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In my quest for a mascara that actually makes my tiny, blonde lashes, well, actually visible, I recently discovered Too Faced Cosmetics “Better Than Sex” mascara and was so impressed with it that I wrote a whole post about it, available HERE.  I thought I was done looking, and that nothing in the world  could possibly give me the same sort of fantastic results.  And for a while, I was right: I’ve tried other new mascara’s including Buxom Lashes, Benefit’s “They’re Real,” and two from the Ulta store brand collection.  So imagine my surprise when a fabulous product that creates results that are equal to or better than the “Better Then Sex” mascara basically falls into my lap (or, more accurately, into my mailbox)!


One of my Facebook friends, Mya Ganssle, sells a line of cosmetics by Younique, whose flagship product is their Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes kit.  It’s basically a 2-step mascara process that gives you crazy huge lashes!  Step one is the Moodstruck Transplanting Gel, which basically looks like a regular tube of black mascara with a contoured brush.  This gives your lashes their initial coat of color and a little bit of body.

0000000000 Lash LifeShit goes bananas when you get to step two: the Moodstruck Natural Fibers.  This tube is a little smaller than the gel, and the wand is like a smaller, finer Velcro that holds a ton of small fibers.  While the gel layer is still wet, you apply the fibers and see your lashes get crazy volume!

If one layer isn’t enough, you can do two or three coats – just make sure that each time you put on the gel, and then apply the fibers before the gel dries.  Also, because the fibers are loose, there may be a little more “styling” involved that typically happens with regular mascara, so have your mascara wand brush handy (every good brush set has one!) to help unclump and you will be amazed at how much volume and color you get from this easy to use system.  Plus it’s packaged in this really cool embossed hard case to keep everything organized.

To help you see the results, I decided to do some side by side pictures of my own lashes so you could see what my natural lashes look like next to my lashes with one, two, and three coats of the Moodstruck system.  The pictures were hard to get, mainly because my own lashes are so small and have so little color – and because it’s really hard to take selfies with your eyes closed!

(Photo notes: sorry if I’m looking a little haggard – the night before I took these photos, Long Islands were on special at the Hub.  Sorry ’bout it!  I used a little e.l.f. concealer under my eyes, but otherwise there are no other makeup products in the pictures except for the Younique Mascara.  I also didn’t use an eyelash curler.  The only “tools” I used were a spoolie brush to help separate the lashes a little, and a makeup wipe to catch some of the fallout – as you can see I didn’t do a great job!  In fact, I did this application VERY quickly.  With a little more time and attention, your results will be less feathery and messy than mine.  This is the mascara live and in person and I still think the results are AMAZING!)

And Younique isn’t just about the lashes – they have a whole line of great cosmetics products for you to try including loose pigment shadows, crème foundations and pressed powders, and much more!

Because I’m super excited about this product (and I don’t get excited about mascaras very often!), I set up an online party with Mya to help my World of Champagne readers get acquainted with this line.  These direct selling parties are not something I do often, and will only do it if I truly love the product and think it’s worth sharing – and with this, I definitely think it is!

The mascara collection is $32, a bit more expensive than the Too Faced mascara, but for more women in their everyday lives, one coat will be plenty to achieve the look you want, and you can save the two or three coats for nights out on the town!  The product is really great and I think it’s worth every penny.  If you’d like to learn more about the Moodstruck system or browse the other Younique products in the line, just follow this link:

Janessa Jaye Champagne’s Younique Virtual Party

0000000000 Lash Younique ProductsAs with most direct selling gigs, I’m sure there are awards or discounts involved in having a party – I honestly loved the mascara so much, I didn’t even ask what they were!  If the party is successful, I may put together another fabulous giveaway of Younique products for the Makeup Forum (if you haven’t entered the most recent giveaway, which ends September 7, you can do that HERE).  The party ends September 16, so get looking and discover a fabulous new addition to your makeup kit with Younique!  And if you have any questions, search for Mya on Facebook and she would be more than happy to help you out or get you set up with a virtual or in person party of your own!

(I nabbed the photo above off of Google to show off an example of the types of products available in their full line – I can’t guarantee that every product here is still available or that the pricing quoted is correct – please visit the party link to see their current inventory and pricing!)

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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