Glitterbomb: Lit Cosmetics Gets A Website Makeover and NEW Shades For 2015!

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000000000000000 Makeup 11We’ve raved about Lit Cosmetics on this site before – we absolutely adore Jodie and her amazing Glam Squad!  And 2015 promises to be as sparkling as ever with a newly designed Lit Website and brand new shades for 2015!

First, the website re-design.  When I initially dropped on the page, I’ll admit I was a little unsure.  There was no funky disco groove to greet me as I started my online shopping experience.  What replaced the music player at the top of every page, however, was a much more robust and navigation-friendly website stilled packed to the gills with fabulous, glittery finds.

The first tab is for shopping (obvi) and allows you to browse the Lit Kits, the absolutely divine Lit Glitter Base, brushes, or the heart of Jodie’s Glitter Empire, the over 200 shades/sizes of Lit loose glitters.  You can start at the top of the collection and just page through to find all of the gorgeous selections you can’t live without, or you can further refine your search by Color, Size, Texture, or by sorting the color names A-Z.  Now, anyone who has 11 selections under “Silver” alone is a glitter diva who means BIZ-ness, bitches!

FetchLike before, they have a feature color that they will include when you order a certain number of loose glitter colors (the current feature as of this writing is Festive, a to die bronze-y brown), but now they have also added a special treat for those who have supported them by purchasing a Lit Kit at a Sephora store: a free color of your choice, the feature color, and a sparkle duster to banish any fallout!  How fetch is that?! (Stop trying to make fetch happen!  It’s NEVER going to happen!)  If you haven’t picked up a Lit Kit through Sephora yet, this is the perfect time to do so and take advantage of this amazing special offer! (To shop the current Lit Kits available online, go HERE)  We’ve given away a bunch of Lit Kits here at the World of Champagne (thanks to the generosity of Jodie and her team), but if you still aren’t sparkling with your very own Hello Sunshine or Afternoon Delight kit, then you’d better get a move on before they’re gone, gone, gone!

Glitter BombSpeaking of colors, Lit’s “New Colors” section has some really fabulous new offerings.  Some of them, like Bar Star and Glittergasm, were exclusives to Beautylish for a time, some were in Sephora Lit Kits, and some, to my knowledge, are brand spanking new to the Lit Cosemetics website.  You can check out all of the new colors HERE but here’s a rundown on some of my faves:

* Glitter Junkie – this is a mad concoction of unexpected colors and I adore it.  This needs to be on my face, like now.  Green tones with orange and copper…not for everyone, but if you love it wild with interesting contrasts, then you need to get hooked on this!

* Goth – black with a green base.  Duh.  What’s not to love about this?!  Black glitters are great for adding extra dimension to dark shadows, and green is everything I love.  Put them together and call it 2001 because I’m totally ready to go goth!

Porcelain* Porcelain – creamy deliciousness!  This fabulous color is named after Jodie’s favorite drag performer, and it’s just as fierce as its namesake! (Surely a Janessa glitter can’t be far behind….right?!)

* Pura Vida – I’m gagging on this periwinkle blue.  The “pure life” indeed – pure glamour!

* True Romance – this gorg raspberry shade has totally swept me off my feet!  It’s in the fuchsia family, but has enough pinky-pink to keep it from going too 80s bitch…not that that’s necessarily a bad thing!

* Ziggy Stardust – this is the second best thing related to David Bowie to have all over my face.  What can I say, I’m a slut for the classic rock gods?!  This yellow shimmer has me LIVING, y’all!

Another thing I love about the new web design is that on each individual color page they have several photos showing the loose glitter spilled all over white and black backgrounds, as well as a close-ups of the glitter from the top of the jar and from the side (the glitter is still being served in those fierce little ice cube containers!).  And just in case you still aren’t sure, there are short YouTube videos embedded right into the page showing the glitter on a fabulous mirrored turntable.  Gorgeous!

If you have not tried Lit Cosmetics yet, you’d better get with the mutha-effin’ program because Jodie, Miss Perks if ya nasty, is here to sparkle up the world with the battle cry of “NO GLITTER, NO GLORY!”  Preach, mama!

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