TREND ALERT: Janessa Makes “The Cut,” Even Before Sephora

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Ok, so normally I wouldn’t post something like this, but I’m used to being way behind on everything: I still have a dumbphone, I don’t Instagram (I still contend that it’s for hipsters who can’t read), and I’ve only been on Twitter for less than a year.  I’m rarely on top of the curve, for anything.  But I felt just a little bit vindicated this weekend when I stopped into the Bismarck Sephora inside JC Penney after the Pride Drag show at the Civic Center: Sephora had announced their Fall 2014 “The Cut” collection for Formula X for Sephora Nail Color.  Take a look at the colors in the collection:

Dark Matter Enticing Extraordinary Grand Memorable

Gorgeous, right?  This summer was definitely a celebration of neon, and I’m glad to see that for Fall, Sephora decided to go with a more neutral palette rather than opting for the more predictable fall selection of jewel tones (although they also just released a collection of matte metallic polishes that are absolutely to die!).  Dark Matter is the black polish, a perfect staple for your collection, especially if you have any of the “Explosives” top coats that were recently discontinued (as far as I can tell, they are on the way out).  The tan shade is Enticing, and it’s a lovely dark cream color, very cappuccino with extra milk – you could do a great revamp of a French tip with this polish and white!  Extraordinary is described as “iceberg grey,” and though it’s my least favorite of the collection, it does have a lot of potential for pairing, adding top coats, etc.  Grand, a deep taupe, is just that, and I love the smooth slate like finish.  The real punch of color in the collection comes from Memorable, a stone blue polish that has a sort of colonial blue feel to it.  These polishes are serious tones, not frilly or sexy, but have an understated elegance with lots of potential for striking combinations. (If you’d like to shop the collection, you can do so at Sephora’s website HERE)

But what do I love most about this collection?  It makes me feel that, for once in my life I might actually be ahead of the curve!  Regular Makeup Forum readers may remember back in June that I posted a giveaway for some Concrete Minerals loose mineral shadows (the contest is long over, but if you want to take a look back at my comparison between Concrete Minerals and SugarPill Cosmetics, I’ll provide the link to that article HERE) and this is the collection I put together for that giveaway:


My collection actually harmonizes quite well with the new polish collection: there’s the tannish gold, the light matte blue, and the slate grey of the collection with additional blue notes playing up the color.  I’d like to say that Sephora took their inspiration for the Fall 2014 collection from me, but we all know better.  I just happen to get lucky and put together a collection that’s right on trend with what’s happening now – and no one is more surprised than I am!  I love to watch trends come and go, but when it comes to makeup, I think you should find the classic staples that you love and can’t live without, and then you can play (or not) with any of the trends you want to!  No matter what look you love, it’s bound to end up being right on the mark eventually!

What do you think about this color collection – do you love it or hate it?  Are you pining away for jewel tones as autumn approaches, or are you filling your cart at as we speak?  Tell us your thoughts!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. Nikki Q says:

    I would wear those colors on my eyes but I just don’t think that those nail polishes would go with my hands at all. I am pining for jewel tones! I really love rich reds for my lips and for my nails.

  2. Erinn P says:

    I’m liking the Sephora collection. I’ve loved black polish since high school (in my Doc Marten wearin’ days) and Memorable looks sophisticated in a quirky way. However, my latest polish cravings have been metallic neutrals and rich sparkly jewel tones. I could go for a matte navy shade too.

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