Vice Girls: Urban Decay’s Newest Vice Palette Arrives!

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It’s that time of year again when things start to get a little bit…naughty.

0000000000 Vice 02Besides all of the skimpy, skanky Halloween costumes and the last rounds of skinny dipping at the lake before the water gets too cold, this time of year is also when Urban Decay, the masters of vibrant saturated eyeshadows, release their Vice palette.  Last year’s Vice 2 was a little treat that I picked up with some sweaty titty money after a Dakota Divas show at the Bismarck Ramada, and the shadows are fabulous.  When I heard that Vice 3 was hitting the shelves, I had to run out to Sephora and check it out for myself.

It hadn’t even been put on display yet when I  got there, but luckily the Sephora girls have started to recognize me and grabbed me one out of storage.  Of course I had to take it home so that I could play with it!

As with all of UD’s palettes, the packaging is incredible.  Vice 1 & 2 were both signature purple, so I was glad to see that they decided to mix it up a bit: Vice 3’s cover is a metallic silver with molten lines of color running across the center.  Instead of the UD logo in the center, they instead formed the word “VICE” in neon green acrylic crystal letters.  The bottom of the palette is also metallic, in a bright yellowy green to match the jeweled logo.  The palette is a little slimmer than Vice 2 and features a magnetic closure on the lid instead of a spring loaded lid with a latch, but the pans are the same size and again their are 20 great colors.


In many ways the colors between the two palettes are fairly similar: there is a bright green, a couple of blues, a few neutrals, and a pink or two.  But despite the similarities, I think Vice 3 is a definite improvement with the exception of the row of neutrals on the left side of the palette: Truth, Undone, Downfall, and DTF.  They are all great looking neutrals and I love that DTF has a subtle glitter action running through it, but if you own any of the Naked palettes then these shadows will feel basically like a rerun.  They are fine if you are on the go and only want to carry one palette around with you, but if you are making up at home with all of your options around you, I can’t imagine you’d be seduced into using these over the options available in the Naked palettes.  If you only use neutrals occasionally and haven’t invested in any of the Naked palettes, then you will probably be a big fan of these, as they will add some nice versatility to your collection without taking up a lot of room.  Though, it would have been nice to see some more fun colors in their place.  I’m dying for Urban Decay to do a canary yellow!  Or even a yellow green to match the logo on the cover!  So many missed opportunities!

Most of the colors that are similar to Vice 2 are an improvement (at least to me): Vice 2’s green shade was damaged, a dark forest green, and has been replaced with Dragon, a brighter, more emerald shade.  Bobby Dazzle is a great white highlighter, bringing all the shine of last year’s silver shade, Shellshock, but without the heavy metallic look.  I did love last year’s bright Barbie pink, X-Rated, but Alien is equally impressive with a coral tone and gold shimmer instead of silver.  Sonic is an ah-mazing copper red that’s dying to be worn with a brunette wig, and Bondage is a black with red shimmer that’s in competition with MAC’s Beauty Marked as one of my favorite dark shadows.  Heroine, a deep navy with maybe a hint of shimmer, is a bit of a disappointment when compared to last year’s prank, which took the same base shade and added a stunning green sparkle.  Obviously, they aren’t trying to just duplicate the same shadows from year to year, but because the shades have such similarities it’s hard not to compare them.  It would have been nice to see them take the navy in a new direction – maybe adding a mad red sparkle like Kat Von D’s Poe lipstick (if you want to see my write-up on Von D’s Studded Kiss lipsticks, you’ll find it HERE!)

005Another thing I love about the new Vice 3?  It comes with an adorable makeup bag!  It’s perfectly sized for holding Vice 3, or you could empty it out and use it for storing other goodies in your kit.  Either way, it takes the metallic design of the palette and interprets it nicely in fabric, and like all of UD’s cases and bags, it’s very well made.  The same can be said of the double-sided brush.  When will Urban Decay come out with a full line of brushes for Sephora?  Get on it kids!

Despite its similarities to the Vice 2 palette, Vice 3 is a great addition to your color collection.  If you don’t own Vice 2 or any of the Naked palettes, it’s an even better place for you to get started with Urban Decay eyeshadow since you’ll get a lot more use out of all of the colors.  None of the shades are as bright and electric as the Electric palette, so if you’re looking for Nikki Minaj Neons, go for that one instead.  But if you’re ready for a versatile collection of some of the best quality shadows you’ll ever own, then I think it’s time for YOU to become a Vice girl.

To shop the Urban Decay Vice 3 or other Palettes, you can visit!

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