Color Inspiration: “The Placebo Effect” Is Sexy & Saturated

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I found this series of photos while doing some image searching on Google, and I was blown away!  I have used one or two in random posts on the site, but I loved them so much, I wanted to share more of them and just bask in their fabulousness!  Besides the fact that they are all utterly gorgeous images, I think they provide a wonderful source of inspiration for creating vivid and striking makeup looks!

0000000 Placebo Main

It is absolutely appropriate that this photo shoot features a fabulous makeup maven: Priscilla Ono, makeup artist for stars like Rihanna, was featured in the photo set, called “The Placebo Effect” for plus-size magazine SLiNK (for more on Ono and the shoot, you can check out THIS LINK).  The shoot features this large and in charge beauty in a series of images that have some of the most gorgeous color saturations I have seen recently.  The lime green against the turquoise of the background is exquisite!

0000000 Placebo Pills

Ono’s black lingerie, next to the super bright lime and tropical blue, looks almost navy, and adding navy to help tame those two ultrabrights would lead to a fabulous makeup look!  Black would also be a nice contrast, and you could use strong lines to make a sort of updated pop art look with these colors standing in for the blue and yellow of Ray Lichtenstein’s works (for my post on using Lichtenstein to inspire your beauty look, click HERE).

0000000 Placebo Whore

I am absolutely in love with Ono’s look here, and this photo, with black glitter spelling out “Whore” like a line of dark cocaine is creepy and funny and gorgeous, all at the same time.  I usually don’t love the super geometric brow look, but for this photo it is absolutely perfect.

0000000 Placebo Drip

And I LIVE for this lip!  I’ve prattled on endlessly in the Makeup Forum about how much I love green…and here is just another great example of why!  This lime lip with the matching manicure is a totally wearable look…if you’re a little bit adventurous!  The photo session makes it look extreme, but if you paired the lip with a black and tropical blue eye and a black outfit with blue and lime accessories, you could have a scaled down version of this photo shoot that would be striking but not clowny – totally doable!  WHy not rock a fabulous colored lip instead of the more traditional pinks, reds, and browns?

I find these photos so inspiring to create a color story, but I mostly just wanted an excuse to show off these gorgeous photos of a strong, beautiful plus size woman!  SLiNK has created a wonderful representation of larger size beauty and I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  For more information about the magazine, or to subscribe, you can visit them on the web HERE.

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