Ready To Werk? OCC Remixes Their Beloved Lip Tar Formula

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Well, it was a sad day, even if I knew it was coming: I’ve gotten final confirmation that OCC is no longer going to be sold in Sephora or online at  Maybe not forever, but at least for now.  All of the OCC product in the Sephora stores and online is on sale for 50% off; there’s limited stock, and they may pull it before it’s gone if the new lines that will replace the space arrive soon, but for now you can get some great deals on OCC goodies.  If you’ve wanted to try out Lip Tar, there hasn’t been a better time!

OCC 02I went to OCC’s website to see if maybe this was the end – for real real – and luckily it’s just a break from beauty giant Sephora.  OCC itself seems to still be going strong; in fact, they’ve just reformulated 25 of their classic Lip Tar colors into “Ready To Wear” or RTW.  While a little still goes a long way, these can be applied with the new doe foot applicator more like a traditional liquid lipstick – no more squeezing out product to paint on with a brush and wasting the excess!  My understanding is that they are also more forgiving if you put on a little too much.  With regular lip tar, too many people first encounter them and try to put them on like a gloss.  What they end up with is a messy, gloppy smear of color all over their face!  If only they had ready the directions…

The product comes with information about how to apply: start with a tiny bead and use the brush (or the new doe foot applicator) to start in the middle of the lips and work outward.  You should work the product over your lips.  It really is high impact stuff and you don’t need a ton of it to make a good lip look!  Take a look at this video by Queen of Blending showing off some of the colors in their new formulation:

So let’s talk about some of the colors that are available:

OCC 03Technopagan: Blackened purple with blue metallic pearl
This was one of the Lip Tars that was featured in the last full collection that Sephora received, and it was definitely the standout!  It’s a gorgeous full purple with so much metallic shine and fabulous pearl.  This is not your everyday lip tar, but if you want to put together a really color saturated look and you love a good blue-purple (so many purple cosmetics tend toward the red/violet) then you will live for this color.

Black Metal Dahlia: Blackened red with red metallic pearl
Another great dark, saturated metallic Lip Tar, this is such an amazing vampy color!  I honestly didn’t love Dahlia, but once I saw the metallic version I was definitely in love!  Sexy, perfect with berry eye looks, this one is really gorgeous and full.  No sweetness, all sass!

NSFW: True balanced red
Classic red, this one is perfect.  It’s Marilyn Monroe, it’s everything that Taylor Swift is singing about when she sings about red lipstick every five minutes.  This is true, gorgeous red; if you only own one red lipstick, this should probably be it.

Queen: Neon red coral
I have to say I’m a little disappointed that this color got converted over Harlot (neon popsicle red), but it’s still a great neon red bordering on pink.  It’s a great shade by itself, or you can use it on the outside of the lip with a lighter pink or white in the centered for a poptastic ombre lip.

Occ 04Grandma: Clean classic coral
Don’t let the name fool you: this isn’t your grandma’s lip color.  Well, it could be.  But it’s not vintage, or outdated, or boring in the least.  This is for hip grandma’s who want a shot of refined matte coral.  It’s not that glaring coral that screams retirement community in Boca Raton; it’s a solid addition to your lip locker for sunnier, summery looks.

These are just five of the 25 shades available and there is something there for everyone.  If you still love the traditional formula, fear not: they are also available on the OCC website in Matte and Metallic finishes, including their new collection called Cosplay (the title color is a teal-toned green that is to die!).  You can also get their Stained Gloss lip glosses in fabulous colors and the rest of their line of fabulous pencils, cream cheek colors, face products, and more!

Just because Sephora and OCC seem to be breaking up, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fulfilling relationship with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics the their website.  They’re still here and ready to werk!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!


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