FREE STUFF! Janessa Gives Away 2 Fabulous Concrete Minerals Beauty Bags! [Closed]

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I’m sure you’re all shivering with antici………………(SAY IT!)………pation, waiting for Part Two of my fabulous Sugarpill Vs. Concrete Minerals Smack Down (If you somehow missed Part One, you can find it HERE).  In the meantime, why not get yourself entered to win your own goodie bags filled with fabulous Concrete Mineral products?!

I’ve put together this fabulous beauty bundle that comes with the following Concrete Minerals items:


Full Size 1.5 grams:

Lolita: Shimmery taupe w/ pink undertones
Daydream: Shimmery baby blue
Bang-Up: Electric blue w/ gold sparkle
Wanderlust: Rich purple w/ green sparkle
Ruse: Bronze w/ gold sparkle


Lithium: Sparkling chrome silver
Kinky: Black-base teal w/ rainbow sparkle

Plus two stickers with limited edition art created for Concrete Minerals’ special collections, Zombie Girl and Sugar Skull, two postcards featuring editorial looks using CM products and instructions on how to apply, and a small card with another fun look and a code to receive 15% off your next order of Concrete Minerals products!


UPDATE: I was moving some stuff around in my office and I found some more fabulous things I had been planning to give away with this contest.  I thought about lumping them in with the bundle I already put together, but I decided, “Heck, why not have two winners?!” 

Here’s what’s in the second prize bundle:


Full Size 1.5 grams:

Unity: Vibrant purple with gold sparkle


Lolita: Shimmery taupe w/ pink undertones
Revolver: Deep brownie-brown
Wicked: Medium purple w/ aquamarine shift
Mad Hatter: Dramatic reddish-purple with green sparkle

Plus, you also get a Concrete Minerals Butterfly Logo sticker, the two postcards featuring editorial looks and instructions, and a coupon card for 15% off your next order of Concrete Minerals products!

HOW TO ENTER: All you have to do to be entered is post a comment to this article.  The theme?  Mineral makeup.  There’s been a lot of fuss about minerals the last few years – is it just another beauty trend that will eventually be forgotten, or does it have serious staying power?  WILL FADE AWAY or HERE TO STAY – just give your vote below and you are entered to win one of these fabulous Concrete Minerals prizes brought to you by the World of Champagne!  Entries must be received by June 28th, winners will be chosen and posted on June 29th!


Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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Readers Comments (38)
  1. Trinity says:

    How exactly do we enter? It is not very clear in the post.

    • Trinity says:

      Scratch that last post. I was reading so fast that I overlooked the instructions.

      In response to the theme, I have to say that the mineral trend will eventually fade away. All beauty trends do eventually. The products and methods that were thought to enhance beauty 10, 20, or 30 years ago, are no longer around. Something will come around that will replace minerals. It is just a matter of time.

    • Lorraine J says:

      Mineral Makeup. Here to stay.

  2. Kaylene Myers says:

    Here to stay!I love the fact that they offer such bright colors and they seem brighter than
    Traditional eyeshadow

  3. Elena Vassar says:

    Here to stay! 😛

  4. Megan Ruth says:

    They are here to stay! It’s not even that old of a trend along with they will find ways to make it better and even more popular!

  5. Nikki Q says:

    I vote here to stay. Those colors sound wonderful! I’m sure I would love Lolita, Wanderlust, Ruse, and Kinky!!!

  6. Minneapolismama says:

    Will fade away. Just like all good things, this trend will come to an end.

  7. KayLynn Morel says:

    I have used mineral makeup before, with regular makeup I never had to worry about washing it off before bed because it would always fade before I could. With mineral makeup however, I had to go out and but makeup removal wipes! Long story short, if mineral makeup lasts longer than regular makeup, mineral makeup WILL STAY.

  8. I’ve heard of mineral makeup but never tried any. Like Mary Kay, here to stay?

  9. Tara says:

    Stay here for the long haul :)

  10. Maura Ferguson says:

    Here to stay! It’s been around over ten years, in the beauty industry that’s a long stay!

  11. Sara zimmermann says:

    I vote they are here to stay. Why get rid of a good thing?

  12. amanda says:

    Will fade away. As they say (whoever they are) all good things come to an end.

  13. Adena Brumer says:

    Here to stay!!

  14. Jackee Rohrich says:

    ✨I think if it were to fade away I believe it would make come back just like every good fad does. me personally I like to dabble in all forms of make up and don’t like to be pigeonholed so I have tons of different kinds and these would be fantastic in my collection thanks!! ⭕️❌⭕️❌

  15. Nikki Q says:

    oooo Mad Hatter sounds lovely to me! Is there an eye primer that you recommend with these colors? I have been using Urban Decay Sin. I love it with my Urban Decay palettes I use everyday. I would recommend Urban Decay Eden eye primer for you, my queen. It goes the distance, would withstand humidity, sweat, rain, etc!

    • janessajaye says:

      I love the UD primer potions! I use Eden quite a bit to get that matte, nude base, or the original. They are both fabulous! I definitely recommend UD primers for these shadows…or TooFaced Shadow Insurance (Original, or Candlelight is a soft yellow gold shimmer like UD’s Greed)

  16. Deanna B says:

    HERE TO STAAAAAAAAAY!!!! That’s a no brainer! Aaaaahhhhh I fu*kin LOVE make up !!!!!!!!!! And your face!

  17. Melea says:

    Definitely here to stay. And even if it does fade away, the beauty industry is cyclical and some
    later generation will fall in love with mineral products all over again.

  18. Bailey B says:

    It is definitely here to stay. I couldn’t imagine what the middle-class, middle aged mothers in my town would do if bareMinerals went out of shop. Concrete Minerals is where it’s at though, they’re the next rising brand and are completely comparable (if not better in my opinion) to Sugarpill, Stargazer, and MakeupGeek! Xx

  19. Concrete Minerals pigments are vibrant, long lasting, true colors. I love the 1s I own & recommend them to my friends & family.

  20. Samantha says:

    Mineral make up is here to stay IMO – love the stuff BIG time :)

  21. Angie says:

    I definitely think it will stay. I love the vibrant colors, have seen you wear them , they are gorgeous and seem to stay true to the color . Can’t wIt to try someday

  22. Tara says:

    Here to stay! Mineral makeup has been around for a while already. Very long staying power!

  23. Kelly says:

    It doesn’t eat your face. It will stay.

  24. Monica says:

    Definitely here to stay!
    Can’t wait for the verdict! <3

  25. Bridget says:

    Pick me. I need to be pretty. :)

  26. Angela R says:

    I think it’s here to stay. I prefer it over other make up, although I rarely wear any. The hardest part of mineral make up foundation is finding stuff that has no talc in it. It definitely feels much better than liquid foundation. Thanks Janessa for these tidbits!

  27. Ariana B says:

    Since I have never had the opportunity to use them I feel don’t get to have a huge opinion on this. They seem extremely popular and I can remember the info-mercials from years back. So I guess it’s a trend that is here to stay. Then again I’m sure there are still ladies out there looking for rouge 😉

  28. Sarah Lee says:

    Here to stay! I love the feel of mineral makeup and my face appreciates it more :) Also the colors seem to be more vibrant than other makeup, and they stay nicely. I’d love to be able to use only mineral makeup.

  29. Sarah Lee says:

    Just realized my email address was incorrect with my first comment. Oops. I fixed it now

  30. Lorraine J says:

    Mineral makeup is here to stay!!!

  31. Felicia says:

    Here to stay! Especially if they keep doing cruelty-free products like CM does.

  32. Felicia says:

    Didn’t realize I was too late until after I posted. Aw :(

    • janessajaye says:

      Not to worry Felicia – there is another great cosmetics giveaway coming very soon! Keep your eyes on our site for details!

  33. Mckenzi leach says:

    Here to stay ☺️

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