SMIZE! Tyra Banks Busts Into The Beauty Biz

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Standing before me are two fabulous eye makeup products, but I only have one company to talk about:  that’s right America’s Next Top Model fans, Miss Banks herself has launched her very own direct sales makeup brand!

Tyra 02

It’s time to get your smize on, because Tyra has put together a tight little collection of products that will have you looking chic and put together.  Launched late in 2014, the line is still fairly new and there is a definite focus on creating a small family of versatile products rather than catering to a variety of different looks or chasing trends.  You won’t find a bunch of wild colors that are often a matter of personal taste.  Her foundations and contours come in stick form and she has a number of looks (somewhat preciously called “Ty-overs”) that are easy to replicate and work with a variety of skin tones and colorations.


I decided to give the line a try and bought a special package deal from the Smize line (for eyes, obvi): a 4-color eyeshadow palette called Smoky Smize and Super Smize, an eye highlighter pencil. Though they retail for $39.00 and $20.00 respectively, I was able get both for $38.50.  Here are some swatches:


Palette Pros: the eyeshadows are probably the perfect consistency and they blend like a naughty sex dream – one of the good ones where you and everyone you are sleeping with are all inexplicably perfect and having the best sex of your lives, and not one of the confusing, creepy ones that involve your third grade teacher or the annoying roommate who always steals your Triscuits.  No, these are ah-mazing.  Like, Urban Decay level amazing.  It also comes with an angled brush that I found amazingly easy to hold and use.  I’ve had angled eyeliner brushes before, but never an angled eyeshadow brush.  Now I pick up a regular brush and I’m a little disappointed that it doesn’t have a saucy curve to it…

000_0038Cons: definitely the size!  When you see the outside and you hear that it only has 4 colors in it, you expect it to have big, generous pans of color.  Or at least I did, and I had to learn to live with disappointment.  It’s actually sort of a strange layout when you realize that the palette is only as big as it is to accommodate a slot for the brush; it’s a little maddening when you look closer and realize that the Tyra eye logo is actually bigger than the size of two of the pans put together.  For $39.00, there should definitely be more product here than there is, even if what is there is heavenly to work with.

Pencil Pros: also dreamy to work with – the formula isn’t too creamy and won’t break right off the pencil, but it’s not so hard that it doesn’t want to move or spread.  Tyra’s chemists definitely have their formulas down!  The color is great, and I like that it is a different sort of highlighter shade than the lightest shade in the compact so you have a couple of options for subtly different looks.

000_0029Cons: why, oh why is it darker than the palette’s highlighter shade?!  The instructions are to use it at the inner corner of your eye to highlight, which is exactly what you should do…except that it’s a little bit darker than the lightest shade in the palette, which means that if you’ve used that color on the lid and now put this in the inner corner, you’re using a darker color.  Which makes about as much sense as a hairstylist voting for Donald Trump.  Maybe Tyra intends for you to use the darker colors on the lids and just use the highlight shadow by the brow bone, but you don’t know my life Ms. Banks!  Sometimes I want a light color on the lid to shake things up.  $20 for a chunky pencil also seems a bit high, especially if you like to mix and match makeup as much as I do.  If you are going to dedicate yourself to this product, it is a good size pencil and I’m sure you’ll love it.

FierceOne product that looked kind of fun that I did not pick up is the Oops! Eyeliner: one side is a black felt tip eyeliner and the other side is an “eraser,” a targeted makeup remover with a similar felt tip pen style applicator that helps you sharpen up your lines or remove mistakes.  The rep demonstrated the corrector and it was legit – no runny black smears to be seen.  I may be looking into that at some point in the future, since I’m notoriously bad at liquid eyeliner!

The line overall is very bronze-y and focused on warmer tones, so people who prefer cooler tones might have a little bit of time adapting; beyond that, Tyra has done a solid job of putting together a collection of quality products that are (almost) universally flattering.  Women with medium to dark skintones will find a lot they can work with here as well.  For a line that’s built around staple products, Banks has done a lot to amp up the attitude with cheeky color and product names (personal fave: Smack My Fat Lash mascara).  Tyra 01My biggest complaint is that the price points don’t seem to always line up with the amount of product you’re getting, and like any episode of ANTM ever it’s all just a little too dependent on the cult of personality Tyra Banks is trying to build around herself (see above, re: Ty-over).  But the products themselves seem to be of a really high quality, much better than anything else I’ve seen in the direct selling beauty world to date.

Tyra ANTMLike Avon and Mary Kay before her, Tyra’s line is a direct sales opportunity, built around a combination of product sales and recruiting team members (called “BeautyTainers”) to earn commissions.  One of the perks of signing up is that your membership fee includes your own “branded” link to the website (most direct sales companies charge a fee for this).  Although direct selling companies are moving toward better harnessing the power of the internet and social media, there is still a strong desire for “cash and carry” with any direct selling company, and the decision of whether or not to carry inventory can affect your success.  But one thing is certain – Tyra Banks is ambitious and committed, and there is no doubt that she will work like no other to make sure that her “beauty experience” is a success.  Having that kind of willpower backing you up is something that reps in Avon and Mary Kay can’t fall back on.

Have you tried Tyra Beauty?  We’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments section.  Give us your recommendation for what to try next!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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