Radiant Orchid Blooms As Sephora + Pantone Universe’s 2014 Color Of The Year!

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00000000 Pantone PosterThe time has come and Sephora has finally delighted beauty mavens around the world by announcing their 2014 Color of the Year collaboration with Pantone Universe, and this year’s color is a lush tropical floral: Radiant Orchid!

Pantone has been featuring a color of the year for some time, but the first collaboration with Sephora came in 2012 with Tangerine Tango, followed last year by Emerald.  This year, Radiant Orchid is the feature and it’s a fabulously pinkish purple that will work well into most beauty collections.  My understanding is that the majority of the collection won’t launch until the 13th, but I was able to get a preview book at the Bismarck Sephora in JCP after the last show and the first product in the line, the Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick, is already available on Sephora.com.  This purple is more versatile than you might think – it will work well when combined with almost any other purple so if you want to play with gradients of color, you’ve got a lot to work with.  The pink hue in the color with blend well with pinky tones (but be careful of what reds you combine it with!) and the new lipstick would make a great statement lip with light pastel eyeshadows light a baby chick yellow or seafoam green.  It would also play well with black and white for a sexy twist on a monochromatic look.  I’m excited to get some of the new products and start playing!

00000000 Pantone Fashion Ideas



The preview book that I got featured some great looks you can try using the Pantone products as well as other complementary colors from other lines that Sephora carries.  My two favorite looks I’ll feature below:


Bird Of Paradise

OK, so anyone who is familiar with my Makeup Forum posts knows I’m a little obsessed with green makeup, so of course I was drawn to this look!  The combination of the orchid with the green is tropical and sexy and I just love it…I’m going to have to try a big drag queen version of it on my eyes once the products come out!  And you can also get a ton of extra mileage out of the Emerald Color Of The Year products from last year – they will totally work with a look like this!


Exquisite Orchid

I think I’m drawn to this look because of the sweep of lavender hair!  It gives me so many wig ideas to pair with a bright orchid lip and maybe a pastel eye or a black and white monochromatic look.  Having that slightly more blue purple next to the orchid really brings out the pinkier tones in the lipstick and gives it more depth.

There are more looks in the Look Book as well as a preview of some of the products – head in to your local Sephora and see if they still have them.  They are great for ideas!


As far as the products, there is one that I am salivating for already – the Radiant Femme Artistry Palette.  I love the range of colors it has, plus the big chunk of the Radiant Orchid there and ready to play with them all!  There are so many possibilities for these colors and combinations that it will definitely keep you busy.  And the packaging, as usual for the Pantone collections, looks sleek and absolutely gorgeous.  I’m so glad that Sephora and Pantone do so many collaborations throughout the year…it would be tragic to have to wait for March and a new color of the year to get my Sephora + Pantone Universe fix!


And of course, it’s not just about the Color of the Year collection itself….half the fin is finding all of the other undiscovered treasures from other lines that feature the color itself (or a close approximation) or that complement it.  In the Bismarck Sephora, I was picking up some of the Formula X mail colors and the sales associate pointed out the color from that line they are recommending to go along with the COTY collection: it’s called Harmonics, and it’s a about the same level of saturation as the Radiant Orchid but more of a bluish lavender than the Radiant Orchid.  I took it home as a fun complement to the fresh spring green Over The Top I had picked out from the newest color release in the Formula X line.  There are lots of nail colors by a range of brands from Nails, Inc. to Butter London to Essie that will work well with this new collection, so keep your eyes open!

00000000 Pantone Makeup Forever Purple

Makeup Forever has a great eyeshadow color for rocking the Radiant Orchid with some very vivid eyes: Fuchsia 26.  Going to a retro/80s event?  Combine that color with their Purple 92 and Iridescent Acid Green 171, paint on some Lime Crime Cosmetics bright blue No She Didn’t lipstick and prepare yourself to look totally tubular!  You could even use the Fuchsia and Purple eyeshadows as part of your blush and create a totally Jem and the Holograms type of look!  Outrageous!

00000000 Pantone Nails

Feel like the purple is a little too wild for your face?  Too each their own!  Why not try rocking some Orchid glam on your nails? I love that pic of the white nails with the orchid flowers, and there are countless ways to work some orchid into whatever you want to do with your nails.  Use the color as the backdrop on your nail designs, or have one orchid nail on each hand with the rest painted in soft pastels.  Get creative!

Purple bathroom

I’m super excited for this year’s Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of The Year collection in Radiant Orchid.  To be truthful, I haven’t played around too much with this color – I’m a pink girl at heart and tend to stick with what I know.  But I love that this color can be flowery and feminine, or it can be edgy and wild.  There are so many possibilities, and they are all things I want to incorporate into my looks!  Once the collection launches, let me know what you love or what you hate, what you’ve paired it with, and what you hope next year’s color will be….with two cool colors in a row, and having already done Tangerine Tango, my guess is a warmer color like a bright yellow or a true red.  I’d love a whole collection of pinks, but not likely right after a pinkish purple collection.  But let’s not fixate on next year just year.  We still have plenty of time to enjoy 2014, the year of Radiant Orchid!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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