On The Radar: Concrete Minerals Combines Mineral Makeup With A Passion For Color

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00000 CM StuffEven though I’ve been on a total Sephora binge lately (the launch of any new Sephora + Pantone Universe collection, especially the Color of the Year, is guaranteed to lighten my wallet!), I’m still always keeping my eyes open for great new beauty finds.  And thanks to Facebook, I discovered Concrete Minerals, a small makeup company dedicated to pure, colorful mineral makeup.  This is not your mother’s Bare Minerals – these products have all the sass and colorful attitude of Urban Decay or SugarPill Cosmetics; like many of the newer indie brands, they are 100% Cruelty-Free and 98% of the product line is Vegan (according to an info-tisement card that was included in my order).  They also pride themselves on not using cheap fillers or preservatives, and are 100% paraben free.

The most prominent products in their line are their eyeshadows.  The Mineral Eyeshadow collection has a lot of fun, sparkly shades (56 to choose from) and combine well with the Pro Matte Eyeshadows (14 shades available) which are a little bit more expensive ($8 each compared to $7) but appear to give a great matte finish.  They also have lip tints (basically tinted lip balms), a few nail polish shades, and some odds and ends like brushes, eyeshadow collections with exclusive shades, and a super adorable Ouija Board-themed makeup bag.

For my initial order, I decided to stick with the Mineral shadows, figuring I’d circle back to the Pro Mattes before my next post related to this company (more on that later!).  They have a deal where you can buy 8 Mineral Eyeshadows for $48 instead of the regular price of $56, so I did that (there is a similar deal for the Pro Mattes, 8 shades for $56 instead of $64).  I also bought a single shade because all of the green hues were 25% off to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and you get free shipping with any order over $50.  So all told I ordered 9 shades (color descriptions come from the Concrete Minerals website):

* Charm School (Bright, glittery green w/ golden undertones)
* Sabotage (Black w/ pink sparkle & sheen)
* Hearts  (Deep shimmery red)
* Souljourner (Midnight blue with copper sparkle)
* Lolita  (Shimmery taupe w/ pink undertones)
* Prude (Pale shimmery pink)
* Wanderlust (Rich purple w/ green sparkle)
* Lovey Dovey (Vibrant pink w/ gold sparkle)
* Lithium (Sparkling chrome silver)


They threw some fun extras into the envelope with the order: a Concrete Minerals logo sticker, two samples (Mad Hatter and Lolita), a postcard with two fabulous looks (one hot pink with black and gold, one in purples and blues made inspired by a Day of the Dead sugar skull), and the info-tisement card talking about their product and giving instructions on how best to apply it.  Any loose pigments can be a little troublesome for the unprepared, and my understanding is that pure mineral makeup can be even moreso – part of what the fillers do is help it adhere to the lid!  I definitely suggest using an eye primer and maybe even a base like NYX’s White Base to give it a good “foundation” instead of putting it over bare, well, foundation.

00000 CM OuijaComplaints?  Two, pretty minor.  The first is that one of the samples they sent me was a color I actually ordered (Lolita), so why would I need to sample a color I already bought?  Look for that sample to be a part of an upcoming giveaway!  Also, within minutes after placing the order I found something on the site that I had questions about (another special they offer for beauty bloggers) and I sent an email asking about the special and checking to see if I could alter or cancel my order to take advantage of the special.  It’s a few days later and I’ve already received the product, but I still haven’t heard a peep from their customer service.  But it’s hard to complain too much when I look at how fast my order arrived!  When I order from Lime Crime, I feel like I’m camped out at my mailbox for a month waiting 0n my goodies; my order from Concrete Minerals showed up the same week it was placed!

The packaging is well made and colorful, and the jars have sifter lids which is nice – I have more than a little SugarPill residue in my makeup case, and everywhere else, from lids that came loose or where I’ve accidentally tipped a jar over.  The shipping, as I mentioned was super fast, and the color selection is amazing.  The lip and nail products looked a little ho hum, but when a company does good eyeshadows I hardly notice anything else!

00000 CM StickerWhen I was picking color, I ordered some that I just thought were fabulous and needed to be in my collection, but several of the colors I ordered because they are close approximations of colors that I own from SugarPill.  Why double up, you ask?  Well, because right here at the World of Champagne, I’m planning a Concrete Minerals Vs. SugarPill Cosmetics SMACKDOWN!  That’s right, I’m going to compare these new contenders against my SugarPill colors, which I absolutely adore, to see how they measure up.  Charm School vs. Absinthe.  Lovey Dovey vs. Decora.  Wanderlust vs. Hysteric.  Lithium vs. Tiara.  Plus I’ll give a longer review on the other colors once I’ve had a chance to play and experiment with them!

I love finding new makeup brands, and I’m glad that so many of them are putting out great products with fun color selections and more than a little attitude!  Feel free to share YOUR favorite makeup brands below – maybe I’ll do a feature on one of them!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!


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