Miss Jaye’s Ice Bucket Adventures

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Do you ever have one of those days where you have a plan in place and then, well, shit gets weird?  Let me tell you a little bit about the day Miss Jaye did the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Bucket 07If you don’t know what the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is by now then you’ve probably been in a coma for the last month or so.  Long story short: to raise money and awareness for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease, people get challenged to video themselves getting a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads; they in turn challenge others to do the same.  Lots of celebrities and big name people have been doing it: Bill Gates, Dolly Parton, Matt Damon, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams (as Superman and Lois Lane, no less!), and now Miss Janessa Jaye Champagne!

That’s right bitches – I bedazzled a very stylish Lane Bryant one piece swimsuit with convertible straps, painted up my face, and headed down to Town Square Park in scenic Grand Forks, North Dakota, and filmed my very own Ice Bucket Challenge.  It was such a weird and fun experience,  I decided to break it down into way more detail than you would ever have thought possible (or even necessary) and share my other random thoughts and musings about this trendy little challenge that has taken the world by storm over the last month.


I got nominated five times before I finally “took the plunge.”  First by retired drag performer Charles (Bismarck show fans will know him as Xtina Snag’Ya’Lata), then my co-worker and deskmate Kristen.  Next up was Autumn, a teen drag fan who’s been coming to all ages shows since the ripe old age of 9 (and whose mom likes to bring me hot drag virgins to my adults only shows!).  Maura, who I met way back when we both worked at Hot Topic circa 2000 and appeared with me recently in The Full Monty at the Empire Arts Center, was next.  And finally, Amanda, another co-worker and sometimes Hub rabble-rouser.


Bucket 04I decided that since I got nominated 5 times, I could nominate a shit ton of people, and I did!  I stuck with three of my favorite types of people: drag queens, hot boys, and troublemakers.  For the drag queens, I nominated my lovely drag daughter Kelly Coxsyn, Sasha Maria, and Victoria “Boom Boom” Gotti.  Hot boys was harder – there are just so many to choose from!  I went with 4 of our scantily clad boys from The Full Monty: Tony, Jared, Dustin, and Robert.  And I offered bonus points if they did it in their skimpy costumes from the show!  I also nominated Shaun, aka Big Papa, a man that hasn’t figured out yet that we are destined to make hot monkey love.  Mmmm, Big Papa.  And another hot boy I’ll get to in a moment…

For the troublemakers, I decided on two of my former co-workers from the UND Bookstore, Griffin and Lisa.  We’ve had a few drunken nights and I thought maybe a nice glass (or bucket) of ice water would soothe any hangovers they might be experiencing!  I also chose Nikki, who is also always up for a crazy adventure, and Daija, who doesn’t make trouble so much as shut it down (but I adore her, so I included her anway!).


As I was getting out of my car at Town Square Park and changing out of my sensible running shoes and into a pair of black patent platforms, I hear, “Well, if it isn’t Miss Janessa Jaye Champagne!”  I turn to my left, and who do I see but UND Theatre alum, boylesque performer, and current pornstar at Cockyboys.com, Chris Harder!  I first met Chris when he was a freshman at UND; we took an Intro to Design class in the theatre department together (that was his major, and I was avoiding writing my MA thesis like the plague) and since my gay could be seen from space, he figured I was someone he, as a budding queer, should get to know.  He was in town for a wedding and had a downtown dinner engagement, and was driving by at just the right time.  As an added bonus, he just happened to have a digital camera in the backseat, as well as a towel that came in handy once the challenge was over.  Of course I had to add him to my list of hot boys to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge himself!

Bucket 02


I wanted to go for something dramatic with a retro flair, so I hit Ebay and found a vintage-style maillot swimsuit in a bright coral-pink; to accent the bust I added pink and cream jelly stones, and wore some of my own heart-shaped earrings that I made using the same pink jellies.  As a cover-up for the suit, I wore a fabulous stretch lycra and mesh coat I ordered a few years ago from Big Gals Lingerie that featured a zebra-print bodice and two layers of stretch mesh, black and white, for the belled sleeves and the length of the duster-style coat.  I finished off the look with black patent 7-inch platform shoes and some fabulous bling.


For all my Makeup Forum fans, I decided that for my face I would paint using the new Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows, and they are amazing!  The gel-powder formula blends very well to create a fabulous look.  For the lid I blended together I746 Watermelon (Iridescent) and I802 Coral Pink (Iridescent), then lightened up the inner corner and highlighted under the brows with D868 Crystalline Pink (Diamond).  For the darker color, I filled in the crease with ME614 Graphite Brown (Metallic).  The three different finishes – Diamond, Iridescent, and Metallic – blended together wonderfully.  I topped off the eyes with some of my favorite lashes EVER – Erin lashes by Make Up For Ever, a winged set that is a hot pink and black combo and features small feathered accents on the outer corner.  I blushed my cheeks with Orgasm by NARS, and a little bit of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface.  My lips were lined in a sample Marc Jacobs pencil I received from Sephora (don’t know the color name) and I put down a thin coat of Too Faced Melted Lips in Melted Coral and then topped it off with Dior’s Addict Fluid Stick liquid lipstick in Pandore.


The wig was a random brunette wig with a hand-rooted hairline I got on Ebay a couple of years ago.  I nicknamed her Juanita.  Just because.


Here is a random collection of cell phone captures from the video shoot (If you want to see the gorgeous, stunning images shot by Chris Harder, please check out the Gallery HERE).

All in all it was a fun experience, and it was great to see Chris Harder again – the next night, we went out for sushi at Fuji and then to the Hub for drinks and shenanigans.  Plus, as I was leaving Town Square, I got propositioned by a homeless man.  Clearly, I’ve still got it.   It was a hot mess – I loved every minute of it!

Thanks so much to the people who nominated me, and for the people who helped with the challenge: wardrobe master Angie, video master Amy, bucket master Jared, and photo master Chris!

(Want to see the video?  Check it out HERE!)

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