All January, Tarot Thursdays At Shanti Ma’a!

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Looking for a little insight and guidance to get your new year started off right?  Have no fear: the Reading Room at Shanti Ma’a is here!

Black 05Chris Stoner, the somewhat less glamorous individual behind everyone’s favorite drag queen, is going to be hosting “Tarot Thursdays” at the Reading Room!  Every Thursday in January, he will be available for readings between 7 and 10 pm.  As always, he is also available at other times by appointment, but this will allow those who might want a spontaneous reading to know that he will be ready and available!  The Reading Room is located in Shanti Ma’a (meaning Peace Mother) on the lower level of the River’s Edge building in downtown Grand Forks.

CrystalsReadings last 30-45 minutes for a full session, which will include a full adapted Celtic Cross spread and may include additional activities including oracle card consultation, stone/crystal work, crystal and meditative recommendations, or other activities as the situation warrants.  A session costs $40, cash preferred but will accept checks (credit card payments available soon!)

Chris’s approach to readings is fluid and adaptable; he is always open to questions and is willing to delve into whatever situations you may feel need exploration.  As a self-identified queer intuitive reader, Chris is open to clients of any/all genders and sexual identities and is always interested in finding ways to make tarot readings and other spiritual endeavors more inclusive.

True Love TarotTo set up a reading on a Tarot Thursday (or to make an appointment for a reading at another time that is mutually convenient), you can contact him through his Janessa Jaye Champagne Facebook profile or email him at  You can also stop by the building, but access is sometimes limited in the evening, so he will be monitoring the Facebook in case you find yourself locked out (he will not have access to email during this time!).

Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-exploration and guidance, so set up your appointment today.  For more information on The Reading Room and events going on or items like natural stone jewelry for sale, you can “Like” our brand spankin’ new Facebook Page!

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