Fabulous Fades: Rocking A Righteous Ombre Lip

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I admit it: I have a serious oral fixation!  What with all the great lip products out there (especially OCC’s Lip Tars, which I’ve been hoarding like I’m auditioning for TLC) it’s hard not to focus a little too much attention of creating the perfect pucker.  We’ve already gotten down to the nitty gritty with Lip Tars HERE and talked about creating a stunning glitter lip HERE, but another trend that I’m slowly falling in love with is the ombre lip.  To die!

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Besides the fact that ombre derives from the Spanish “hombre” for man (I’ll take 3, please!), ombre in fashion and makeup generally refers to color that fades or changes hue along a gradient – usually dark to light, or two colors that mix together (i.e. pink and blue, with lavender/purple in the middle space).  The effect can be really stunning: ombre gowns done right can be a stunning use of color and texture, and the same should be true of your lips (but not of your hair – I’m officially calling ombre hair O-V-E-R.  Before stylists were calling it ombre and charging $150, people were just letting their dye jobs grow out for 6 months, you white trash hooker).

I’ve been experimenting with ombre lips, most notably in my recent photo session with the fabulous Miranda Roen where I used OCC Lip Tars in Black Dahlia, Nylon, and Iced to create an ombre look toying with fuchsia and purple.  It was a bit of a challenge, but as I’ve been researching this piece, I realize I may have been overthinking it and under-utilizing my resources – just a trusty eye pencil and a coordinated or contrasting lipstick are all Mila needs in the following video that shows you how to create a fabulous ombre with three variations:

Mila really does make it look easy; if you aren’t good at subtle blending, then this lip look is NOT your friend.  I really love trying this out, but I always ride the struggle bus – subtle is just NOT in my vocabulary!  I’m constantly having to remind myself that subtle techniques can actually lead to very bold looks.

000 Ombre Steps

There are lots of variations in the ombre look; the video above focuses on the inner portion of the lip being lighter and darkening out to the corners, and that is my favorite, but there are other variations as well.  Come people choose to start dark at the top and fade down vertically across the lips.  Others might choose to fade from left to right horizontally for a unique and more editorial look.  Another close variation of the ombre lip, featured in the video posted below, is the color block lip, and this is even simpler as it simply involves coloring sections of the lip in different colors.  What the video doesn’t mention is how to ensure your color block lips don’t muddle together, which is definitely a challenge for a motormouth like me – blotting is forbidden, darling! How dare you!

My favorite thing about ombre lips is the great color contrast you can achieve.  They are dramatic and bright, but you can do them in a way that is subtle and elegant with just a little edge.  Below, I’ve collected some great images of ombre lips to inspire your makeup play.

0 Ombre Lip SephoraOmbre lips are super on trend right now – I recently received an email from Sephora promoting the ombre lip with a step by step set of picture instructions (granted, they were pretty simplistic and not very detailed – and were clearly designed to hawk Lip Tar – but who am I to complain!?).  It’s nice to see that real women and drag queens are getting closer and closer in their style every day.  It makes it much easier to find clothes and accessories, and now it means that makeup brands will be providing great products and instructional materials to allow for very dramatic and stage-worthy looks!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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