First Look: Janessa’s Piece For A CHAIR AFFAIR Fundraiser Revealed – “Sit Like A Lady”

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Times Square's New Image Contrasts With Its Infamous PastI am so excited to be a part of The Chair Affair fundraiser coming up on September 18 (to get all of the event details, visit the event announcement HERE), and I’m even more excited to give YOU, my fabulous World of Champagne readers, the first look at my creation, titled “Sit Like A Lady”:


The process of creating this piece was so much fun, and it went in a completely different direction than my first intention!  My initial inspiration was a bottle of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics nail polish in the color “Anime” – hot, hot, HOT pink!  I wanted to do something in hot pink and gloss black,  possibly incorporating the nail polish itself into the design.

When I hit the thrift stores to find my chair and any accessories that might work for decorating the chair, I found this fabulous pair of olive-y green shoes with an amazing rhinestone and chain t-strap at the Arc.  They got my brain spinning – how could I possibly incorporate these shoes into a chair?  I knew it had to happen, neon pink plans be damned!  Then I saw this poofy purple dress with a sweethear neck and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if I put a dress on the chair so that it curved over the seat like a woman sitting?!”  I showed the shoes to Mama Champagne who was visiting for the afternoon and thrifting with me and told her what I was thinking.  She walked over to the dress rack and found the dress that came to be a part of the final design within 30 seconds – it was fate!  She also assisted with the “accessories”: that day she had brought me a bag full of old and broken jewelry for me to use in crafting projects, and there was a string of beads in shades of green and gold; those are the beads that I took apart and restrung with some additional beads for the necklace detail on the back (which is removable, so that the chair is not only beautiful, but actually functional!).  I also found the brooch on the bodice in my box of crafting supplies and it was the perfect color to accent the dress.  Marvelous!

00000 Sneak FoucaultWhen I first tried the dress on the chair, I loved the look and I said to my mom that it looked so much like a woman sitting.  She looked at the way the shoes fit under the front legs and said, “Yeah, but she’s not sitting like a lady!”  When my friend Angie came over to help with the construction of the chair, she made a similar comment about the “unladylike” pose, and the name for the piece was born!  I loved it: it just felt so fun and queer to me!  On the one hand, the dress, shoes, and accessories are very traditionally feminine, but the way the “feet” look spread apart in a powerful stance just felt right.  Plus, the green and gold tones are not such a traditionally feminine combination (unlike my original inspiration!).  It’s just a nice complement of soft femininity with aggressive undertones – everyone should have a little Foucault in their home furnishings!

I’m so excited for someone to take this piece and make it a part of their home, and I’m so glad I was able to give my fabulous readers a first look!  Hopefully I’ll see you on Thursday, September 18 for the event!

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Readers Comments (2)
  1. janessajaye says:

    I’m glad I took these pictures…because it helped me notice that I put that brooch on crooked as shit! LOL Fixing that! :)

  2. Mama Champagne says:

    That turned out super cute! Glad I stopped by and got to be a small part of this project!

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