MF PROFILE: Michaela Schell Wants To Help You Discover Your Best Skin EVER

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We’re getting our Black Friday event kicked off early with something new and fabulous: our very first profile in the Makeup Forum!  Well, technically there was the infamous “lost interview” with Jodie Perks, the owner of Lit Glitter, that my evil computer decided to eat but that’s a story for another time…

Today I’m very excited to be talking with Michaela Schell, an Independent Consultant and Team Leader for Rodan + Fields, a luxury skin care line from the dermatologists behind Proactiv.  I had the chance to learn more about these fantastic products at a recent gathering at downtown Grand Forks hotspot, Helix Wine & Bites.  The spicy hummus was almost as incredible as the Rodan + Fields products, and that’s why I’m super excited to be bringing this “first of its kind” profile to you, my glamorous Makeup Forum readers!

Janessa: Michaela, thanks so much for sitting down with me today!
Michaela: Any time! I’m very excited to share.

J:  Tell me a little bit more about you.
MichaelaM: Sure! I am a wife and mom of two, soon-to-be three kids. My career and educational background is in marketing and economic development. I have a passion for leadership and helping others achieve their goals and aspirations. I am a little blunt and straightforward with a knack for sarcasm, but really love people.

J: Did you have any direct selling experience before you became involved with Rodan + Fields?
M: None. Really no sales experience what so ever. And to be honest, I had no skin care experience either. I washed my face with the shampoo that ran down my head. Not the best approach, as I know now. But what I did have was a drive to really stabilize and button-up my family’s financial future and a desire to help others do the same. I knew I wanted to do something big with my life but I didn’t want to give up being home with my kids every day and all the other things I loved. The direct sales channel was really the most flexible option with the most income potential. I just needed to find the right company to do that with.

Rodan Fields LogoJ: And how did you discover Rodan + Fields?  How long have you been working with them?
M: My good friend from my hometown asked me about it just over three years ago. Simple as that. She shared, I at first said, “No way!” because like I said, skin care and direct sales were not my area of expertise. But I knew I needed something flexible, and I wanted something that could take my husband and I beyond paycheck to paycheck and the 8-5 work day. There isn’t much out there that offers that except direct sales. And when I did my research on Rodan + Fields, I knew they were going to be some heavy hitters in the booming skin care industry. These were two business savvy dermatologists, the most well-known dermatologists in the world to be exact, and here they were, offering me a chance to be a part of the legacy they were creating.  Um…yes please! :)

RF06J: You mentioned that Rodan + Fields are pretty well known in the skin care world – aren’t they the same doctors who developed Proactiv? 
M: They are. And that is really what attracted me to the company. Being in marketing, I knew the importance of building a reputable brand with a lot of brand presence. These two doctors made Proactiv a household name and hold some real clout behind their brand. I knew getting involved with them in this new endeavor was a win. A new company with ground floor opportunity along with 20 plus years of credible brand reputation is really hard to find, so it was a no-brainer for me.

J: How are the Rodan + Fields products different than the Proactiv line?  Why did they decide to expand into a wider range of luxury products?
M: Rodan + Fields actually started because of what they did with Proactiv. For Proactiv, they wanted to help people struggling with acne get top quality, dermatological products without having to see a dermatologist. After such great success, they thought, why can’t we do this for people with other skin concerns: people struggling with sensitive skin, sun damage and discoloration, and of course aging. We are all aging all the time! So they started Rodan + Fields to bring really high quality, dermatologist created products to people like you and me, so we didn’t have to visit a dermatologist or spend hours in a store aisle trying to figure out what might work.

RF04J: We had a chance to talk about the products at a recent get together at Helix Wine & Bites – yum!  What I liked about the event was that it was different than the typical “sales party” – lots of conversation and sharing information, but without a heavy sales pitch.  How does the Rodan + Fields model differ from other direct selling companies?
M: I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did to. What I love about the Rodan + Fields business model is that we aren’t a party planning company. I like to do a get together here and there because who doesn’t like to sit down with a drink and friends.  But let’s be real – who has time these days for constant parties. I sure don’t! We are busy people. What Rodan + Fields has implemented in their direct selling company is a very tech savvy approach. We are completely web-based. So, if you want a product, we first chat about it, often via facebook message or text or phone convo, to get you some really one on one care and make sure the product perfectly fits your needs. Then you go online to my personal Rodan + Fields website, order what you want, and it gets shipped directly to you. As a consultant, I don’t have to handle cash, stock inventory or make deliveries and as a customer you can quickly pop on your computer and shop – which is what we love to do anyway! Rodan + Fields has really leveraged the social commerce movement. Plus, this allows me to have customers and business partners all over the US and Canada, and soon Australia, without having to leave my ND home.

J: I also really appreciated the way you presented the product info.  It was never about giving the hard sell, as if my face was going to melt off if I didn’t immediately switch to these products – and ONLY these RFM01products.  It was more about sharing your personal experiences with the products and acknowledging that people are going to have their established routines and their favorite “must have” products, and that there are all different kinds of ways to benefit from the Rodan + Fields products without having to completely change everything they’re doing all at once.
M: Hahaha! I’d never want anyone’s face to melt off – or for anyone to feel sales pitched! I hate that feeling. And so do others. It’s not a great approach. How I feel about Rodan + Fields is: I love the products. I use them every day. They saved my skin from adult acne, and being in my 30s, I have yet to see a wrinkle thanks to R+F. These are products that even if I wasn’t a consultant, I would be telling all my friends about anyway! So if I can share the products I use and get great results, help so many others get great skin along the way, and create a really thriving business because of it, well, that’s a win, win, win!

This isn’t a sales job, it’s a share job. And our goal is to help people find a product that can really help them. Our company doesn’t pressure us to meet sales minimums or enroll specific amounts of customers. I don’t want someone to buy something from me out of obligation or get a chotchsky from a catalog that sits in their closet until their next rummage sale. I want people to be happy. After all, they are my friends, family, people I respect in our community.

RFM02J: We’ll talk more about the business aspect later, but for now let’s get to the good stuff – the products!  Tell us about the core products lines: what’s available and what skin types are they formulated for?
M: We have something to work with the majority of skin concerns. Our product lines revolves around four main regimens. Soothe Regimen is formulated for sensitive skin, redness, and other skin irritation issue such as eczema and psoriasis. Reverse Regimen helps diminish sun damage, freckles, age spots, and other discoloration issues such as melasma. Unblemish Regimen targets all components of active acne, acne scarring, and blackheads. And finally, our flagship Redefine Regimen. We are all aging all the time and this regimen conquers wrinkles, lines, large pores, sagging skin, dullness, and other signs of aging. It is preventative for young skin and restorative for older skin. All four of these regimens are formulated with a multi-med therapy which means the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order to create a compound effect on your skin bringing you the best results possible.

J:  And there are also some standalone products that enhance these regimens, right?  What kinds of specialty treatments are available?
M: You are exactly right. We have some additional products that work to enhance each regimen and help it work even better. These products also help in a variety of areas for skin all over the body. Some of our additionals include our super popular Foaming Sunless Tanner – no streaks, no orange, no staining your clothes. We also have micro dermabrasion products for face, body, and lips to create smooth, soft skin. Our Multi-Function Eye cream is not only for wrinkles, but for puffiness, bags and dark circles as well. Those are just a few of our additional products. We have many others; when a customer sits down with a consultant and they start to talk skin concerns, we can help them discover additional products for their specific skin concern as needed.

RF08J: My favorite product preview was the AMP MD Roller.  What a fun feeling!  Tell us more about what it is and how it works.
M: This product is my absolute favorite!  I love it for two reasons: one, it take less than a minute to use and two, the effects are jaw dropping! Our AMP MD Roller is a small blue tool filled with over 100 micro needles. Super tiny needles that when rolled over the skin gently penetrate just through that outer layer of dead skin. Rolling this over your skin for just seconds each day then following with your regimen helps drastically reduce the signs of aging. In clinical testing, typical results received in 12 weeks with our Redefine Regimen were received in just 6 weeks by adding in this amazing tool. It signals the body to build and send more collagen to the area that was rolled – and we all know collagen is a master at wrinkle reduction and skin firming.

J: And this can help boost absorption of the creams and other products in the lines, right?
M: Yes. These tiny micro holes made by the roller allow the products you are using to soak deeper into the skin, treating faster and more effectively. It really helps add value to your regimen.

RF07J:  You gave me a sample of a lip treatment that I really liked as well as an overnight treatment.  They were nice and easy to work into my regular routine – I would definitely recommend them to my readers! Tell us more about these two products.
M: Our Lip Renewing Serum and Night Renewing Serum are two of our most easily shared products: they come individually packaged in tiny capsules! Both are packed with age fighting ingredients that you apply to your lips or face at night. As a serum, they are not thick and heavy. They glide on smoothly and leave your skin silky soft while packing an intense anti-aging punch. And with winter coming, our Lip Serum is a must have for dry, chapped, cracked lips.

J: So let’s get back to business – the business opportunity!  Rodan + Fields is currently on a consultant model – but didn’t they start out offering their products through retail locations?
M: We did. When they first launched in 2002, R+F launched in high end retail stores such as Nordstrom’s and Henri Bendel’s. They did exceptionally well; they were the number one selling skin care in Nordstrom’s for multiple years. But they knew something wasn’t right with the traditional retail store model.

J:  So why did they decide to move to the consultant model?  That seems like a risky move!
Rodan FieldsM: These are two smart docs who have already created a multi-billion dollar, global skin care company with Proactiv, and they weren’t ones to settle just doing “pretty good” in retail stores. They knew R+F  could be bigger. The did their research and realized three things. First, in many, many cities (including mine here in Grand Forks, ND!) we don’t have a Nordstrom’s. People like me all over the world didn’t have access to their product through these stores. They also realized it wasn’t the cute Nordstrom’s sales clerk actually selling the product; it was me buying it, loving it, and of course telling all of my friends to go get it. I was already doing the ‘selling.’  Finally, they were ahead of the game. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields knew the way we were shopping and sharing was changing into a more digital model and they wanted to tap into that. So, they became the first prestigious skin care company ever to pull out of retail and move to a consultant based model. And boy, was that a great decision! That happened in 2008, and in the last 6 years R+F has been the fastest growing skin care line in the US with over 106% growth each year. If you put a great product that works into the hands of entrepreneurs, big things are going to happen!

J: Unlike a lot of direct selling companies, Rodan + Fields really uses the web aspect to help drive the business – once people find the products they like, they don’t have to contact their rep for new catalogs or anything.  How does this model work for your business? 
RegimensM: What I love about this web-based, digital model for me, and I think why most other consultants find it attractive, is it makes it easy to do business anywhere at any time. I don’t have to be tied down to an evening doing a party or tied to a desk and my computer for hours. The time I spend doing this is so flexible. I have kids, when I started R+F I had a career in marketing, I’m involved in community activities; finding time to “sit down and work” was impossible. But, if I have my phone on me, I can reach out to a customer anywhere any time: the line at the grocery store, the 20 minutes when my kids are watching TV, on my couch on facebook at night watching Mad Men reruns with my husband. Pretty flexible!  And my mad mencustomers love it as well: no calling me and waiting for me to put in an order, getting a new catalog with new products every six months. They order on their schedule whenever they run out of products and they can do it in minutes from their computer, which they are usually on throughout the day anyway. And if they need help with anything, I’m a text away. Rodan + Fields really created the business model right by focusing on the digital.

J: If someone is interested in being part of the business, how do they sign up?  What options are available?
M: I’d love for them to reach out to me if they have an interest. I am happy to share and answer any questions they have. Our sign up process is also digital of course and takes less than 5 minutes via the web. We have a variety of start up options that are affordable to everyone and help new consultants get a great amount of Rodan + Fields products into their hands and onto their skin at a very affordable price.

J: Do you have any specials coming up for people interested in getting into Rodan + Fields?
M: Our men’s line, Beyond the Shave, just launched and is formulated to help men’s skin in a variety of ways with a focus on a smooth, gentle shave. Also, with the holidays approaching, we have some great items that make unique gifts. You can give Rodan + Fields which is a gift that keeps on giving. Also, for those interested in becoming a part of the business, now is a perfect time. New consultants can share R+F with all the family and friends they will be seeing over the holidays during the next few weeks and starting before the end of the year is a great way to get a tax write off for 2015, as all R+F business expenses are tax deductible.

J: So after all of this, tell me: besides the Roller, which we already talked about, what is your favorite Rodan + Fields product?
Reverse 01
M:  It changes often depending on my need at the time, but right now I am so thankful for the Reverse Regimen. I am pregnant with our third baby, and anyone who has been pregnant can tell you pregnancy does a number on a woman’s skin!  This pregnancy has caused me to get melasma, a hormonal darkening around the cheek bones and upper lip. And no woman wants a brown upper lip mustache! So, using the Reverse line to get rid of that dark pigment has really restored my confidence in my appearance. And in the winter, our Foaming Sunless Tanner keeps my skin glowing and lightly bronzed so I don’t scare people in my holiday cocktail dresses with my blazing North Dakota white legs!

J: Any final thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?
M: I encourage people to step out of their norm. The Rodan + Fields direct sales model can be a little intimidating just because it is unfamiliar. But it has so much potential right now for those involved to really create a great business and financial resource in very part time hours and be able to help a lot of people along the way. It is definitely worth getting some info on to see if it is the right fit.  I also encourage the same with our products. A comment I get frequently is “I wish I would have come to you sooner.” Again, this model is a little out of the norm for people. But once they try it, they love their skin. And, Rodan + Fields has a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee on our products. We want customers to be happy with their results. So they have nothing to lose and great skin to gain.

J: Thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me.
M: Absolutely! I always love to share with anyone about these products and business that have helped me in so many ways. I hope it can help others as well.

Interested in trying out a few of the Rodan + Fields products before you buy?  Then check back in the next couple of days when we will be launching the first of our Black Friday giveaways: mini facial packages of Rodan + Fields products provided by Michaela!  If you just can’t wait, you can check out Michaela’s R+F website HERE.

Have you tried Rodan + Fields before?  Leave your comments on the products in the comments below!

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