Paint The Town: ColourPop Part 3, The Ultra Matte Lip

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So in the first two parts of this review series on ColourPop Cosmetics, we’ve looked at their Lippie Sticks (solid performance without being mindblowing) and their shadows and pressed pigments (super disappointing, which is unfortunate considering their color selection and price), and now we’re going to round out this trilogy with the final group of products that I ordered from this indie brand with the bargain prices: the Ultra Matte Lip paints.  Can these demi-permanent lip colors redeem the brand after the rather tragic showing of the shadows and pressed pigments?

CP Mr BlondeCP 14First, the colors: Mr. Blonde (bright sky blue), Dr. M. (dark teal green), Ouija (red-coral), Limbo (milk chocolate brown), Avenue (deep yellow-red), and First Base (mid-tone pink).  I love odd lip colors, and so with both the Lippie Stix and the Ultra Mattes I got some pretty out there blues and greens plus some more traditional colors that I thought might pair well with the Lippie Stix I’d chosen: Limbo to go with wet, Dr. M. to go with Charm, Mr. Blonde to go with Raw, etc.  More bang for the buck.

Now, lip paints like this are a staple of my drag looks.  I am constantly talking, lip-syncing, changing outfits, sipping cocktails, and doing other assorted activities with my mouth (a lady never gives specifics) so it’s very important for me that I can lay down a reliable base coat and then add dimension over top of it.  That way, even if I kiss off all of my lipstick or gloss, I still have that base coat showing underneath and I can just repair the damage.  I usually use MAC’s Pro Longwear or Kat von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (in Elura – MEOW!), but those products are both in about the $20 range.  If these lip paints, with their $6 price points, can work as well or better than the more expensive products then this would be one of the biggest beauty finds I’ve stumbled across in a long time.  After trying them out, I have only one word to say.


CP 09These lip paints are FAN-fucking-TASTIC!  They remind me a lot of Max Factor’s Lipfinity, the lip paint that started it all.  To my knowledge those were the first demi-permanent liquid lipsticks (there were lip stains, but they worked differently) and they came with a “top coat” (basically, a clear lip balm) to put over top to help your lips not feel so dry.  That’s also a concern with these lip paints – when they dry, they can feel really dry on the lips.  But that’s the trade off for an actually, truthfully, honest-to-Gawd matte lip; sometimes they feel a little dry.  It’s not a concern for me as I’m pretty much always layering other, moister products on top but if someone want to wear this as their primary lip product, it’s a good idea to have a little lip balm or gloss handy to top it off.

I can’t say enough how much I love this product: the formula is smooth and thin and applies absolutely evenly.  It dries very quickly, which helps for me since I always tend to be running about 10 minutes behind!  The colors are true to what you see in the tube (nothing worse than a lip product – or really ANY makeup product – that looks entirely different when applied than it does in the container!) and there is a really great array.  I might make a minor quibble that some of them shouldn’t be called mattes when they contain glitter, but this is a minor annoyance, and I’m so excited to find this product that I just can’t make myself get too upset about it.

So here is a summary of my thoughts on the ColourPop brand:

The Lippie Stix are a good basic choice.  They aren’t must haves in my opinion, but if you see a color you like they will generally be worth the more than reasonable price tag.

CP WHYThe shadows/pigments come in gorgeous colors, but the formula is tricky at best and they are not suited to super precision application.  If I’m placing an order with the brand already and I see a color that looks too good to pass up, I may give it another shot but they were pretty disappointing and almost ruined my faith in the ability of the brand to deliver quality at such unbelievable prices.

The Ultra Matte Lip is where this brand truly shines, and I will be a fan of these forever.  I want them in every color.  Seriously.  EVERY.  COLOR.  They are perfection to apply, there is a huge selection of colors, and they pair really well with the Lippies.  Just be sure to keep a lip balm handy if you plan to wear it solo!

So there you have it: my rough and tumble (and somewhat uneven) experience with ColourPop Cosmetics.  Check them out for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments section below.  Have any other brands you can’t live without?  Share the love, diva!  Let us know and you might see your fave featured in a review or maybe even in an upcoming giveaway!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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