NARS’ Best Xmas Gift: They *Didn’t* Give Me An Orgasm!

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Christmas is coming, and in the cosmetics world that means gift sets, collections of deluxe minis, and special edition palettes.  If you’re looking to try out a new brand, it’s the perfect time: rather than paying full price for each individual piece of a collection, you can find all different kinds of sets that allow you to play and sample with smaller versions of a brand’s top sellers or new feature products.

Nars Orgasm 005One brand that I have a love-hate relationship with is NARS.  I’ve sampled some of their products, and though they are definitely high end, they are more expensive than other brands of similar quality and in most cases I just can’t justify spending the extra coins.  The one exception?  Their blush.

NARS’ best-selling product is their shade of blush playfully called Orgasm.  It’s a gorgeous coral pink that’s tropical and sexy.  Coral is a difficult color to get right, and this is coral done to perfection.  It’s got enough pink with gold shimmer to keep it from looking like a bad Hawaiian Tropics ad, but the sherbet-y orange notes rescue it from Barbie-land.  I adore it.  This product is fantastic.  The problem is that NARS tends to rely to heavily on Orgasm as their signature product.

Every time they do a special edition palette, Orgasm is not only included but usually it’s the largest pan in the set.  In special gift collections or deluxe samples, Orgasm is usually the color that’s included in the mix.  This is fine if you are trying NARS for the first time, but if like me you’ve already purchased the regular sized compact (and if you’ve tried it you probably have – this is absolutely the only blush I ever have and probably ever will pay $30 for) then you end up with a whole lot of Orgasm and not a whole lot of anything else.

NARS-Virtual-Domination-Gifting-SetFor this holiday season, NARS released the Virtual Domination Cheek Palette ($65.00, available at Sephora) and I was tickled to see that it included 5 fabulous colors – and not one of them was the ubiquitous Orgasm!  In addition to the full sized compact I purchased a long time back, I have two smaller sampler versions that I got through Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards program so I wouldn’t have been too keen on laying out the full price of the compact for a repeat of a color I was fully stocked on.  In fact, Orgasm was the chief reason I didn’t buy last year’s special edition palette, though I was sorely tempted.

This year, without Orgasm to act as the star of the show, NARS is finally letting some of its other colors shine.  The palette features a highlighting powder in Miss Liberty, a pale champagne with decent sparkle, a large pan of bronzer in Laguna (a medium bronzey brown with just the subtlest shimmer), and three small pans of blush: Deep Throat, a shimmery coral that is similar to Orgasm but a bit softer and more subtle; Sex Fantasy, a matte pale pink; and Final Cut, a matte orange/coral that is similar to Deep Throat but just a shade or two darker and without the shimmer effect.

The palette itself is very sturdy and beautifully designed.  It’s a heavy plastic that will hold up well being jostled about in your makeup kit; the lid is fully mirrored on the inside and the outside features the NARS logo overlayed with a piece of detailed clear plastic creating an interesting shadowbox look.

028If you’ve been thinking about trying some of NARS’ fabulous cheek colors and you weren’t sure about the price point (or had already invested in Orgasm and wanted more “bang for your buck”), then this is an excellent opportunity for you; even better if you are a bronzer fan as Laguna is largest pan in this collection.  NARS really is as good as it gets for cheek color.  Normally, I find blushes and bronzers to be rather blah, and I just use whatever brand is cheap and at my fingertips.  NARS is the exception.  It applies smoothly and has amazing color payoff.  If you ever decide to try a high end blush, I absolutely recommend that NARS be the one you choose.

Now I’m not the type of girl to ever turn down an Orgasm, but this year NARS gave me the a fabulous holiday surprise even without the “happy ending.”  It looks like this year I might make it on the “Nice” list after all.

But don’t count on it.

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