MySpace Photos 1: Vintage Janessa

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I was trolling around and decided to see if my old MySpace profile still existed.  It was my first foray into social media…and I loved it!  I still love some of the old MySpace features better than Facebook (like the events calendar – and the blogging feature was way better than FB’s “notes”), but time has moved on and MySpace, even though it has tried to reinvent itself, is a bit of a wasteland.  Luckily, I was able to retrieve a good number of old pictures from the site, and decided to share them here in a couple of galleries!

Here are some fabulous classic images of me performing in a couple of our old venues that are no longer with us, Sensations and the I-Beam:

Here is a number that Sally Bowles and I did together – “Welcome to the 60s” from Hairspray:

And here I found some pictures taken at a Bismarck holiday at the Civic Center, all the way back in ’08:

All of these old photos remind me of some great times…and they make me feel good about how far I’ve come (especially in terms of makeup – yowza!).  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and look for a couple more galleries coming soon!

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