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Hello.  My name is Janessa. (Hi Janessa).  I am a Sephora-holic.

Sephora Lie DetectorI’m only partially kidding here.  I spend way too much money on beauty products in general and at Sephora specifically.  I’m a member of their loyalty program, and I have the Rouge card, top of the line.  To earn this, you have to spend $1000 or more in a calendar year.  This may seem like a lot, but when you consider that I’m a drag queen who slathers on the makeup like it’s Dutch Boy and that Sephora also carries skincare and hair care products, this isn’t a huge amount to spend annually.  Or maybe I’m just telling myself that because of my “condition.”

Anyway, I decided that I had to stage an intervention with myself when I received a message from Sephora saying that I had just met the threshold to qualify for Rouge for another year.  For anyone who might have just woken up from a coma and hasn’t taken a look at a calendar, it’s March.  I’ve spent $1000 at Sephora in just under 3 months.

Now I’ve known for a long time that my love of Sephora wasn’t entirely healthy.  There have been times when I’ve gone grocery shopping at the dollar store because I knew that one of my favorite brands was having a product launch.  I was able to justify a lot of it because of this website.  I mean, hello!  I’ve got a whole section dedicated to makeup, skincare, and other pampering products.  Buying them for my own use does double-duty because I can also write articles about what I love and what I hate, and with each order I can take advantage of samples and promo products that I can use for giveaways.  Every time I have a show, I take some of my tip money to “re-invest” in my makeup kit for future shows. And when I travel, I spend the money that other people spend on tacky souvenirs and t-shirts on new cosmetic goodies – every time I paint my lips with Too Faced Melted Villain liquid lipstick or wash my hair with my creamy, dreamy Wen cleansing conditioner, I’ll think of walking the 8 blocks filled with tourists, homeless people, and street artists that separated my hotel from the downtown Seattle Sephora store.

Little MermaidDespite all of these justifications (some more valid than others), I decided that in an attempt to get my Sephora habit under control and basically be less of a financial hot mess, I would give myself a challenge: for 30 Days, I’m not going to purchase anything from Sephora.  Not one thing.  No matter how good the promos are or any new “must haves” that launch.  Nothing.  Even if OCC comes out with a spring Lip Tar collection (Seriously, OCC – there haven’t been any new Lip Tars in, like, forever – get your life together!)

So here’s the challenge:

1.  For the entire month of April, 30s days, I’m putting a moratorium on any health and beauty care spending.  No cosmetic-related retail therapy allowed!

2.  Each day of the challenge, I’ll post something on social media related to “real” beauty.  It can be something that makes me feel beautiful or something I think is beautiful or just a quote with something to say about beauty and self-acceptance; whatever it is, it can’t be a product or anything I have to buy. With each post, I’ll include the hashtag #30Days

3.  At the end of the 30 days, I’ll post another blog about how the challenge went, my success or failure, and any startlingly brilliant insights I’ve gained from the experience.  Or just my thoughts and whatever…

Ellen BeautyThat’s pretty much it, though here are a few additional conditions or caveats:

-I still have to exist in the world as a civilized person, so if I happen to run out of deodorant or something essential for hygiene, I’m allowing myself to purchase one item to meet that need.  It has to be a basic item; no frou-frou products to get around my 30 day ban.  This shouldn’t be a problem since I generally stock up on personal care items like a fucking doomsday prepper, but I just wanted to put that out there.  Full disclosure.

– I have a drag show coming up at the end of April, and I am completely out of my theatrical foundation.  I need to pick some up before then, but if you’ve ever used Ben Nye cream foundations you know that this isn’t exactly what anyone would call a beauty indulgence.  It’s work-related so I get a free pass.  I could have hustled to buy this before the month ended but I didn’t.  Because…well, just because.  You’re not the boss of me, Judgy McJudgerson.

– I’m still going to be posting about makeup and beauty products throughout this time in the Makeup Forum.  Why would I still be posting about these products when I’m putting a personal ban on them?  Simple – because all of the products I’ll be showcasing are already bought and paid for.  Remember, it’s not that I’m anti-Sephora.  I genuinely like beauty products and I take great pleasure in them.  I love finding and recommending new products to readers!  It’s just that I want to set the goal of not spending any money on these products for 30 days.  I want some perspective; I’m not cutting cosmetics out of my life forever and for always.

So that’s the challenge!

Want to join me?  Feel free to come along on the journey.  You can take the entire month of April, or pick your own 30 days.  Can’t last that long?  Make it 20 Days of Real Beauty, or 10.  Maybe you’ll just post once to get people thinking about beauty and body-empowerment outside of a consumer model.  Whatever works for you.  You don’t have to use the #30Days hashtag if you don’t want, but all the cool kids will be doing it…

Let’s get going.  Even without my beloved Sephora, it’s going to be a beautiful 30 days…

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  1. I’ve been on a no Sephora kick since the last time I texted you from there. I spent way too much money and bein disabled and on a fixed income this ole gurl hasta watch her nickles. But I really do like their lip tar I bought. Not so much the eye shadow base, I find good ole cheap Ben Nye clown white works better for me. I have been wondering about yer base cuz ya do have purdy cheeks gurl. I do use a professional Starblend base cuz it’s powder based and doesn’t require powder. But it tends ta git in mah wrankles dontcha know. So maybe I otter try some a that there creamy stuff you were goin onna bout! Doya have ta pwder yerself down when ya put it onya! Cuz I hate that it akes me sneeze! But I got me some trannylucent powder if I deed it. So good luck to yor savin alla yer sweaty titty money and I’m sorry again for missin a couple of shows I’m feeling better now! 😉

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