The BeautyTainment Has Arrived: Inside My Tyra Beauty Starter Kit

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Hold onto your weaves, top models, because the fierce is about to explode!  Guess who just got her Tyra Beauty “BeautyTainer” Starter Kit?  This bitch!

Tyra Makeup GroupingBefore signing up, I gave you my review of two products that I picked up at a vendor show: the Smoky Smize eyeshadow palette ($39.00) and the Super Smize eye highlighter pencil ($18.00).  I gave you my honest, unapologetic review of those products, and I still stand by it 100%.  Just because I signed up to sell the line doesn’t mean I’m going to turn into an infomercial – y’all deserve better than that!  Even though I felt those products were a bit overpriced, I was impressed enough with the quality that I wanted to know more; since Tyra beauty has relatively low startup costs, I decided to get signed up so that I could “stay and play” with a deeper level of engagement as an Independent BeautyTainer.  I’m still going to give you my unvarnished opinion on all of the products I try – and this seemed like as good a time as any!  For more information or to investigate the products a little more, head on over to My Tyra Beauty Website.

First, a bit about the line: the Tyra Beauty line is centered around contouring.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on Mars, you’ve probably heard about contouring as it has been the beauty world’s absolute obsession for the last few years.  At first it seemed like a trend that might come and go, but as more lines commit to entire product collections dedicated to this art it’s momentum seems to be continuing without slowing down.  As I pointed out in this post, contouring isn’t anything new – in fact, it uses principles that have been part of theatrical makeup for at least the last hundred years or so.

The concept is pretty simple: if you are standing with a light source shining directly at your face, what parts of your face are going to be the brightest?  The ones closest to the light source.  Anything that sticks out or is prominent will have light on it; anything that recedes or is less prominent will be in shadow.  Knowing this, you can use light and dark shades to “sculpt” the face, making areas look less prominent by adding shadow or more prominent by adding a shimmer or highlight.

Two Minute TyOver:

Enter the first of our Tyra Beauty products: the 2 minute TyOver (Banks’ rather precious term for a makeover).  This two piece kit comes in 2 shades (soon to be 3!) for $35.00.  You get your choice of shades of Sculpt in a Stick (available in Light, Deep, and soon Deeper Than Deep – can be purchased separately for $25.00) and the universal highlighting shade (Sin-sational City) of Light in a Stick (also $25.00 separately).  I was really expecting to be unimpressed by these – I use thick theatrical foundations and I figured there was no way this would have a place in my show makeup.  Once I got my testers, though – Dayum!  I was actually surprised by how creamy they were and how gorgeously they blend.  The problem with the foundations that I use for contouring is that as I am applying them they can sometimes create these hard lines that no matter how much you blend seem to draw product right to them.  Because of some work travel, I don’t have another show or appearance until March 19, but I am definitely going to bring the testers with me to see how they work with my usual show makeup.  I figured these products would be a good fit for everyday makeup, but if these can be recommended to my drag sisters then I’m doubly excited!  Stay tuned for more on that…

Note: I’ve included several videos in this post that I made with my cellphone.  I’m just barely dipping my toes in here, so I know that the quality isn’t great, but I think it’s more fun to actually show the products than just talk about them.  Hopefully you like them and maybe even find them informative.

Cheek in a Stick:

The Cheek in a stick blush works exactly like the Sculpt in a Stick and Light in a Stick products: it’s a creamy formula that you paint on where you want it, and then blend it in.  Just like the other two, it’s a fantastically blendable formula available for $24.00.  I love this one, but I’m not overly thrilled about the color selection.  Peaches for Eaches is a nice coral-peach with gold shimmer, but the only other shade, Sexy Hot Flash, is a darker berry color that doesn’t really have the same pop.  I appreciate that Tyra Beauty is focusing on its core line rather than chasing after every trend that happens along (this leads to more consistency for both customers and sales reps!), but it seems like Tyra is creating a color line that works extremely well with her carmel-y coloring and not necessarily for a wider range.  Most of the shades are pretty universal, but definitely work better if you like and can wear warm tones.  There are no blue-toned colors at all!  I’m hoping that they add at least one or two other colors to this product to help build out the line.

Lip Model and What Lipstick?:

LIp ModelThe lip products are sort of a mixed bag for me, though I think they are both really good quality.  As a drag queen, the obvious winner for me as the Lip Model pencils; What It Takes is a gorgeous hot pink with lots of silver glittery sparkle and I immediately had to place a follow up order for Hater Blocker, a bright red with gold glitter.  I’ve been testing out What It Takes, and I love it – and I almost never even like chunky lip pencils, let alone LOVE them!  These are definitely not for the faint of heart though – the color is super bright and the glitter is intense!  They are available for $26.

The What Lipstick? hits the other end of the spectrum: they are meant to be a semi-matte finish with no sparkle or shimmer and come in four shades: Younger Man (sort of a browned red), Ask For A Raise (a reddish plum), Do You, Girl! (a beige nude), and Show Some Cleavage (a muted pink).  They retail for $24.00.  They go on super smooth, the application is a dream.  I’m just not excited by the colors.  Those of you who like a more everyday look (read: you don’t want to look like a technicolor drag queen!) will probably love them, because they are a good quality lipstick, but I live for some pearl, some glitter, some duochrome, something!

This spring, Tyra Beauty is launching a new 4-piece lipstick line called Smooch as Silk, and there are two colors that are already on my shortlist!  No word yet on when they will hit the site, but you can count on hearing from me when they do!

Oops! Liner:

I tried to get a video of this product…and failed miserably.  First I ran out of recording time on my phone (I’m just starting out, so I’m not sure how that even happens?!).  Then I knocked over the camera while erasing the liner.  Next, I started sneezing uncontrollably.  After 5 attempts to get the video with various mishaps, I eventually gave up.  I’ll try again another time (because I really do think you have to see it to believe it!) but for now I’ll just pop this down here – it’s cheesy and fun!

The Oops! Liner ($24.00) is one of the products that really drew me to signing up to be an Independent BeautyTainer.  I’ve all but given up on liquid liner because I mostly just end up making a damn mess!  But the corrector allows you to go back and shape up your line and remove any smudging or misplaced lines.  I do recommend that you let the liner dry before using the corrector; I used my corrector pen when it was still wet and I noticed that the corrector got a little murky, and I had to run over the back of my hand a few times to get the liner residue out.  Also, it’s just for sharpening and correcting – little things!  Don’t plan to use it to remove your entire swath of eyeliner, ’cause that way lies tears and disappointment!

Smack My Fat Lash Mascara:

It’s a good mascara, but I have yet to find anything that I feel works as well as Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.  Sorry ’bout it.  If you have tried to the Too Faced and feel like it’s a little too much for you (again, I’m always having to remember that not everyone wants to look like an enormous drag queen!) then definitely give this mascara a try.  The idea is similar to other fibre mascaras like Younique’s CD Lash or Blinc’s mascara “tubes.”  It lengthens and thickens at the same time. I recommend that you keep a spoolie brush handy to comb through after applying just in case it gets clumpy or overapplied.  At $24.00, it’s definitely a strong competitor to other mascaras in the same price range like Benefit’s They’re Real mascara or Buxom’s mascara, but you’ll want to try it out to see if you get the effect you are looking for.

Green EyesEyes In A Stick:

One of my gripes about the starter kit was that you didn’t get to pick any of your colors.  You pick your Sculpt in a Stick shade (Light or Deep – or in my case, since I got the bigger package, both) and then they send an assortment of products coordinated to that shade or shades.  Now of the 6 shades that are available for Eyes in a Stick ($24.00), the one I had the least interest in was Once You Go Brown so of course that would be the color that I got in my kit.  These products are a nice basic cream eyeshadow pencil.  On the plus side, it blends just as smoothly and evenly as the face products.  On the con side, it’s still a cream eyeshadow.  I personally have a hard time working with creams; even if I use them, I still end up adding in powder shadows to help set them.  I’ve got two more shades coming: TyTy’s EyesEyes, a gorgeous hazel green, and Blold, a black with gold glitter combo.  Maybe these will win me over more than the chocolate tone of Once You Go Brown, but for now I’m not really convinced.  If you love cream shadows, and if you like the way the face products blend, you’ll probably want them in every damn color but if you’re a powder shadow aficionado, don’t expect these to win you over – find a tester to play with before you commit.

Pop! It Clean Makeup Wipes:

OMG, you guys – I never thought I would be writing about how much I love a makeup wipe.  Seriously.  Never.  But these makeup wipes are definitely one of the high points of my starter kit; the gimmick of popping them open is fun, but once that wears off you’ve actually got a really good makeup wipe in your hand.  Here’s a video I made of opening up the packaging (and though I forgot to mention it, the plastic containers are 100% recyclable!):

I know I probably shouldn’t be geeking out as much as I am about this, but I can’t help it.  Do you know how many packages of makeup wipes I’ve thrown out because the seal gets old and stops adhering and the pack dries out?!  And yes, I know you can just add water but I’ve done that and I swear they are never the same again.  And what is also great is that these little cloths actually work!  Here’s another video I made where I put them to the test with quite a few products from several different companies that all disappear lightning fast with a one of these cloths!

At 12 for $12.50 or 24 for $20.00, they might be a little expensive for every single day use, but I’m excited to give these a try with my show makeup.  When I’m scrubbing down at the end of the night, it usually takes me 5-6 clothes from the packages I buy at forever 21.  I’m betting that I can take off a whole show face with only 2 of these Tyra cloths.  If you like them and feel they are worth it for everyday use, then by all means!  But you could also add them to your options, maybe using them for occasions where you use a heavier application or where you use more pigmented products that make your regular removers struggle.  You don’t have to be all or nothing!

social_tyra_revisedThat goes for everything in the Tyra Beauty line – they are made to give you a basic line that will allow you to create whole gorgeous looks with just a few products, but the products themselves also “play well with others.”  You can work one or two of the products into your routine or experiment with them as you see fit.  If you like them, you can always try out others or find different ways to use them.  Makeup is supposed to be fun, people!  Play!

As an Independent BeautyTainer, you can be sure that I’ll be posting more about the products and any specials that come up but don’t worry – I’ll always give you my honest opinion and try to give you as much information as possible.  If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  If you are looking for a new cosmetic product to meet a specific need, I’d love to help and that may or may not mean a product from Tyra Beauty.  I’m not going to try to just sell you something to make a quick buck.  I love all kinds of makeup and that won’t ever change.  Expect me to be as candid and honest as I always have been!  In fact, that’s my real goal with selling Tyra Beauty – I want to put any money that comes in back into the site, buying new and different products to review, products to give away, etc.!

If you are interested in becoming an Independent BeautyTainer and getting one of these fun kits of your very own, I can help with that too!

To shop Tyra Beauty while supporting the World of Champagne, click HERE.

If you are interested in signing up as a BeautyTainer on my team, you can do that HERE.

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