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MACOne of my favorite things from back in the day was MAC’s Lip Lacquer – a super reflective lip product that was like painting your lips in patent leather.  It had a great metallic/reflective quality AND it came in bright sky blue.  I don’t know why I love blue lips so much, but I do.  The formula was a little thick and goopy (and became ever more so, the longer the product sat in your kit) but I held onto to those way past their logical expiration dates, and I was very sad to see them go.

So I was very excited when I saw Make Up For Ever’s new Artist Plexi Gloss.  They didn’t necessarily have the metallic sort of look, but the definitely seemed to have the potential to create a sort of high shine, patent lip look that could be pretty fantastic.  Sephora started giving out deluxe minis to build buzz, although the color they chose, a pale neautral pink shade #202, was sort of a snoozer to use as a intro for my taste (I guess not EVERYONE is a raging drag queen who wants to overdose on saturated color!).  I got a couple of the samples, and decided to pick up a couple for myself, especially when I saw #502P, described appropriately as “Pearly Beetle.”  It’s a fabulous navy blue with glittery sparkle, and I just knew that it would look killer over Kat von D’s Studded Kiss Lipstick in Poe (navy with copper/red sparkle – I live!).  I also picked up a bright fuchsia #207 – one can never have too much pink! – and immediately sat down to work in my lab swiping and experimenting.

MUFE 01The results?  Underwhelming.

I think maybe I had just built myself up so much, wanting it to be like Lip Lacquer and when it didn’t deliver I couldn’t help but be disappointed.

First there was the applicator brush.  It’s like a doe-foot applicator, but sort of squished flat.  Then, there is a small cut in one side.  When I got my sample, I thought it might have been some sort of strange production defect, but when I got my order with the navy and the pink their brushes were the same.  I’m assuming the cut is supposed to make the brush more flexible, and I guess it was, but I also found that it sort of pushed the product toward the outer edge of my lips and I got that weird line that sometimes happens when thick glosses collect at the edges.  The product is very thick, like Lip Lacquer, but it didn’t have the same consistent application that LL had.  In fact the 202, which is meant to be a sheer application, actually looked sort of streaky and uneven and took a little bit of work to get a consistent coat over my lips.  I could see lines showing the direction I applied it in and had to blend them out with the applicator.  The gloss has a non-descript, non-offensive smell which is fine, but sort of a let down since I have a couple of their Lab Shine glosses which have this amazing citrus-y smell that’s somewhere between baby aspirin and Tang!  It did have a nice shine to it, but the color overall was a little blah.


(Me wearing the #202.  Sorry for the “butch realness” look, but I wasn’t in the mood to put on a whole face to experiment with lip glosses.  And I was already broken out from another recent makeup “play day.”  That’s my face.  Deal with it. 😎 )

The fuchsia was a little bit better, but I still had the same complaint about the brush.  It gave a more even application than the #202 but still not the full coverage I was hoping for.  It’s supposed to be an opaque shade, but it would definitely be better over a base color, like a fabulous lip paint (ColourPop has some great ones!).  The pink was a nice shade, and it thinned out a bit on my lip to make it more Barbie pink and a little less 80s fuchsia, so that was nice.  Sort of a C+, maybe B- experience.  This one will never make the honor roll.


(Me wearing the #207.  Mostly meh.  Not terrible, but nothing I’m obsessed with.)

The best of the bunch, as anticipated, was the #502P.  Again, the brush sort of pushed everything toward the outer edge of my lips but with the dark edge contrasting with my natural lip color showing through in the middle, it made sort of a fun ombre look.  This color is also billed as opaque but was more of a semi-sheer.  Again, the coverage was not great.  The glitter was delightful, and though I didn’t put it over the Kat von D to check it out (I was in the middle of reorganizing my kit and, well, I couldn’t find that lipstick!) I’m sure that it will make a killer dark and glittery lip.  I’m also thinking of trying something a little crazy: putting on the MUFE like in the picture below, and then filling in the center with Lime Crime’s Hollygram, a deep emerald green with glitter.  If I do, and it’s everything I dream of, I’m sure I’ll be posting pics on my Facebook!  Basically I liked this one for its potential to work with other products; by itself, it was a bit of a dud.


(Me wearing the #502P.  This one is my fave of the bunch.  Not a staple color, obvi, but fun for something different.)

So those are my thoughts on the new Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Glosses: definitely will not be stocking up on these, but I guess they have potential if you want something that’s fairly sheer (even when billed as opaque) or that you can use with other lip products to create a more balanced, finished look.  If anyone has used them and has any tips or tricks about how to work with that applicator brush, PLEASE post them below.  I’m super disappointed in it, but I’m willing to concede that it may very well be “user error”!  If you have any other gloss recommendations leave those too, or it you just feel like reminiscing about MAC’s fabulous Lip Lacquers and the hole they’ve left in our hearts.

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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