Move Over, Elvira – Miss Jaye And Champagne Dreams Productions Present MIDNIGHT MOVIE MADNESS!

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Poster SnipAre you ready for some late night movie shenanigans?!  We are beyond excited to announce that our very own Miss Jaye will be hosting a very special series of late night movie events at the Fire Hall Theatre!  These events will be fun, campy, and totally interactive – be ready for live performances, audience games, door prizes, and much more!

The first event will be Friday, April 22 and will feature more Reefer Madness than you can handle!

First, at 10pm, will be the original 1936 cult classic propaganda film Reefer Madness – learn all about how the evils of reefer destroyed the lives of bright, young Americans!  As an added bonus, this film has been hysterically recolorized for your technicolor viewing pleasure!

At midnight, the hijinx continue with Reefer Madness: The Musical!  Starring Christian Campbell, Alan Cumming, Kristen Bell, Anna Gasteyer, Neve Campbell, and more, this reimagination of Reefer Madness through song and dance will shock and entertain you!

In addition to the films themselves, there will also be plenty of opportunities for audience interaction including trivia and other games with fabulous prizes to be won!  There will also be concessions to help feed all of your appetites (brownies anyone?!), live performances by Miss Jaye and her special guests, and more suprises (we can’t give everything away in the trailers, folks!).  Tickets are only $10 and include all of the fabulous shenanigans mentioned above!

MidnightPlease note the following: we don’t know you and we don’t know your lives, and what you choose to do before you arrive is your business, not ours.  However, you should be aware that absolutely no illegal activities will be tolerated at the Fire Hall Theatre during this event; anyone caught partaking in said questionable activities – you know what we mean – will be escorted from the theatre and no refunds will be given.  Just in case you were thinking about it – don’t.  Let’s not ruin this for everyone.  Sound good?!

Champagne Dreams Productions is hoping to turn this into a regular series of double features with different themes, so keep an eye on this site or the CDP Facebook page for info and announcements about this and future events!

Special thanks and shout out to Kelly Coxsyn and Synful Productions for designing our fabulous promo poster – WERK!

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