Roen Photography 2015 – Gallery 05: Fargo Theatre, Playboy in Pink, & Downtown Afro

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This gallery is from my second photo session with Miranda Roen of Roen Photography held down in Fargo in late summer.  For our first shoot in Fargo, it only made sense to take some pictures in front of an historic Fargo landmark – the Fargo Theatre on Broadway!

We did this shoot a little later in the day to take advantage of the “golden hour” which gives these photos their amazing luminous quality.  The following group of pictures is from an outdoor part of the session taken in Moorhead along the river.  I had a big, pink Playboy blanket (a gift from drag sister Billie Simone – miss you girl!) that I spread out on the ground and rolled around like a centerfold – just in time, too, since Playboy recently announced that they were doing away with nudity in the magazine!

Most of my downtown photos featured a more urban look with a white dress and metal accessories.  In most of the shots I wore a short, funky wig I got at a weave store called Empire Beauty Supply in Richmond, VA.  But for a few shots I decided to pull out an old favorite: my burgundy/blonde afro wig that I purchased on ebay from the Sweate Shoppe, run by RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 contestant Penny Tration!

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