Janessa’s Scent-Sational New Year Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Published on December 15, 2014 by   ·   6 Comments

Why not start 2015 with a brand new signature scent?  Maybe you love florals, or something modern and young.  Timeless and elegant might be more to your taste, or perhaps you like changing your scent as often as you change clothes!

Our very own Miss Jaye is a huge fragrance fan (Dior’s Addict and Chanel No.5 are her personal favorites) and she is very excited to bring this newest giveaway to you…and for the first time in one of our giveaways, we have a prize that is geared toward the fellas!

Up for grabs are two fantastic fragrance sampler packages:

For the men’s fragrances, there are samples of Gucci: Made to Measure by Gucci, Boss by Hugo Boss, and Lacoste’s Live, Essential, and Essential Sport.  These 5 fragrance vials will give you plenty of choices for picking out a gorgeous new fragrance for the man in your life; of course, we aren’t bound by gender conventions – anyone could wear these scintillating scents and turn plenty of heads!

In the ladies fragrance gift, you get a .23 oz Deluxe Mini of Lady Gaga’s Fame plus 9 sample vials: 2 vials of Dot by Marc Jacobs, 2 vials of loveswept by philosophy, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, Yellow Diamond by Versace, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Roses de Chloe by Chloe, and fun by Desigual.

All you have to do to enter is comment below with how you would describe your ideal signature fragrance!  Do you dream of being wrapped in hopelessly romantic fragrances of vanilla and sandalwood?  Maybe you like brighter, fun notes like citrus or fruit notes?  Maybe exotic ingredients like black pepper or lotus are more your style?  Tell us about your dream fragrance!

The giveaway is open until 9 pm Central time on Sunday, January 4…that should give Janessa enough time to sleep off her New Years’ hangover and pick 2 winners from all of the US residents who have commented below!  Ring in the new year with a brand new collection of fragrance samplers from Miss Jaye and the World of Champagne!

**Update: we’ve been so busy here at the World of Champagne, getting ready for a fabulous new year filled with glitz, glamour, and more giveaways, that we totally forgot to promote this giveaway!  Because we didn’t do a good job of letting you know about it, we’ve decided to extend it just a little bit longer to give more people a chance to get entered.  For those who were entered before the deadline, we’re going to throw your names in twice!  The new deadline is 10 pm on Sunday, January 18!  Good luck!

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Readers Comments (6)
  1. angela lazo says:

    My favorite notes are citrus and floral

  2. LeAnna says:

    I usually lean toward the spice notes, but I love something soft to wrap them in, like vanilla or jasmine. I don’t like super femme-y stuff, I love any time I can get away with a unisex scent–call me a throwback to the 90’s, but my favorite thing lately is CK One. :-)

  3. rhonda gaden says:

    Vanilla and sandlewood. I live romance

  4. Lauren says:

    Some thing that covers the dirty nasty sex smell… Hehe

  5. Drea Adamski says:

    Fruity and floral!

  6. Lisa Shanklin says:

    I like both woodsy AND citrus smells. Because I have different moods.

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