Dreaming In ColourPop: Part One, The Lippie Stix

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Some of you may remember that earlier this year I went on sort of a “beauty fast” (if you missed my #30 Days adventure, you can read about it HERE and about the results HERE); once it was over, I had a lot of pent up beauty addiction just waiting to get out but I also had a desire to try new things instead of just funneling all of my money to Sephora.  I watched some videos online, jotting down the names of companies I hadn’t looked into before, like Girlactic and CP Meet MatteThe Balm, but when I visited their sites I found the prices to be a little high for products that I just wanted to try for funsies.

Enter ColourPop.

I was out with my ladies at The Hub when I noticed that our bartender had on this sickening shade of deep purple lipstick – reminded me a lot of Technopagan Lip Tar by OCC but with a little more purple to it.  One of the girls I was with asked her what she was wearing, and I heard her mention ColourPop, and she also said that it was really affordable.  Cheap and gorgeous?  Just like me!  Obviously I had to look into that…

The ColourPop website is amazing – it’s a treasure trove of beautiful colors, and the prices are just right: lipsticks (called “Lippie Stix,” which I sort of hate) are only $5 and each has a coordinating lip pencil available (also for $5), eyeshadows and pressed pigments are $5 each, the Ultra Matte Lip paints are $6, and their “high dollar” items are their blushes and highlighters which top out at a whopping $8.  I was in heaven.

018In fact, the prices were so good that I went a little overboard (maybe) and decided to dive right in and get a good overall sampling of the brand.  Such a good sampling, in fact, that I’ve decided to break the review into 3 parts: Part One about the Lippie Stix, Part Two about the Pressed Shadows and Pigments, and Part Three about the Ultra Matte Lip lip paints.  I only bought a couple of the blushes/highlighters, so I’ll just work them in somewhere, probably in with the shadows; blushes are never my favorite products anyway, so I focused my attention on the eye and lip products.  I also didn’t buy any of the pencils this time around, though if I place another order I’ll give them a shot; if they work well, $5 for a pencil is an amazing deal!

That’s not to say that everything made sense: their new fall collection is all inspired by the 90s.  They only people who want to throw back to the 90s are people who didn’t have to live through that era of saggy baggy flannel, prep boots and chunky heeled shoes, and spiral perms.  Sure, it gave us screen gems like Clueless and Reality Bites, but so much of that decade needs to be left behind in the dust.  For every 10,000 Maniacs, there was a Bryan Adams; for every Edie Brickell, a Macarena.  To borrow a phrase from the 90s movie Friday (which ironically almost no basic white girl has ever seen): Bye Felicia.


Now, about the Lippie Stix – they are a pretty solid lipstick, and an amazing deal at only $5.  They come in several different finishes and I ordered 6 different colors: Trixie, a bright coral red with a satin finish; Charm, a minty green with a satin finish; Raw, a satin finish light blue; Wet, taupe with a pearlized finish; Go Fish, another coral red with a hyper glossy finish; and Lady, a deep red burgundy with a smooth matte finish.

CP 02The satin finishes are a pretty basic lipstick with a smooth, creamy application.   enjoyed the fun, crazy colors of Raw and Charm; they are fun pastels that aren’t as pigmented as lipsticks from a brand like Lime Crime, but the price point makes it easy to justify their place in your kit.  Wet, the pearlized lipstick, was probably my favorite.  I used it over one of the lip paints and it was moisturizing and kept my lips from feeling too dry.  It had a nice color payoff and was a gorgeous color.  The only one that was a little meh for me was the hyper glossy Go Fish: the glossiness makes it a little more sheer than I would like, not quite as sheer as a gloss, but not quite pigmented enough to be a full on lipstick.  Lady was nice, but I’m always disappointed by what passes for matte these days.  Matte, by definition, should not have any shine.  I remember when I got my first ever tube of MAC’s Viva Glam in the late 90s; now that lipstick was fuckin’ matte!  It was like your lips were made out of brick!  But in order to make lipsticks moister and more comfortable to wear, most “matte” lipsticks are really more of a muted satin finish.  Lady is like this, and it’s lovely, but I long for the return of a true matte lipstick.

Overall I was very impressed by the Lippie Stix.  They aren’t quite as good as some of my high end lipsticks, and for $5 I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be, but they gave a pretty solid performance and are a good low cost alternative, available in a huge range of colors.

Next up: the pressed pigments and shadows – stayed tuned for Part Two of my ColourPop coverage!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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