A Champion Will Arise: Sugarpill Vs. Concrete Minerals – Part Two

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In my last post, I set up a totally random (though utterly glamorous) cage match between Sugarpill and Concrete Minerals.  I swatched, I kvetched, I laughed, I cried; it was everything I could have ever hoped for in a day playing with fabulous makeup products.

But of course, it can’t be a smackdown without picking some winners!  Here are my thoughts, musings, and totally arbitrary decisions:

Sugarpill’s Absinthe VS. Concrete Minerals’ Charm School
Winner: TIE!  Both brands started out strong, and frequent readers of the Makeup Forum will know how much I love green cosmetics.  I just couldn’t pick a winner here.  I love that Absinthe has this amazing yellow-gold duochrome effect, but I also love the cool, minty green of Charm School – perfect 50s mint green!  I adore both of them.


Sugarpill’s Decora VS. Concrete Minerals’ Lovey Dovey
Winner: Decora! Decora is one of my favorite’s with it’s greenish opal lustre, and Lovey Dovey, although beautiful, just couldn’t win me over.  It has a bluish sheen that is nice, but just not as glittery and fantastic as Decora.  Better luck next time.


Sugarpill’s Weekender VS. Concrete Minerals’ Nightmare
Winner: Nightmare!  The first clear winner from Concrete Minerals is Nightmare, from the Zombie Girl collection.  It doesn’t have the glitz factor that weekender does, but what it lacks in glitter, it makes up for in true color payoff – Weekender tends to go on a bit thin whereas Nightmare is a gorgeous, rich purple.


Sugarpill’s Tiara VS. Concrete Minerals’ Lithium
Winner: Tiara!  This was a close one.  I went with Tiara because it was the truest, pure silver color – Lithium has a little bit of a colored sheen to it.  Tiara also had better color payoff with the first stroke of the brush.  This was a close one though.


Sugarpill’s Starling VS. Concrete Minerals’ Zealous
Winner: Starling!  Another close call, but another victory for Sugarpill.  Starling just has more…presence.  There is more color payoff, more glitter effect, and more coverage.  Both are great, but if you’re going to pick one, I recommend Starling.


Suagarpill’s Birthday Girl VS. Concrete Minerals’ Quarantine
Winner: Birthday Girl!  This one probably wasn’t a fair fight: Birthday Girl is light and girly, whereas Quarantine, part of the Zombie Girl collection, is darker and has a more dusty rose sort of effect.  If you are looking for something with a more subtle pink, Quarantine is your new best friend, but I’m a bubblegum pop princess hooker, so for me it’s Birthday Girl all the way!


Sugarpill’s Stella VS. Concrete Minerals’ Sabotage
Winner:  Sabotage!  This was a surprise to me – Stella was the first SP shadow I fell in love with while watching a Queen of Blending tutorial.  I love the full black color with the opal glitter effect.  But when I swiped on Sabotage, I knew I had a winner!  It’s glitter has a red tone, and it’s a great substitute for MAC’s Beauty Marked, which is one of my staples for black/smoky eyes!  J’adore!


Sugarpill’s Goldilux VS. Concrete Minerals’ Vegas VS. Concrete Minerals’ Rocked
Winner:  Vegas!  It was hard to find something to swatch against Goldilux, and I almost left it out of the competition altogether.  But gold glitter, like tranny prostitutes, is timeless if maybe a little tacky, so I decided to keep it in.  Vegas was the winner for me – even though it’s not as saturated as Goldilux, I love the yellow tone better than the aggressive brassiness of Goldilux.  Swiping on Rocked was my WTF moment of the whole experience: it looks like it’s going to be a bright gold with a pastel finish, but went on super sheer with a green/bluish glow.  It’s gorgeous, but it’s not a contender against Goldilux or Vegas.  Who’d’a’thunk?


Sugarpill’s Love+ VS. Concrete Minerals’ Hearts (Reds)
Winner:  Love+!  This was a tough call.  I really do love the duochrome finish of Hearts, and I almost flagged it as the winner, but Love+ is just a great true red whereas Hearts, perhaps because of the pearly finish, tends to be a bluer red.  In fact I almost declared another tie, but I felt the true red should get the crown.

Sugarpill’s Flamepoint VS. Concrete Minerals’ Ember – Pro Matte (Oranges)
Winner:  Ember!  I adore the Pro Matte shades by Concrete Minerals – they were definitely the best of the bunch!  Flamepoint is alright, but up against Ember it turns a little too Mac’n’Cheese-y for my taste.  Ember is great vivid orange with a sexy slow burn!  Bravo Concrete Minerals!


Sugarpill’s Tako VS. Concrete Minerals’ Confession – Pro Matte (Whites)
Winner:  Confession!  This one is the biggest “upset” of the competition – I love me some Tako!  It’s become one of my staples.  But when I swiped on Confession, it went down so smoothly without even really blending at all, that it made Tako look almost chalky in comparison.  I love both of them, but Confession has really made me a CM believer!

Sugarpill’s Afterparty VS. Concrete Minerals’ Bulletproof – Pro Matte (Blues)
Winner:  Bulletproof!  Another big win for Concrete Minerals!  This one is so rich and true blue that I just had to crown it.  True, it’s not a super fair fight – Afterparty isn’t meant to be true blue, but rather a light blue with a sheen, but held side by side, they look fairly similar.  Not when applied, however: that’s when Bulletproof really shows its “true colors” – and they are fabulous!

Sugarpill’s Dollipop VS. Concrete Minerals’ Hi-Fi – Pro Matte (Pinks)
Winner: Dollipop!  I’ve been loving the Pro Matte shades, and they might have made a clean sweep, but Sugarpill’s Dollipop helped that company end on a high note.  Truthfully, this is another matchup that I almost declared a tie, but Hi-Fi reads just a little too red/raspberry where Dollipop is shameless, unapologetic fuchsia!


Overall, I found that the Sugarpill shadows tended to have a higher glitter/duochrome/pearlescence payoff than the Concrete Minerals, but both companies have good color saturation and both blend beautifully.  Concrete Minerals was a bit easier to remove with my makeup wipes (I buy them in various scents from Forever 21, and they work pretty well, though I’m not sure how aggressive they are!)

The biggest takeaway from this is that these are two fabulous makeup brands that are offering a great selection of colors to beautify your world.  Sugarpill will always hold a special place in my heart, and if you are looking for super saturated, glittery and glamorous colors this is probably the brand for you.  But Concrete Minerals has some great selling points as well: they are smaller jars, which means less commitment to a color you may only like instead of love; lower price points means you get more colors from your beauty budget, and the colors are very versatile – they can be played down for more subtle looks (as opposed to SP’s full on color!) or bumped up to compete with SP’s brightest shades.  Both of them have found a home in my kit, and I hope you take the time to explore both brand’s to see what sets your imagination on fire, whether it’s Flamepoint, Ember, or any shade in between.

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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