Second Chances: Falling (Back) In Love With Lime Crime

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Editor’s note: In between the writing of this post and when it will actually go live on the site, I’ve been doing some additional research into the many controversies surrounding Lime Crime and its owner, Doe Deere.  I decided to go ahead with this post, but look for a follow up post coming soon with my updated thoughts – this love affair promises to be scandalous! XOXO – Miss Jaye

Lime Crime 01I’ve had some problems with Lime Crime. It’s been a while, but I had the damnedest time trying to track down their utterly gorgeous emerald green lipstick, Serpentina.  For a while, it was listed as out of stock because it was a “seasonal” color.  Closer to Halloween, it came back in stock and then immediately sold out.  When I was finally able to order it, the shipping took forever…seriously.  I think it took about 3 weeks to get to me.  I understand that Amazon Prime and Sephora Flash have made me a brat about online shopping (What do you mean I have to pay for shipping and it won’t be here in two days?!  Are you sure that’s a thing?  Is there a supervisor I can speak to?!), but even with my high expectations, 3 weeks is just ridonkulous.  As a smaller company, they also sometimes struggle to keep things in stock, launch dates get changed unexpectedly…but when you can finally get your greedy little hands on their products, they are always fantastic.  (For more on my initial order with the brand – that fiasco! – visit THIS POST from deep in the archives!)

Recently, I decided to pop over and see what was new at Lime Crime – I hadn’t been in a while because they were focusing pretty heavily on their Velveteens for a while and discovering ColourPop’s Ultra Mattes pretty much made those obsolete.  I was really hoping to see something that would get me feeling excited about the brand again – and I was NOT disappointed!

Enter the Perlees!  I’m not sure what that name is all about since these lipsticks are more of a metallic finish, but they are absolutely gorg!  They are described as a “matte pearl” which frankly is some strange fuckery that makes no sense at all.  Matte and pearl are two very different things, but these days “matte” means absolutely nothing – gone are the days of the original formula of MAC’s Viva Glam: it was matte perfection, sat like a brick on your lips, and was stunning.  But despite the linguistic insanity, I figured this was a good opportunity to rediscover the brand; they had a special Valentine’s deal on the set of all 7 colors and I decided to go for it.  The 7 shades are described on the website as follows:

Third Eye – Mulberry Red
Lady – Strawberry Red
Mirage – Mauve Pink
Gemma – Taupe Brown
Asphalt – Grey Brown
Penny – Bright Copper
Denim – Denim Blue

I’ve started to get a little braver with my cell phone camera, so here is a video of me showing off some swatches:

And that’s right, World of Champagne fans – I’m going to be posting a giveaway in the coming days for 2 full size Lime Crime Perlees lipsticks!

000_0008These lipsticks are amazing and they reminded me of how great the products from Lime Crime always are.  And the good news – shipping was not only much faster, but I had a problem with the order (one of the other items I ordered was left out of the package) and their customer service was super fast, polite, and they got the problem fixed extremely quickly.  I’ve seen some rant videos on youtube about Lime Crime (please GAWD can this trend of rant videos please die a fiery death?!) and I was a little nervous when I reached out to them, but I had a wonderful experience.

Plus their packaging is always gorgeous and high quality – and always changing!  The Perlees are really gorgeous with their vintage floral design and the box they were shipped in was reversible and decorated in the same motif!  I’ll be storing goodies in that for a long time!

So if you haven’t checked out Lime Crime before, or if you did and didn’t have a great experience, think about giving them another shot.  Running an independent business is hard, and they are going to make some mistakes but every time I get a new product from them, I fall in love all over again!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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