Color Chaos: Sugarpill vs. Concrete Minerals – Part One

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Two makeup brands will enter.  Only one will leave.  Welcome to Thunderdome.

Ok, not really.  But ever since I found Concrete Minerals makeup through their Facebook ad, I’ve been wanting to do a comparison between them and Sugarpill.  I love Sugarpill’s vivid colors and smooth formulation, and I wanted to try it out next to Concrete Minerals to see how they stacked up.  So here is my not so scientific process: looking through the CM website, I tried to find colors that looked close to colors I already owned in Sugarpill.  For the most part, I tried to match up loose powder against loose powder, but a couple of comparisons will be against pressed shadows from one of Sugarpill’s great 4-color palettes.  Also, pretty much all of SP’s colors have some sort of glitter or duochrome effect, but I’ve set a couple of them up against CM’s matte shadows.  Fair?  Maybe not.  But it’s my world and I can do whatever I want to, so there.  Ok, third grade tantrum over.

So here are the matchups:

Sugarpill’s Absinthe VS. Concrete Minerals’ Charm School


Sugarpill’s Decora VS. Concrete Minerals’ Lovey Dovey


Sugarpill’s Weekender VS. Concrete Minerals’ Nightmare


Sugarpill’s Tiara VS. Concrete Minerals’ Lithium


Sugarpill’s Starling VS. Concrete Minerals’ Zealous


Suagarpill’s Birthday Girl VS. Concrete Minerals’ Quarantine


Sugarpill’s Stella VS. Concrete Minerals’ Sabotage


Sugarpill’s Goldilux VS. Concrete Minerals’ Vegas VS. Concrete Minerals’ Rocked


Sugarpill’s Love+ VS. Concrete Minerals’ Hearts (Reds)
Sugarpill’s Flamepoint VS. Concrete Minerals’ Ember – Pro Matte (Oranges)


Sugarpill’s Tako VS. Concrete Minerals’ Confession – Pro Matte (Whites),
Sugarpill’s Afterparty VS. Concrete Minerals’ Bulletproof – Pro Matte (Blues),
Sugarpill’s Dollipop VS. Concrete Minerals’ Hi-Fi – Pro Matte (Pinks)


For each of the color pairs, I swatched them with a fluffy eyeshadow brush over Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion with Sugarpill on the left, Concrete Minerals on the right, just like the pictures.  Here’s how it came out (click pics for a closer look!):

Now that the colors are named and the swatches are…swatched, who will win this fabulous cage match of beauty brawn?  You’ll just have to wait and see!  Part two will be posted soon with the “winners” and my comments!  Meanwhile, comment below with your favorites, your thoughts on these two beauty brands (or other indie brands you’ve discovered and love!), and also keep an eye out for a very special giveaway coming soon featuring Concrete Minerals products!

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