MySpace Photos 3: Sewing and Random Goodness

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Here is another great gallery of MySpace photos, with lots of great images of some of my first ever sewing projects!  Many of these lovely outfits have made their way across the country to performers who found them while I was actively selling on Ebay.  Take a look!

First we have a gallery of dresses that feature my signature fishtail hemline.  I need to get back to making them…I love this style!

Here are some gowns that I made by taking short dresses and adding ruffles, trumpet skirts, and other details to dragify them:

The cutout gown is another one of my favorites and was very popular when I was selling on Ebay.  Lots of work, but it’s totally worth it in the end:

Finally a couple of other random sewing projects including a Stars-and-Stripes number that has yet to see the stage, the “dress that got away” inspired by Pocahontas, and more!

To round out this post, here are just a few random pics that were part of what made MySpace fun – as well as why some people were annoyed with it out the gate!  You could Blingee your images, Mag your pics, and more!  There’s also a random cast photo from Sensations, a couple of pics of the set design for our “Disturbia” Halloween show, and one of my articles from GIRL TALK magazine.  Can’t promise the quality will be good, but here are some of the remnants from that very colorful time in my internet history!

Be on the lookout for one last gallery of images from my MySpace days coming very soon!

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