Living For These Lips: NYX Cosmetics Does Ombre 101

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Why has this never been a thing before?!  I am absolutely living for NYX’s new Ombre Lip Duos – a double ended mechanical lip product that has a fine tip liner on one end and a thick lipstick on the other.  Put them together, and you’ve got the easiest ombre lip in the history of ever.  I’ve done some fun ombre lips by meticulously painting layers of OCC’s Lip Tar, but these duos make Ombre as easy as 1-2-3…actually, just 1 -2!

I was immediately on board when I saw the announcement; they come in a range of 12 color combos and I immediately ordered 5 of them.  I wanted to get as much of a range as possible so I tried to get a selection that were all very different from one another.  At $12.00, they are a little more expensive than most of the lip products at NYX but you are getting two products in one and I twisted them out to see how big they were and they were on par with other full size lip pencils and lip colors sold separately.  Plus NYX offers free shipping on orders over $25, so I figured what the hell?!  Treat, yo’self, girl!

Here is a gallery of the 5 sets I purchased – on my lips, no less!**

I love 4 out of 5 of them.  Let’s burn some trash!

Ombre 01Cookies & Cream: This is the one that I knew I would love out the gate!  I love a taupe-y brown ombre lip and this is perfection!  The liner is a nice chocolate brown and the lip color blends in perfectly.  I was really impressed with the quality of both the liner and the lipstick for all of these.  This was the perfect sort of neutral brown ombre – could use some glitter though!  I think I’m going to do this lip for a show, and then add Too Faced Melted Chocolate liquid lipstick in Chocolate Diamonds in the middle for a super glittery version!

Ombre 02Peaches & Cream: This was the biggest surprise for me!  The liner is really red and the lipstick is a really yellowy orange – who could have predicted that stunning coral peach situation that is happening on my lips?!  I actually just bought this one as a “throwaway,” thinking that it would add some variety to the grouping and then I’d pass it along.  But this look is perfection – juicy and tropical, I’m definitely keeping it!  This sort of surprise is the reason why I like to play around and try out so many different products – you never know what is going to end up being you new favorite thing!

Ombre 04Hearts & Spades: This one was the gamble and it definitely paid off!  I’ve heard other queens say that they think my dark brown lip liner is too intense; how could I resist this little number that pairs a gorgeous true red lipstick with a matte black liner?!  I couldn’t, and I really do love the way it blends together!  The look is pretty intense, but it also has a classic feel to it – I think this would be a great lip to wear with a really strong look using the Urban Decay Naked Smoke palette.  Yes, please!  Don’t be afraid to try things that are a little bold and might sound a little crazy – they can really pay off!

Ombre 05Pink Bubbles & Caviar: This is the one I expected to love, and it’s actually the reason that these lippies didn’t get a perfect 5 out of 5.  What could go wrong with bright Barbie pink?  The real problem comes from not enough contrast – the key to a great ombre lip is a gradient that you can see and though the packaging has a lovely fade from deep hot pink down to baby pink, the lip products themselves are actually much closer than they should be.  I like both of them separately, but they just don’t give me the ombre I want.  I’m definitely thinking about pairing the liner from Hollywood & Wine with this lip color though…

Ombre 03Hollywood & Wine: This one achieves more of what the last one just couldn’t – the deep raspberry of the liner contrasts nicely with the fuchsia lip color to create a smooth ombre.  As I mentioned above, I think I might try playing around with these two together to make both of them more successful, but this one at least achieves a clear gradient between the shades.

**A note on my lips – I rarely actually show products on my face because I usually write up these posts on a whim and I never properly prepare myself.  I tried to crop these down because I had shaved that day (poorly, I might add! lol) and I have a few ugly spots of razor burn and putting on foundation seemed like waaaaaay too big of an ordeal for a few quick lip shots!  I also know that my teeth aren’t perfect.  Work with what you got, y’all!

Overall, I love these lip duos and I’m definitely going to be looking them over again to see if there are any colors that need to be added to my repertoire!  Ombre lips are always gorgeous, and even though it’s coming back as a bit of a trend currently, they will always look good and I think they are a nice alternative to the blocky, solid matte lips that I keep seeing everywhere!  Hope you love, and please tell me how you feel about ombre lips in the comments down below!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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