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As a child (and budding drag queen) in the 80s, I fell in love with Jem and the Holograms!  I loved the neon-splattered cartoon, filled with fabulous fashions – at least for the time – and some pretty good music for a kids’ cartoon.  Jem was glamour and glitter, fashion and fame, and she was everything my secret little drag queen heart wanted to grow up to be!  And the dolls were pretty fantastic too – unlike the predictable blonde and brunette of the Barbie line, these dolls had lime green and pink and blue and purple hairstyles that were edgy and fun.  Not too mention that they stood a full inch or so taller than Barbie and could totally kick her ass!  I was more than stoked when I heard that a Jem movie was in the works.  And then, like everyone else, I saw the trailer.

Love it or hate it, the new Jem and the Holograms movie just came out.  I went to see it with bestie and doll aficionado Angie; she mostly disliked it, I appreciated it for what it was and though that the way they updated it was pretty clever.  After all, earrings that create holograms of entire outfits around a moving person in huge crowds of people is a fun, fantastic idea when you’re a kid, but even I figured out how impossible that was years ago.  And I’m glad they didn’t try to make some weird Hannah Montana situation out of it.  For what it was, it wasn’t a terrible movie, and the possibility of The Misfits in a sequel with Ke$ha as Pizzazz is almost too good to be true!  Plus the music in the movie captured the spirit of the cartoon without being as repetitive or simplistic as the songs really were (seriously – go watch it again as an adult and you’ll see that each song only lasted about 90 seconds and only had a few lines that were repeated over and over and over!)

Jem 01I was very excited to see that Sephora got onboard with this nostalgic moment and released a small collection of house brand products with signature Jem and the Holograms packaging.  They are also selling 4 shades of Manic Panic hair dye in limited edition bottles featuring Jem, Kimber, Aja, and Shana from the original cartoon.  And that is what I’m perhaps most excited about for this collection: all of their imagery and packaging is based on the cartoon and pretty much ignores the slick, stylized iconography of the new film.  There is a lot of neon pink, stars and lightning bolts are everywhere, and the old Jem and the Holograms logo is on every piece!  I’m not usually a huge fan of the Sephora brand but you know I had to break down and buy Every. Damn. Piece.

I picked up the liquid lip set at Sephora in Pine in Seattle during my recent stay there; the eyeshadow palette and lipstick I ordered once I got home.  There is also a limited edition compact, which I had to have obvi, so I was super excited when I got the email notification that it was back in stock.  It’s on its way to me, but didn’t arrive in time for this review.  It’s just a compact mirror and doesn’t have any product in it, so I may or may not tack on my thoughts about it to this review at a later time.  I collect compacts so it was a no-brainer!

Jem 05First up is the Truly Outrageous Liquid Lip Set ($25).  The five products in this collection represent a nice range of colors – there are the more wearable, everyday colors next to a vibrant deep purple and that neon fuchsia that just screams 1980s.  The names of the lipsticks in this collection come from iconic songs from the original cartoon: Fashion Fame (light pearl pink – this one is definitely more of a glass than a lipstick), Like a Dream (mauve), To The Rescue (berry), She’s Got The Power (dark purple), and Music is Magic (electric fuchsia).  The glass doesn’t have a lot of pigment, and would be best over another lipcolor, but it does have a pretty great glitter payoff.  I can totally see myself using this with some of the great ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips to give it some glitter and shine!  The others are pretty standard liquid lips – they dry to a nice matte appearance that is mostly transfer resistant.  To The Rescue and Music is Magic are probably my favorites, but all 4 have a nice solid performance.  I was a little worried, since I’ve been underwhelmed by Sephora brand lip products before, but they actually came through on this one.  I give them a B+ overall, A- for the gloss  by itself.

Jem 04Next, I’ve pretty much fallen in love with the Truly Outrageous Eyeshadow Palette ($39).  The names for the shadows recall most of the characters from both the Hologram and the Misfits (Roxy in inexplicably missing) as well as some of the other key toys and accessories from the original cartoon.  Running left to right and top to bottom in the palette, the colors are: Row 1 – Minx, Raya, Gal Pal, Clash, Hologram, and Starlight; Row 2 – Mrs. Baily, Kimber, Rockstar, Rockin’ Roadster, Synergy, and Cassette; Stinger, Jerrica, 1980’s, Keytar, Rio, and Stormer; and Row 4 – Jetta, Jemstar, Shana, Pizzazz, Aja, and Misfits.  In the past I’ve also been less than enthused about Sephora’s eyeshadows (though less disappointed than in their lip products.  Again it was nice to see them come out with a really high quality product.  A couple of the lighter colors swatched a little bit chalky, but most of the shadows seem to have a nice solid base to them and they play well with each other.  I did see a graphic out there on the interwebs where a blogger seemed to imply that the color selection was a ripoff of Urban Decay’s Vice 4 palette, but whlle the two palettes do have some similarities I think this can be explained away by the fact that both palettes stick to pretty safe territory with collections that include predictable nudes, a couple of bluish greens, some bright pinks – all pretty standard palette stuff with no big surprises or wild “trend colors.”  My favorites? Keytar, a rich fun green (of course I would go straight for the green!); Mrs. Baily, a bright glittery coral with hints of copper; and Jemstar, a blackened navy with blue glitter.

Sephora & Jem Lipgloss Set (1 comp with 5 glosses)Finally, the one standalone product: the Truly Outrageous Lipstick ($16) – yes, they could have been a little more creative in product naming!  In a world where every company wants to melt down their lip products and put them in squeezie tubes or in palettes, it’s nice to find just a a regular old tube of lipstick with the typical angled product design.  In a nod to the larger collection, the color is called Truly, Truly Outrageous and it’s a slightly lighter shade of Music is Magic – bright neon fuchsia!  It also has a little bit of iridescent blue flash that sets it apart and overall I thought it was a pretty good lipstick.  It laid down nicely with solid coverage, although it did feel a little thick on my lips.  Not bad, but maybe just a little heavy.  The color is killer though!  I’ve included a review by Cora from Vintage or Tacky (love her!) where she talks about the collection and about her appearance in the movie! (Although to be picky, she does mispronounce both Raya and Shana – know your Holograms gurrrrl!)

As she notes, the film used a clip from her Jem makeup tutorial – I’ll include the video below so you can see the whole thing, but it was fun to see the movie and catch that clip.  I went into it with a “Where’s Waldo?” mission to find it!

This collection is really fun, and if you’re one of the fans who wasn’t pleased with the remake/reboot of Jem for the new movie, you can indulge all of your 80s fandom in this collection of gorgeous goodies from Sephora!  If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I’ll include a video review of it from What The Flick?! below – I know this post is pretty video heavy, but Jem is from the heyday of MTV and music videos, so why not include a lot of fabulous videos?!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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