Seasons Change: Get Ready For Great New Theatre Seasons In The Grand Cities

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00 FallAs the nights get a little colder and the leaves start to turn from green to their dry autumnal shades, local theatre groups are getting set to present their new seasons to the community.  This year, there is an amazing selection of theatrical delights just waiting to be discovered, and the range and complexity of shows available is really a wonderful treat for audiences.

The Empire Theatre Company started its 2013-14 season in August with the wildly successful Avenue Q, but that big-ticket musical is just the first show in this year’s line-up for the fledgling company just entering its second year of active production.  Next in the lineup is NEIGHBORHOOD 3: REQUISITION OF DOOM, playing in October, an edgy little play about the line between real life and virtual life played out in the milieu of a monotonous suburban development.  As the calendar changes and we move into 2014, the ETC will also be presenting Wonder of the World by David Lindsay-Abaire whose Good People was last year’s season opener at the Fire Hall Theatre, and Spitfire Grill, a musical about second chances and starting over.

Empire Theatre Company’s 2013-2014 Season:

AVENUE Q – July 30 – August 3 & Aug 6 – 10
NEIGHBORHOOD 3: REQUISITION OF DOOM – October 17 – 19 & 24 – 26
WONDER OF THE WORLD – January 16 – 18 & 23 – 25
SPITFIRE GRILL – March 20 – 22 & 27 – 29

For more information, visit their website HERE.

The UND Department of Theatre Arts returns with another fantastic season of productions starting with Three Days of Rain in October in the lab theatre before hitting the mainstage in November with that one singular sensation, A Chorus Line.  One of UND’s advantages is their dual space, allowing them to create large musical extravaganza’s or smaller, more intimate works in flexible spaces that best meet the needs of the particular show (something the two community theatre options, Empire Theatre Company and the Greater Grand Forks Community Theatre, both sometimes struggle with).  As 2014 rolls around, UND brings out first the tragic then the comic mask in their final two shows: The Shadow Box in February and comedic genius Neil Simon’s Rumors in April.

UND Theatre Arts’ 2013-2014 Season:

THREE DAYS OF RAIN – October 1 – 5
A CHORUS LINE – November 14 – 16 & 21 – 23
THE SHADOW BOX – February 25 – March 1
RUMORS – April 8 – 12

For more information, visit their website HERE.

Finally, the 2013-2014 season for the Great Grand Forks Community Theatre, housed at the historic Fire Hall Theatre, is offering a very butch season (though the refreshing Late Night Theatre Series, entering its second year, will bring some balance to the mix).  Opening in September is Jeff Daniels’ Escanaba In Da Moonlight, a hunting tale perfect for late North Dakota fall.  November brings the annual children’s show, which is the first eyebrow raiser of the season: Disney’s Mulan, a touching story of empowerment and honor, though it may stretch the boundaries of “colorblind casting” in unintentionally comedic ways.  Dearly Departed, a darkly funny story of family secrets, hits the stage in February and April commemorates the anniversary of the Vietnam war with Last of the Boys.  Finally, just as the weather warms up, the men start stripping down for the first local production of The Full Monty in late May/early June.

Greater Grand Forks Community Theatre/Fire Hall Theatre’s 2013-2014 Season:

ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT – September 19 – October 5
MULAN – November 1 – 10
DEARLY DEPARTED – February 13 – March 1
LAST OF THE BOYS – April 10 – 26
THE FULL MONTY – May 27 – 30 & June 3 – 6

For more information, visit their website HERE.

Also, look for a special post coming soon dedicated to the Late Night Series at the Fire Hall, but for now, here is the calendar for the LNS shows:

DOG SEES GOD – October 11 -12 & 18 – 19, 9:30 pm
PARALLEL LIVES – November 15 – 16 & 22 – 23, 9:30 pm
CELL BLOCK SIRENS OF 1953 – March 7 -8 & 14 -15, 9:30 pm

The changing seasons seemed an apropos theme for discussing the new seasons of great local theatre as it also serves as a reminder to think about purchasing season tickets for one or more of these great theatres.  Season tickets are a great way to support local arts and to help to ensure that our local theatre scene will always be this chock full of amazing productions.

That, and it was a great excuse to include this cheesy music video by Expose…enjoy!

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