Make Your Holidays Sparkle: Lit Cosmetics Glitter Giveaway! [Closed]

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Everything’s better with glitter…

Recently, I gave y’all the low down on one of my new favorite cosmetics companies for high quality, glittery fabulousness: Lit Cosmetics (If you missed that article, you can catch up on your homework HERE).

After posting that article, I was in the mood for a little retail therapy and I decided there was no better place to stop than over at to get my glitter on.  While I was picking out new sparkly goodies for my collection, I got some news that was almost too good to be true: Lit was teaming up with my ultimate beauty destination, Sephora!  And Jodie, the owner of Lit Cosmetics, was so excited about this new transition that she decided to share some of the fabulousness with YOU!

First, all of the glitter news you need to know:

As of November 1, you may have noticed that Sephora is now selling two “Lit Kits,” which include a full-size glitter (either Champagne Wishes or the exclusive Tinsel Town), a liner brush, and a 4 ml bottle of the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base.  The kits are available in Sephora stores and online at (I haven’t been to a Sephora in JCP yet to see if they are carrying them – any beauty spies out there want to check and get back to me one that??).  Champagne Wishes is one of the best-selling colors in the Lit line, and I secretly choose to believe that Jodie named it after me.  A girl can dream, right?  Tinsel Town is a brand new color, a sparkling silver perfect for holiday celebrating and pairing with a sexy cherry red lipstick.  “Tis the season…


Want to know a secret?  These two Lit Kits are just the beginning!  Right after Christmas, 3 fabulous holographic shades will be getting their own Lit Kit treatment and will be featured in Sephora’s “What’s Hot Now” through February!  The 3 shades?  Disco Diva, a rich royal purple; Rich & Famous, a sassy coppery gold; and Superfly, an edgy gunmetal/black.  This is an exciting addition to the hallowed halls of Sephora, especially after the colossal disappointment (at least to me) that was Marc Jacobs Beauty.  Seriously, I heard about that shit for months, and then it debuted to a resounding yawn; we get it, you like neutrals.  Tell it to someone who cares.  Sorry, I’m not sure why MJB makes me so crabby, but it does. Deal with it.

In addition to the new Lit Kits, Lit also has 4 new shades of holographic glitter that are available exclusively at until January: Heartbreaker, a deep Valentines red; Glittergasm, a fun fuchsia pink; Bar Star, true blue with a ton of sparkle; and Rhinestone Cowboy, a bronze-y brown.

All of these holographic glitters are laser cut to protect the delicate color finish and to ensure the most reflectivity.  Unlike the Shimmer glitters, which reflect a more pastel rainbow of colors, the holographics reflect a rainbow of true reds, yellows, purples, greens, etc.  A good holographic glitter can be absolutely stunning under the stage lights and these are the best I’ve found.

I also decided to take the shopportunity to try out Lit’s metallics; the website describes them as “a matte shine with solid colour – a great alternative for customers who are not into glitter but are into shine and colour.”  Obviously that doesn’t describe me – j’adore glitter! – but they looked sexy and fun and I decided it would be fun to give them a try.  I picked up three shades: Miami Vice, a light beachy blue; Cowgirl, a peachy-coral with just a hint of gold; and Lime Squeeze, a fabulous lemon-lime citrus color.  I’m excited to work them into a look soon to see how they compare to the rest of the line.

I got a few other glitters as well, focusing on pastels and lighter colors, especially pinks that I could use for my glitter lips.  When the box came, it was stuffed to the edges with glittery fabulousness!  I almost squealed when I opened it – it was that good!


Now, what you’ve been waiting for – the contest!

Jodie and the glam squad at Lit Cosmetics have provided some of their amazing new Lit Kits for me to give away here on the site.  Lit’s mantra is “No Glitter, No Glory!” and we at the World of Champagne feel like those are words to live by!  So, to win your share of the glitter and the glory, here’s all you have to do:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your first name, last initial, and a short statement about what makes you feel your most fabulous!

2. Make sure you enter a valid email address when leaving the comment – it won’t display on the site, but that’s what I will use to contact the winners!

3. Share this post with anyone you think might need a little glitter infusion in their lives!

That’s all there is to it!  Each person who leaves a comment will be entered into a drawing to win one of five prizes:


* One Lit Cosmetics loose glitter in Rich & Famous.

* One Lit Cosmetics loose glitter in Flower Power.

* One Lit Cosmetics “Lit Kit” in Champagne Wishes.

* One Lit Cosmetics “Lit Kit” in Tinsel Town.

and the GRAND PRIZE:

* Two Lit Cosmetics “Lit Kits,” one each of Champagne Wishes and Tinsel Town, and as a special bonus, a signed 2014 Year of Champagne calendar!

So. Much. Glamour.

I’ll be collecting comments until December 1, and then let the winning begin!  So get those comments posted before December 1, and be sure to share this post with your friends and YOU could be the next glamorous diva rocking a hot new look courtesy of Lit Cosmetics and the World of Champagne!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (35)
  1. Sara Z says:

    What makes me feel the most fabulous is red lipstick. It makes a bold statement and being in my early twenties, an age of which most gals seldom wear lipstick (none the less bright red lipstick) I feel like it makes and even bigger impression.

  2. Brooke L says:

    I feel the most fabulous when I hear the FABULOUS Miss Janessa Jaye Champagne announce Miss Brooke Lane to the stage I walk out and I am painted up and dressed to kill and the lights hit me and the crowd screams and suddenly I am in heaven and for just a few minutes I get to share that with a whole group of people whos eyes are all on me and I feel beautiful and loved and utterly fabulous <3

  3. Ariana L says:

    This one took me a few minutes to really consider, but I finally got it!! A really REALLY good bra 😉 I love doing my makeup and I am DAMN good at it!! But there’s something about the old fashioned “lift and separate” that is really special. (Thanks Aunty for teaching me right) Now if I’m feeling fab and the ladies are up then I HAVE to finish the look with full makeup and some glitter (because everything is better with glitter, right 😉

  4. Lisa S. says:

    The two things that make me feel the most beautiful and fabulous are when Miss Janessa gives me makeup tips and wearing good quality perfume. Also having someone appreciate both 😀

  5. Kara G says:

    A really good foundation makes me feel my most fabulous.

  6. Nikki Q says:

    I feel fabulous a lot. Because it can be anything from a good hair day to a sexy bra, or my eyeliner to my favorite lipstick that makes me feel good. It’s even better when someone else notices! That’s fabulous!

  7. Melanie J says:

    I feel fabulous with good eyeliner, a little too much perfume, and a good night’s sleep.

  8. Gimme' P&L says:

    The very second that cool feeling of my lash glue hitting these lids I get that fabulous old feeling of Gimme’ Pillsen-Licher coming out!It’s those fabulous 101 lashes opening up these big green eyes that gets that fabulous feeling goin’ for me honey!

  9. Jeanie J says:

    Getting a new haircut–and some flashy highlights don’t hurt either!

  10. Jorja P says:

    I feel fabulous when I am getting my nails done. Or when I am researching lesbian behavior as portrayed in fine films such as “Home Depot Butchies.”

  11. Kori B says:

    I feel fabulous when I get all done up to go out with my girls! I LOVE doing my hair and makeup and my ladies so any night we get to dress up and go out is the best!!!

  12. Alyssa K. says:

    I feel fabulous in high heels, high hair, high tata’s. Roar!

  13. Emily S. says:

    What makes me feel most fabulous is transforming from one look to another and it being totally different.

  14. Carolina says:

    Using bold lipsticks. Such as Pink, orange, red. Anything bright.

  15. Andrea T says:

    The thing that makes me feel the most Fabulous is my eye makeup. I can express my moods through color and shapes. I can be sweet and sexy by changing it up.

  16. Amy D says:

    What makes me feel most fabulous, is getting the perfect smokey eye/lipstick combination. The combo that makes people stop and say “oh girl, you are looking fine today!”

  17. Maura F. says:

    What makes me feel fabulous is when my kids tell me I look pretty! :) Just because I’m a working mother of two doesn’t mean I can’t make time to look fab every day. :)

  18. Kjerstine T. says:

    I feel the most fabulous when rocking painted nails. I used to be a nail biter so when I manage to keep my polish intact and pretty, it reminds me of how far I’ve come in more ways than just breaking bad habits. Also, most of my nail polish is sparkly…which makes it fabulous in itself.

  19. Bethany Gust says:

    I feel fabulous whenever I do my hair in a cute style  and a good bra is always important in feeling fabulous as well ~.

  20. Trixie Tang says:

    I feel fabulous when I find a perfect crotchless spanks.. unremarkable, cannot be beat.

  21. KitschyB says:

    The moment I come home from a wretched day at work, take my bra off and throw it across the room, settle in to my comfy sweatpants and turn on old episodes of Sex and the City while my cat swirls around and snuggles in my lap is when I feel most fabulous.

  22. Chelsea H. says:

    I feel my most fabulous when I put on my best makeup and my favorite dress. I always feel like a million bucks when I’m all dressed up!

    • tina r. says:

      I agree. There’s nothing like cosmetics and a dress to transform one’s feminen (sp.) side. I always feel like a “real” female when I wear a dress. My kids (12 g/15 b) are like, Mom, why you wearing a dress (rare site) and I say because I like to look like a girl sometimes. :-)

  23. Allison S says:

    I feel the most fabulous when I’m sipping on a tea.
    Mostly… by… myself.
    At home… alone.

  24. Celena C says:

    I feel most fabulous when I’m all dolled up in makeup, hair, have a new outfit and am rockin some cute heels! Extra fabulous when someone comments on all the hard work it took to look that good!

  25. tarra m says:

    What makes me feel fab is a great brow. Makes the rest of my look fall into place.

  26. Minneapolismama says:

    I also feel fabulous when my kids tell me I am pretty. And I also feel fabulous when I smell good. A nice perfume really perks up my mood!

  27. Wendy P says:

    I feel fabulous when I’m driving down the road and singing as loud as I can with my favorite songs. My own private concert!

  28. Shannon T says:

    Fabulosity is never more tangible than when I take the stage and have that wonderful shared energy with my audience. There is something amazing and wonderful about performance.

  29. Katrina S says:

    Uhm. Glitter- hello!? Beyond glitter, feeling fabulous usually includes getting completely done up. Hair, makeup and nails. I’ll also admit to feeling fabulous over new shoes, and socks. Cause- happy feet. :)

  30. tina r. says:

    I feel the most fabulous when I shop for myself, which is rare when a person has kids because the guilt of self-buying over-rides me and I usually put my things back. So when I do get a chance to push the guilt aside and buy something new it makes my day and I cant wait to put my purchases on whether it be cosmetics or a piece of clothing. :-)

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  32. ChanaX says:

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