Playing In The Mud: GlamGlow Wants To Be Your Cleanser BFF (Plus BONUS Review)

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Mud 02I don’t know if I really just discovered a new love of skincare or if I’ve just run out of makeup to buy and I needed to find a new way to manifest my Sephora addiction; either way, I’ve been having a great time playing around with new products and my skin has been feeling soft and gorgeous.  I can’t believe I’ve neglected this corner of the beauty world for so long!

Recently I did a post about face masks (if you missed it, I’ll just put it RIGHT HERE) and I was so impressed with the GlamGlow mud masks that I decided to give their new line of cleansers a try to see how they worked.  There are four cleansers that pair with their mask/mud treatments: YouthCleanse (black), an exfoliating cleanser; SuperCleanse (white), a clearing cleanser; ThirstyCleanse (blue), a hydrating cleanser; and PowerCleanse (green), a customizable mixture of oil and mud that works well as a makeup remover and cleanser to remove buildup on the skin.  Here is a video about the cleansers from the co-founders of GlamGlow – two of the most hilariously wooden people I’ve ever seen in a video (seriously – I’ve seen better acting in bukkake porn):

Mud to foam you say?  I was intrigued.  I love a good mud mask for pulling out all of the yuckiness from my skin, so if it was possible to use mud for a daily cleanser that would have the same effect, I was totally down for some of that action.  I decided to give them a try and see how they worked.  For each cleanser, I decided I’d give it a week of daily use (at least once or twice per day – I cleanse, tone, and moisturize every morning, and most evenings) and then record my thoughts and feelings.  Want to know how the experiment turned out?  Then read on!

YouthCleanse: Daily Exfoliating Treatment (Black)

I decided t start with the black cleanser because the black mask was one of my favorite products from the previous blog, and also because this was the one I was the most excited AND nervous about.  I love a good exfoliation treatment as much as the next Sephora-addict, but I’m leery of anything that exfoliates that claims to be for daily use.  Exfoliation is important because it clears away old dead skin cells that can be sitting on the surface of your face, making you look dull and damaged, but it is an aggressive action and it’s not generally something you need/want to do every day.  The harsher your exfoliation treatment (the more particles and the larger/rougher they are), the less often you should actually be using it.  I’m linking a video below by an esthetician talking about skin care who ran across someone on YouTube recommending that people use an apricot scrub three times a day – her reaction made me giggle! (The first 2 minutes or so are the most relevant to this, but the whole video is interesting)

So even though I was a little nervous about what daily exfoliation might mean for my delicate face covering, I started my GlamGlow adventure.  The cleanser itself is a light greenish gray mud; I was very happy when I spread it on my face to find that the granules were very small and there weren’t a ton of them, so while I could feel them working when I massaged my face I didn’t feel like I was going to be tearing my skin to shreds twice a day.  Basically you spread the mud all over your face, wet your fingertips, and then massage the mud into a foamy lather.  I didn’t find that this cleanser foamed very much, but it had a nice fresh scent and it seemed to be doing its job.  After the first use, I definitely felt some of the benefits of an exfoliating treatment – my skin felt soft and smooth, and the surface was evened out and less bumpy.  I don’t know that I would commit to using this cleanser twice a day, every day for all time, but I think it can be a nice backup and I would probably rotate it into my routine once every couple of days to switch things up.

Mud 03SuperCleanse: Daily Clearing Cleanser (White)

The white cleanser in the line is definitely my favorite of the three.  It has a yummy anise/mint smell that isn’t overpowering, and it feels so smooth going on.  It’s not an exfoliating cleanser, so the texture is smoother and creamier than the YouthCleanse mud, and it feels nice and light on the skin.  None of these cleansers are as thick of a mud as the treatment products, but this mask has a nice solid consistency that feels like a mask product when you put it on, but with a little bit of water turns into a foamy cleanser.

After using this, my skin always felt super smooth and I never had any stinging when I’d apply my toner.  Then scent didn’t linger on the face and I didn’t have an residue left over on my face or in my hair (I’m an exuberant face scrubber!).  I did notice a little bit of residue that would sometimes hang out in the sink or shower after I’d finish washing it off, but this wiped away pretty quickly.  I found this to be an excellent option for an everyday cleanser.

ThirstyCleanse: Daily Hydrating Cleanser (Blue)

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this cleanser; after all, the blue mud treatment was my least favorite because it felt too oily and it never really dried.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that as a cleanser (and the two do seem to be very similar in composition), I actually liked it very much.  The light brown mud was a little looser than the other cleansers but didn’t feel too oily, and it had the same delicious coconut smell as the mask.  I felt like this one had the most foaming action to it, and my skin always felt dreamy and smooth every time I used this product.

Again, because my skin tends towards oily, I probably wouldn’t use this as an everyday cleanser, but I would definitely put it into a pretty solid rotation.  I think it pairs nicely with the other products, and if you have dry skin this will be your best friend!

PowerCleanse: Daily Dual Cleanser (Green)

Mud 04This is the product that gave me the most trepidation.  As I mentioned, my skin tends toward being oily and so a cleanser that starts as a mixture of mud and oil felt like it might be a bad idea.  I do like that the product is customizable: the oil and mud are stored in separate compartments with separate pumps, and you can mix them up to your personal preferences.  The problem, of course, is that unless you like them very evenly mixed, you’re going to end up running out of one ingredient before the other.  It’s like shampoo and conditioner – they never seem to run out at the same time.  If you prefer the mud part, and mix that more heavily, I don’t imagine you’ll be thrilled when you run out and all you’re left with is the oil component.

I mixed the two together pretty evenly and I found that the lather wasn’t that impressive, though it did spread easily and adding a little water did help.  When I washed it away, I felt like I still have a little bit of residue sitting on my skin, especially on my forehead which tends to be my oiliest area.  It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t like having to buff with a towel after washing it off, and this was the only product of the bunch I had to do that with.  I probably wouldn’t ever add this in to my routine, but if you have dry skin, it may be a good option for you.  Just be careful how you mix!

BONUS! – FlashMud Brightening Treatment (Orange)

FlashmudAs I was preparing this post for publication, GlamGlow released a new, fifth mud treatment to their line and you know I had to try it!  It’s FlashMud, and it’s billed as a brightening treatment to give you brighter and more luminous skin.  The packaging is orange, and it has a lovely orangey-citrus scent.  The mud itself is a light cream color and like the black mud treatment there were lots of leaves and chunks of stuff in the mix.  There was also a very fine granular texture, like sugar but even a bit smaller.  I spread a thick, even layer all over my face and while it didn’t exactly crust like a mud mask it did dry completely.

The granules acted as an exfoliant, so I wouldn’t recommend using this product on the daily, but I did absolutely adore it and the way it felt.  After washing it off, my skin felt soft and smooth, just the way it should feel after a light exfoliation, and no greasy or sticky residues.  One thing I noticed is that after I washed it off, I was a little red and blotchy right above my eyebrows; this is where I tend to be the oiliest and break out the most often, so it could have something to do with the oil there, I don’t really know.  I just thought it was worth mentioning.  Overall, another great treatment from the smiling marionettes at GlamGlow!  Seriously, go watch that video again…I think they might be pod people.

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