DIXIE SWIM CLUB Receives 8 Dalmatian Awards!

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Dog 01After a very successful 3-week run including 7 sold out performances and 9 standing ovations (out of 9 total performances), things just got a little bit sweeter for the southern belles of The Dixie Swim Club: tonight at the annual Dalmatian Awards, the cast and crew received 8 awards for their work!

Mare Thompson was recognized with a Trooper Award for going above and beyond and Alivia Holkesvig was recognized for her tireless work as the stage manager for the production.  Melody Colucci (Lexie) won the award for Best Newcomer, although technically she has been on stage at the Fire Hall before – in A Streetcar Named Desire – but it was long enough ago that it felt like having a brand new face.  Erin Hendrickson (Dinah) took home the Best Supporting Actress award for her role as a busy workaholic who, through her friendships with her teammates, discovers her soft, squishy center.  DSC also showed strong in the technical categories, taking home both Best Costumes and Best Makeup & Hair, which was credited to Audra Hendrickson, Erin’s daughter and the Assistant Stage Manager, because, well, she did the damn thing. Fo’ real.

The Dixie Swim Club was also recognized for their strong ensemble work with two group awards: Best Ensemble Performance and Outstanding Production for the 67th Season.  4 out of the 5 cast members were in attendance (Colucci was not able to attend), as were both directors (Chris Stoner – our own Miss Jaye – and Amy Driscoll), SM Alivia Holkesvig, and ASM Audra Hendrickson.

We are so excited and proud of everyone involved with this production and congratulate everyone on their awards and nominations.

The faster we swim, the sooner we win!

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