UPDATED! Janessa’s Friends With Benefit Giveaway! [CLOSED]

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Our very own Miss Jaye wants to be YOUR friend….with benefit!  Benefit is a fun and cheeky product line with a lot of great staples (Miss Jaye doesn’t go anywhere without her PoreFessional License to Blot stick!) and you will love the selection of product samples she’s put together for your enjoyment:


2 Deluxe Minis, Stay Flawless Primer Stick
1 Deluxe Mini, Lolli Tint Lip and Cheek Stain
1 Deluxe Mini, They’re Real! Remover, Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
1 Deluxe Mini, PoreFessional Pro Balm
2 Sample Cards, PoreFessional Pro Balm
1 Sample Card, Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

1 Sample Card, The PoreFessional Agent Zero Shine


All you have to do to get entered is comment below with an answer to this question:

Does “friends with benefits” really work?  Is it possible to maintain a friendship with someone while sleeping with them?  Or do the entanglements get too complicated?

Let us know what you think (and don’t feel like you need to hold back any juicy personal experiences!) and not only will you be part of a great conversation, you’ll be entered for a chance to win this fabulous sampler bag of benefit Cosmetics products!

But hurry – entries must be received by 9 pm central on September 25 – we’re only running this giveaway for two weeks!  Open to US residents only please (sorry international peeps!)

Now Go Forth And Get Painted! (And Get Entered!)

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Readers Comments (7)
  1. Ada K says:

    Having been in a few friends with benefits situations, I would say it completely depends on the person you choose. If the rules are put out there from the beginning, it is a wonderful thing- but you have to be very clear on what you want and need from it. If it is strictly sex, then don’t ask that person out for dinner. Just have them come over for dessert! I’ve only had one become complicated and that was because I spent too much time with the person outside of our original purpose…It did not end well and I learned my lesson.

    So does the winner get lessons from Miss Jaye on how to use the products?

  2. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I think they can sometimes work. You need to be able to have open communication and honesty, and both be in a place in your lives that you won’t make things complicated/vulnerable.

  3. Lauren Homuth says:

    Nope gets too complicated! Guys can be so needy… Hehe

  4. brenda disimone says:

    I have dealt with that situation before and it can work, but you need to set boundaries beforehand and let that person know what is on the table and what isnt. It can get messed up easily if someones feelings get involved so know that before you start.

  5. Dawn Heiser says:

    When I was in high school, I was quite the harlot and it worked then. I am the man in the relationship where I am okay with not hearing from the person for a while. I dont know if I could pull it off now, and I have swore off any type of love life. It is just easier that way. I think I over sexed myself way back when…

  6. Evan says:

    Being with someone who isn’t sexual and doesn’t take care of them selves very well. It made me wanting and really thought about friends with benefits but Instead of that road I just decided against it. Leaves me wanting it but Instead I ignore it and concentrate on my own health benefits. Life isn’t fair but friends with benefits it just be to complicated.

  7. Lisa Shanklin says:

    Never worked out positively in my case.

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