Contour Craze Giveaway Feat. Mehron, 50+ Samples! [Closed]

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Want to get in on the contour craze but you’re not sure where to start?  Let the World of Champagne give you chance to play around and try a bunch of great products before you “but into” – literally! – this new trend (though if you read our post on contouring HERE, you’ll know that this isn’t such a new trend at all!).  You can use all kinds of products for conturing: foundation, concealer, tinted moisturizer, powders, and more!  To help you get rolling on this wonderful adventure, Miss Jaye herself has put together this special package just for one lucky winner:


Here is what this fabulous Contouring Craze Kit contains:

*  1 Mehron CreamBlend Student Palette featuring 8 theatrical foundation shades: Ivory Bisque, Soft Beige, Light Olive, Medium Light Olive, Chestnut Brown, White, Tawny Pink, and Raspberry.
*  7 page Mehron Makeup Instruction Booklet showing off the theatrical uses of contouring to shape and change a face
*  Too Faced Cocoa Contour “Chiseled to Perfection” 3-look insert card showing three street ready contouring looks
*  1 Deluxe Sample Size Cover FX Illuminating Primer Base
*  More than 50 individual sample packets of primers, concealers, tinted moisturizers, and foundations – enough to let you start playing around with contouring on almost any face – from brands like tarte, Amore Pacific, Cover FX, Becca, Hourglass, Amazing Cosmetics, Kat von D, and Giorgio Armani!
*  A postcard offering a FREE 15-minute Contour Minin Makeover at Sephora (don’t get too excited – I think 15 minute services are already free, but this will ensure it!)

What do you have to do for a chance to win?  Like all of Miss Jaye’s giveaways, she wants to hear from YOU!  Post a comment below answering the following question and you’ll be entered into a random drawing to win:

Contouring is all about the illusion of changing your face.  But this April Miss Jaye is celebrating self love!  So we want to know: what’s your favorite thing about your face?

Do you love the color of your eyes?  Are your cheekbones to die for?  Maybe your face is exactly what you want – you go Diva!  Let us know your favorite facial feature and you’re entered to win!

But hurry – entries will only be accepted through 10 pm Central time on Thursday, April 30!  And don’t forget to like Miss Jaye’s fan page and the Champagne Dreams Productions page on Facebook to receive additional chances to win!

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Readers Comments (13)
  1. Gia Ryles says:

    I’ve dealt with body issues all my life and It took me a very long time to notice the beauty I hold. So my favorite facial feature is my smile, it lights up a room and my face. It’s welcoming and will always be my favorite part of my beauitful face.

  2. I think I like my eyes best. They seem to change from green to blue depending on my mood, green if I’m mad blu-green normal and really blue when I’m at my happiest shortly after taking a certain happy pill the doctor prescribes. In a show I’m also able to be most expressive with my eyes. Also love the effects I get when conturing under my cheekbones with a dark rose blush and a highlite on the cheekbone and around the outside of my eyes. Makes me look awake and bright-eyed!

  3. Nikki Q says:

    I was blessed with beautiful eyes and lips. I really do love to show them off!

  4. Emily Walsh says:

    I love this question, especially because it is something I NEVER ask myself (and probably should, at least every once in a while :)). My favorite part of my face is probably my eyes. The color of them is pretty, but I also hope that they give people an honest view of who I am.

  5. Cassondra says:

    My eyes

  6. Lisa Shanklin says:

    My cheekbones

  7. Nicki says:

    I love my eyes. They are a very deep blue and I often get compliments on the color.

  8. sherry Eklund says:

    Well truly being 6 1/2 months pregnant there isn’t a whole lot I like about my chubby face right now but if I have to pick it would be my cheek bones lol!!! I would love this kit!! I have been looking for one just not sure what to start with!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  9. KjerstiT says:

    My lips – I used to be so insecure about their shape…until I realized how awesome they look in red lipstick!

  10. Heather says:

    I LOVE my eyes. They are by far my favorite feature and are a blast to try new things with.

  11. Deanna Barnes says:

    What a beautiful question to ask these ladies and gents. I believe it’s never the wrong time to pay yourself a compliment. 😉 I personally think I got a purdy mouth. Same to u Janessa

  12. janessajaye says:

    Thanks to everyone who entered! This giveaway is now closed – look for a winner to be posted soon in the announcements section – and keep your eyes open for a new giveaway to be posted soon!

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