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00000000 DG Face Quad

Is it just me, or does everyone want to look like a fucking drag queen these days? (The answer is YES, and I adore it!)

I don’t know if it’s some sort of 80s revival or if Nicki Minaj has been tainting the water supply, but neon-inspired beauty collections are popping up everywhere.  Although, truth be told, does neon ever really go that far away?  MAC has done several neon-inspired collections over the last 10 years or so, and Lime Crime lives by their opaque lipstick line, many of which feature vibrant, fluorescent hues.  Heck, if they aren’t doing yet another bronzer collection (Yawn – read about my hatred for boring, predictable summer beauty collections HERE), many makeup lines will throw together a fun neon collection to help celebrate the summer heat.  And maybe my current obsession is weather-related: this winter feels like it’s never going to end, and so I find myself drawn to tropical shades that all but glow in the dark!  As someone who loves a bright and beautiful makeup look and isn’t afraid to stand out, I decided to put together a roundup of some of my favorite products that light up the night like the Vegas Strip.

00000000 DG UD ElectricUrban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment Palette

This little gem is what inspired this post: a fabulous collection of UD shadows, which are some of the best vibrant shadows on the market today.  Regular readers of the Makeup Forum will remember my love for anything green, and I live for the stunning neon lime shade “Freak.”  This shade is also available as a 24/7 liner pencil and the color is shocking and fabulous.  All of the shades in this compact are great; the only disappointment is “Revolt,” only because UD seems to put a shimmery silver into every palette (except the Nakeds) and it’s getting a little tired.  “Thrash” is another great green shade, sort of an acid-y swamp green (but in the best way possible!), and “Chaos” is a royal blue-purple that will have you singing Lorde all day long (You can call me Queen B!).   I’m dying to see “Slowburn,” an amazing blood orange, paired with “Fringe,” a shimmery forest green.  The whole palette is a winner with amazingly bright and boisterous colors that I can’t wait to put all over my face!

00000000 DG Lip TarObsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar – Plastic Passion Collection

Any new collection of OCC’s creamy, dreamy Lip Tar is a reason to celebrate; a collection that includes the return of “Pool Boy” (a to die for matte baby blue, perfect for creating an edgy blue lip look like the ones discussed HERE), the stunning neon creamsicle shade “Kimber,” plastic fanstic Barbie pink shade “Mannequin,” and matte purple perfection shade “Rollergirl” is definitely something to get excited about.  Not this isn’t a “new” collection per se; as I mentioned, “Pool Boy” has been out before (I remember seeing swatches of it in a Queen of Blending video from a while back), and some of the other colors may be making a return trip, but I still think it’s worth a little bit of gushing.  In addition to these matte shades, the collection also features two new shimmery options: “Pleasure model,” a light crystal pink, and “Hollywood,” a nude champagne with an amped up neutral vibe.  The metallic Lip Tars stay firmly rooted in nude/pastel territory, but the matte shades are bold, vivid, and decidedly neon.  I especially love “Kimber”: it’s a great option for those who want a bright neon lip look but who find the straight up orange tone of “Beta” a little too aggressive.  Kimber has a peachy undertone that is less harsh and would mix gorgeously with the neon red “Harlot” for a sunset-inspired ombre lip.

000000000 DG SugarpillSugarPill Cosmetics ElecktroCute Loose Shadow Collection

SugarPill is already a no-brainer for vibrant, thoroughly pigmented shadows, but they put out a collection last year that amped up the fluorescent level of their product line: ElektroCute.  Comprised of 5 shadows, almost enough for a full rainbow of neon-y goodness, this collection is all about more bang for your buck: not only are they fabulously vibrant neon colors, they also have sparkling particles that make the color 3-dimensional.  I live!  “Sparkage” is my first love, of course: grassy, limey green on acid!  “Love Buzz” is the hottest of hot pinks and comes in a close second.  “Supercharged” is the orange, and I bet you could do a killer orange eye look with that and “Slowburn” from the UD palette above…with some light blue eyeliner to really make it a crazy color celebration!  “Hi Viz” is a great lemony yellow, and the only sort of disappointment is “Hellatronic,” the blue shade.  The other colors are so great, and the blue turned out to be just a regular almost royal blue?  In person, it better sparkle like a motherfucker, because there are so many more fabulous, neon-y options for blue – imagine “Pool Boy” but as a loose pigment with 3D Opalescent glitter.  I mean, duh.

000000000 DG Lime CrimeLime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Geradium

I know I’ve bitched about how frustrating Lime Crime Cosmetics can be to deal with (now Serpentina seems to have disappeared from the site entirely!) and so I won’t rehash that – because no matter how much I bitch and moan about their unpredictable stock levels and shoddy communication about release dates, NO ONE does striking, vibrant lipsticks like Lime Crime.  I’ve raved about the blue dream that is “No She Didn’t” in another post (available HERE) and “New Yolk City” is a perfectly sunny shade of bright yellow, but for this post I’d like to sing the praises of “Geradium.”  I’m not sure why, but so many attempts at neon pink end up way too far on the blue end of the spectrum, almost fuchsia (or “raspberry,” which seems to be the new code word for fuchsia since fuchsia is so firmly ruited in the 1980s).  Not Geradium.  It’s a gorgeous bright pink, with maybe a hint of blue but nothing overpowering.  It’s a great intro for someone looking to try out some of these ore vibrant colors: applied thinly with a brush, this color is definitely wearable on an everyday basis.

Nicki Minaj in neon makeupBlacklight Makeup

Alright, so this isn’t necessarily new and it is probably better suited for a late night drag show than your office Arbor Day party, but there are lots of great options for makeup that glows in the dark or under blacklight.  Try checking out your local costume store to see what they have available.  Quality will vary, from the less expensive Halloween-type makeup kits to offerings from legit theatre brands like Graftobian and Ben Nye; has a collection of 5 blacklight-responsive glitters for less than $10, while Makeup Forever offers Fluo Night pigments that glow under blacklight in 8 different colors for $31 per jar.

You don’t have to be Nicki Minaj or a drag queen to work a little neon into your look.  Vibrant, vivid colors are always on trend as long as you use them wisely (try not to look like a cheap hooker like me!) and back them up with a healthy dose of confidence.  Makeup is supposed to be fun, and what’s more fun than fluorescent colors to remind you of wild nights out, drinking too much and making bad life choices under the soothing glow of a neon light?

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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  1. Shelley C. says:

    OCC Lip Tar is magical. Loving the bright colors too. Inspiration!!

    • janessajaye says:

      I adore them! On the one hand, I’m a little sad that it’s not a totally new collection but on the other hand, I’m glad I got a chance to pick up Pool Boy, since I had yet to discover the magic of Lip Tar the first time it came ’round!

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