to submit their work.  Who knows where this will take me?  Or should I say where it will take us, because I’ll need your voices and your talents to make it happen!

So for now, here is what I’m looking for as a first step:

*I want to expand the coverage in the Local Arts & Theatre section of the site.  Here are some of the types of content we’re looking for:

–  If you are involved with an arts organization or are planning an event, I’d love to have an announcement from you about the event with all of the relevant details.  These are generally pretty short, and should provide all of the important info readers would need if they want to check out your event (date, time, location, any cover charges, etc.).

– We are also looking for writers to submit reviews of events that they have attended.  A review is a longer piece that gives a synopsis of the event (this is adaptable as up to this point we’ve pretty much been working with theatrical performances, but we are hoping to expand to other types of artistic events) as well as some analysis or discussion – a little something extra that readers wrestle with or think about after the show or event is over.

000 KeyboardTo get a better idea of what we’re looking for, here are links to the coverage we had of the Fire Hall Theatre late night show Lone Star:  ANNOUNCEMENT & REVIEW.

– We are also open to other pieces that relate to local arts and theatre that may fall outside of the realm of reviews or announcements.  I’m not even sure what that might look like, but I’m open to ideas.  Additional submissions will be considered on a case by case basis.

*Style – I’ve worked pretty hard on this site, and I’m proud of it; it’s difficult for a Mama to let her babies loose in the world.  I want to publish great writing and encourage new artists, but as with any publication, whether online or print, it’s best to know the style and expectations of the venue you’re submitting your work to.  Take some time to look around and read different kinds of content to see how your work will fit into the larger fabric of the site.  Here are some things to think about:

– I’m know for making people laugh when I host a show, and humor is definitely important to the World of Champagne!  Who doesn’t love a good laugh?  Including humor in your submissions is definitely encouraged, but please ensure that the humor you include isn’t malicious or mean-spirited.  When I poke fun at something, it’s out of love – except when I’m making fun of Republicans.

– Speaking of, that’s another important fact about this site: I have no qualms about being super liberal and progressive in my politics.  It doesn’t mean that I’m not open to new ideas or alternative viewpoints, but don’t be surprised if your treatise on how Michelle Bachmann is a cultural icon whose “brilliant” ideas will revolutionize politics in America doesn’t find its way onto the site.  That woman is batshit crazy.  Again, know your publication.

– It’s important to me to encourage queer voices, queer artists and queer communities.  If your work wrestles with how we think and talk and write and create around issues of gender and sexuality, I’m definitely interested.  Having said that, that doesn’t mean that I won’t publish work for regular old boring straight folks.  You chose that lifestyle, and I tolerate it.  Thought-provoking writing is much more interesting to me than who you’re fucking.  Unless you’re fucking me, in which case I hope you’re good at it, or at least buy me jewelry afterwards.

– See that naughty bit there?  That’s also pretty typical of the site – I’m not afraid of raunchy humor or adult content.  Just make sure that it has a purpose and isn’t just the obligatory-boobs-in-a-slasher-movie kind of raunch.  I’m not afraid of low-brow, but it better be done well or it’s going to be a snooze-fest.  And that I won’t tolerate.  Also, because of the occasional adult nature of what’s posted on this site, I am looking for submissions from people who are 18 years or older – and can prove it with valid identification.  The last thing I need is to get my site shut down because someone’s mom doesn’t like that their kid is posting their writing on a site where I talk about being a Williston 10.  In rare circumstances I may consider an exception to that policy, but only after a face to face meeting with you and your parent or legal guardian, and some signed paperwork.

000 Help Wanted*Images – everyone likes pretty things to look at, and all of my posts feature images, even announcements.  Even if there isn’t an image on the announcement page, there is also the feature image on my news ticker.  The internet is a slippery, complicated place and I do my best to operate this site with as much respect to other people’s work and creativity as possible, but I’m just as guilty as anyone with pulling up Google images and just slapping on a picture.  Now that I’m expanding the site to include other writers, I feel I need to start thinking more about this issue.  Here are my thoughts:

– Obviously, photos you take yourself are the best, as you own them.  If you are taking photos of other people’s work, please ask them for permission and let them know what you are using them for so I don’t have to deal with angry artists later.

– If you don’t provide images with your submission, I will find images that I feel are appropriate to add to your piece.  If you provide images, please know that I will review the images and post any or all of them at my discretion, though I will do my best to honor your wishes while also keeping in mind the aesthetic appearance of the site content.  If you provide images that are not your own, please keep in mind the following:

1. I won’t post images that have a watermark or a website tag unless you can provide written/email confirmation from the person owning the image that you are allowed to use it.
2. If you are taking something from another site, review the site to see if the author requires you to ask permission to repost the photos.  If they do, then please do so before submitting the image.  If they require you to give credit for the image, please include that information in your submission so that I can ensure it appears correctly on the site.  If they require that you give credit and link back to their site, please know that I will review their site before posting to ensure that their site is a good mesh for the World of Champagne.  Again, I’m probably not going to be providing any links back to Michelle Bachmann’s personal blog, no matter how good her crayon drawings are.  Just sayin’.
3. Each entry on the site is featured in the “Latest Posts” ticker.  If you go to the World of Champagne homepage, you can see that we need an image that is horizontal (or is able to be cropped horizontally) for that feature image.  This is a key feature of the homepage, so if you have a main image that you want featured, please make sure it will fit or be croppable to fit, and let me know that you would like that image to be the featured image.  Again, I reserve the right to review, edit, crop, and substitute any images in relation to posts on the World of Champagne site.

000 Write-For-Us

Image of fountain pen courtesy of Dalvey ( Click the image to see this product and more!

*Editorial – Finally, please know that a lot of editing goes into creating a site like this, and I’m sure you’ve found spelling or grammar errors here and there (please tell me if you do!).  I reserve the right to edit submissions before posting, but please know that my main concern would be correcting grammatical or spelling errors, or to help the piece flow better.  I won’t make edits that significantly change the content or intention of your piece without first contacting you to discuss the changes.  I expect you to respect my site, and in return you can expect that I will respect your work.  I want this to be a collaboration.

So, now that you’ve reviewed all of this information, if you are interested in submitting work for the Local Arts & Theatre section of the site, I’ve set up a brand new email to handle submissions:

You can email your submissions, pitch ideas, or ask questions about how the submission process works.  Even if your idea doesn’t fit into the Local Arts & Theatre section, send it anyway.  This is just the first step, and as I expand, I want to know what kind of content YOU are interested in contributing.

If you submit a piece for the World of Champagne that gets published, please know the following:

1.     At this time, there is no compensation, financial or otherwise, for publishing on the World of Champagne except for the personal pleasure and satisfaction of seeing your work in print.  This site is a labor of love; if money is your primary goal, you’ll want to submit elsewhere.

2.     You will retain the rights to your original work, but by submitting your work you are granting the World of Champagne, owned by Chris M. Stoner DBA Miss Janessa Jaye Champagne, the right to publish your work on the site at our discretion and in whatever timeframe we view appropriate, and to use your submission in the promotion of the site in whatever way we see fit.  This same holds true for any images you submit that are your own.

3.     We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of our submission process at any time and without notice.  I’m the boss bitch, hunty!

4.     We respectfully ask that you share your work with others!  We want your voice to be heard, and we want your friends and family to discover the World of Champagne!  Feel free to post links back to your work on the site once it is published; if you know others who may want to submit content, please refer them to us at the email above!

I know that’s a lot of information and boring business talk to wade through, but it’s all in service of providing you with a great opportunity to see your work in print and to help us grow our site into a great source of information and entertainment!

Remember the Champagne Dreams Productions motto:  Shockingly Glamorous.  Decidedly Queer.

Now let’s make it happen – together!

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