You Clean Up Real Good: The Rise Of Soap & Glory

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I remember quite a few years ago discovering a line of fabulous bath products at Target with fruity, fresh scents and cheeky names like The Righteous Butter (body butter) and Peaches & Clean (cleanser).  They were all in adorable pink packaging and featured vintage looking  00000000 Soap 03models and fun color blocking.  I had no idea if the products were actually any good, but the marketing alone had me sold.  I bought a few items and was thrilled to discover that the products were as good as the bottles and tubes that they came in.  When I got married, one of my bridesmaids got us a laundry basket with towels and a shit ton of these pink personal care confections all wrapped up with a bow.  It was a lovely gift, and I loved every one of those products from a little company called Soap & Glory.

Fast forward about 7 years.  My personal stock of Soap & Glory products had long since been used up (chucked in the bin along with the marriage, but that’s another story for another time!) and over the years I’d noticed the stock on Target’s shelves getting thinner and thinner.  The beauty world can be pretty fickle, and I was a little worried that this delightful little company was on the way out.  Luckily I was wrong, and slowly but surely these products started popping else in that beauty Wonderland, Sephora!

00000000 Soap 04The price points seemed a little higher (though I always felt that they were perhaps a bit pricey for Target’s typical demographic) but there were so many of my old favorites as well as new goodies for me to try out.  On a recent ordering binge, they had a deluxe sample available in the Beauty Insider rewards program and a couple of deluxe sample sizes in their sale section, so I decided to try out a little trio of products to see if they were as good as I remembered, or if maybe my memory was the ultimate hype machine.

Here are the three goodies I decided to test drive:


* Face Soap and Clarity: 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash
* Hand Food Sugar Crush Hydrating Hand Cream
* The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer

The Face Wash has a yummy nondescript clean smell – it’s not particularly fruity, just maybe a touch of mint.  I wish I could describe it better; it’s just what clean smells like! Or should…

00000000 Soap 02The little Vitamin C granules are pleasant on the skin, though I don’t think they are aggressive enough to provide any real exfoliating action, which is fine because you are going to want to use this on the daily.  I always cleanse in the shower when I’m getting ready to face the day (if I try to cleanse at the sink, I always make a huge mess!) and I did get a little in my eyes as I was rinsing.  It stung a little bit, but that sensation didn’t last long and I loved the smooth, soft feeling my face had after using the cleanser.  It  pairs well with the other products in my routine (currently Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner and Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Smoothing Crème) which is nice – nothing worse than a bunch of mismatched smells on your face, competing for attention!

The Hand Cream was my favorite of the three.  It had this amazing light sugary lime smell – I could have eaten it right out of the tube!  The cream is soft and non-greasy, which was a nice change; there are so many hand creams out there that I can put on and love the smell, but I always end up having to wipe my hands with a towel afterwards to keep my hands from being an oil slick.  This cream absorbed into my skin quickly and left my hands feeling moisturized without a heavy residue.  And the lime smell is perfectly balanced: not over-powering, but I definitely got a quick whiff of it here and there as I was typing up this post.  I think the Sephora site said this was a limited edition, so if you have a chance to grab the lime, definitely do it!

Righteous ButterAnd of course, I had to try the fabulous Righteous Butter to see if it lived up to all the fanfare I had running through my mind.  Again, it had a hard to describe cent that was pleasant but not terribly fruity, and generally clean – generally just nice (I think I associate this brand with fruity smells because the first product I bought and fell in love with was the Peaches and Clean).  I started at my elbows since they have a tendency to get a little crusty, and I felt a difference almost immediately!  Like the hand cream, it absorbed in quickly and I didn’t need to wash or wipe my hands after applying.  My elbows softened right up.  I have two arm tattoos, so I applied it to them and then worked it into the rest of my arms as well, doubling up on the elbows for good measure.  Again it absorbed in right away without a lot of effort, and I didn’t need to towel off afterwards.  The consistency was exactly what it should be: more solid than a lotion, almost like straight shea butter, but with a smoother consistency and application.  The scent paired nicely with the lime of the hand cream.

I’m glad that I was able to rediscover this fabulous brand, and I hope it sticks around.  There is a pretty big display at my local Sephora Inside JC Penney, but the brand does not have a large representation online, and it’s hard to find; when you search for Soap and Glory, you only get a couple of products, and then there is a link to click on to get to the Soap and Glory boutique, which still has only a few things.  I’m really hoping that didn’t reignite my love for this brand, only to have it once again disappear off my radar.  That’s the difficult thing about the beauty world: so many products are here today, and gone tomorrow!

But for now, Soap and Glory is here and I recommend that you check this brand out.  It’s a great selection of simple, effective products with clever, smart packaging that complement each other and other products in your daily routine.  I appreciate products that not only do what they say they are going to do, but have a sense of humor about the whole thing!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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