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Editor’s Note: When you run an entire website in your spare time, sometimes things…happen.  You get busy, you get distracted, and posts that were started never seem to get finished.  If you’re me, you also run into your share of technical issues.  Such is life, and that’s part of what happened after my trip last fall to Seattle.  I was able to share some great things from my travels, including a review of Reefer Madness at the Seattle Musical Theatre, but there were other posts that got bogged down in production and the business of life and might never have seen the light of day if not for my willingness to go back and give you posts no matter how out of date they might seem!  I came in and finished up any of the post that was incomplete in March 2016, but most of this was written at the end of my trip in October 2015.  I was just starting to play around with the camera on my cell phone, and despite my technical challenges I was happy enough with these videos that I still wanted to share them, even if it has been almost 6 months and some of the products featured are not around anymore.  I still love this brand, I love these videos, and I love finishing what I started!  And keep your eyes peeled – there may be more “lost posts” coming out of the archives.  Please enjoy! -XOXO, Miss Jaye

Lush 01During the month I spent in Seattle, one of the best discoveries I made, besides this little to-die-for Indian restaurant a block from my hotel, was Lush: a store dedicated to beauty and skincare products that are all handmade from fresh ingredients.  Once I started raving about this to people on Facebook, I found out that once again I am rather late to the party and others have been enjoying the fizzy baths and luxe masks of Lush for years and just never bothered to tell me about it (thanks, bitches).  But I was definitely a convert!

When I went in, I found the staff to be very friendly and they love to talk about all of the products and how they are made.  They do a great job of letting you know what’s made with what and how they work without making you feel like you’re getting a hard sales pitch.  The woman I worked with, Miriam, had this lovely ombre effect on her hair that started as sort of a rich strawberry red (definitely dyed, without being obnoxious) that faded into a spunky turquoise at the ends.  We had a great conversation about skincare and masks, my trip and what I was doing in town.  She knew right away that I was a visitor: I had passed over the Seattle “uniform” of gray and plaid for a selection of Hawaiian shirts and bright linen pants I bought for a planned trip to the Phillipines that never happened.  When I stopped in again about a week and a half later, she remembered me and our conversation.  Some of it may have just been her salesmanship game, but if it was she was definitely better than most.  And she is the one who got me set up with my ultimate Lush experience: the Bath Bomb.

Lush does all kinds of bath and body products as well as cosmetics and other goodies, but as my hotel had a nice big bathtub with lots of Jacuzzi jets, I immediately gravitated to the Bath Bombs: fun-colored globes roughly the size of a baseball or a little larger (you know how I feel about the sports, so that’s a really rough estimate) that promised to fill my bath with color, delicious scents, and little surprises.  I bought some of the masks and a couple of the shower gels that I’ll talk about briefly at the end of this post, but right now I want to focus on these fantastic gems!  I took some videos of each of the bombs – sorry for the poor video quality, but that’s what I get for buying a Fire phone.

Big Blue

The first one I tried was Big Blue, and I was so in love.  Not only was the water super saturated with color, but it had this great lavender smell and these little seaweed flakes.  I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of the flakes was….but I liked it!


This one was a lot of fun – lots of color and crackling and all of that goodness, with a special little surprise at the end.  This one was one of the best to watch – it put on quite the show!  The little piece of paper with the BANG! on it was a fun little touch…it would have been even better if it was a temporary tattoo…I totally would have tramp-stamped that situation!

(Note: In addition to all of my other technological problems, the video for Fizzbanger refuses to upload – which sucks because it was probably my favorite video of the bunch!  I’m going to keep working on it, trying to get it to “stick,” but until I do, I just grabbed some rando Google images to show you what it looks like as well as the little paper surprise in the middle!)

Sex Bomb

This was another of my most favorite of all the Bath Bombs!  It had a great rich smell and the flower was a nice touch, even if it didn’t exactly “bloom” the way the catalog described it!  This is definitely a great choice for a romantic, sexy time bath though I still enjoyed it all by my lonesome…since my damn Fire phone doesn’t have Grindr!


So this one wasn’t a Bath Bomb exactly, but once I got into the bath products I just couldn’t stop!  This was the first Bubble Bar I tried, and it was pretty fantastic.  The bubbles weren’t as plentiful as I expected, but 30 seconds running the jets took care of that!  I also felt like the bar didn’t dissolve all the way – throughout the bath I still found little “pebbles” of the bar in the tub from when I had crumbled it under the tap.  And I wasn’t nearly as glittery at the end as I had hoped I would be!  Still a fantastic experience!

Dragon’s Egg

This one was super fun – another one with lots going on!  The outside was plain white, but I could see little colored spots peeking out throughout.  These were apparently little soap confetti that dispersed into the bath as the ball melted.  When dropped in, the outside was white and frothy before suddenly there was this explosion of yellow…though as I note in the video, it kind of looked like the ball was peeing.  No one pees in my bath but me, damn it!


Into every life a little disappointment must come – and for me, that disappointment came from Sakura.  The smell was lovely – it had a light bubbly and fresh scent (it reminded me a little of Sprite!) but it wasn’t nearly as strong once it started to diffuse in the bath.  It wasn’t terrible, but after big shows like the Dragon’s Egg and Fizzbanger, it just seemed sort of meh.


This one was good…but weird.  They warned me in advance that the water could look a little murky or muddy – definitely different than the usual bath bombs! – but the fragrance definitely made up for it: lots of citrus fragrance with just a light undertone of floral notes.  I never would have thought that I would have enjoyed a bath full of dirt, but this made me a believer y’all!

Mmmmmelting Marshmallow Moment

Yes, it really was spelled like that.  I might have more or less m’s than the actual name (I didn’t do my “fact checking” beforehand to make sure it was 100% accurate – shame on me!), but there were more than the required one for that word which I felt was a little precious.  Also, this one is somewhere between a Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar – it was called a Bath Melt.  There were some foamy bubbles (more after I turned on the jets) and a little bit of color in the water, but it was mostly about the fragrance with this one. (Sorry for my heavy breathing in the background – I sound like a total creeper!)


This video has my awkward as fuck “shoutout” to Miriam (seriously, how do I function in the world?!) and this bomb was one of my absolute favorites of the fragrances – it smelled like Sprite!  The Sakura had a similar smell, but was lighter and had more floral notes.  This one was more sparkling citrus and really fresh and made for a fantastic bath.  Usually I think of subtle as a four-letter word, but in this case it was a lovely experience.

Christmas Bomb Preview

This is the video I made to show off the Christmas-themed bath bombs and bubble bars.  I had originally planned to do a second post to show those off closer to the holiday, but since this post got lost in the shuffle, I’m going to include those videos and commentary below.  Aren’t they adorbs?!

Luxury Lush Pud

Lush – seriously, wtf is up with that name?  I still don’t understand.  But I know that I like it.  You know that underneath all the glam, Miss Jaye can be awkward as fuck when the moment comes and so I decided to make the most out of this…pud thing.  The colors were a little crazy, and you’ll see in the video that my camera on my sad little Fire phone just didn’t know how to handle its life around all of that color.  With all of the crazy colors and fizziness, the real star of this show was the lavender scent which was the most gorgeous thing from pretty much any of the bath bombs.  A little gimmicky, but a great experience.

The Golden Wonder

You know I love glitter – I was really hoping this would be more sparkly in action!  The lime smell was delicious so that was a plus (though as I note, it could have been much more intense), and I like the colorful display, but the glitter payoff is never as good as they make it sound like it will be.  This was another fun one with lots of unexpected moments – like the little stars that burst out at the end!

Father Christmas

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first – that face is a fuckin’ creeper.  The candy smell was sweet but cloying, but if you don’t like really intense, sugary smells the good news was that the smell was much less intense once it was actually in the bath.  It promised to be “jolly green” and “ruby red,” and while it delivered on the green color, the red never materialized out of that pink base.  The combination of all the colors was a little murky, but overall pretty good.

Holly Golightly

This one was gimmicky but fun – named after Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s it was designed to turn the water Tiffany blue.  It also smelled a lot like Pine Sol (which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing).  I’m surprised that the bubbles aren’t more generous but turning the jets on solved that handily enough; for those without fancy hotel Jacuzzi tubs, you might need to agitate the water a bit to up the bubble factor.  Unfortunately, there was still more debris than I would have liked but it was still a pretty great experience.


So, who could resist the promise of a bath smelling like “hot fruit punch”?!  Not me, that’s fo’ sho.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t quite deliver.  The fragrance was really light (and a little cinnamon-y), there wasn’t a lot of color, and no real fireworks to speak of.  This one was a bit of a dud, overall.  Hey, you can’t win them all.

Peeping Santa

Anyone who loved those candy-sweet Strawberry Shortcake dolls from the 80s will instantly recognize the smell of this little bubble bar.  I don’t know why, but this little guy really brought out my extra super awkward side – he was just so darn adorable!  This was a lovely childhood flashback for me with that fakey strawberry smell.  As with all of the others, again I wish that the bubbles had been more plentiful without the intervention of the jets, but I really did enjoy this bubble bar.  This Santa can come peepin’ at my bathtime any time!

Final Thoughts

Lush 02I really had a great time trying out all of the fabulous products at Lush, and I will definitely being buying from them again the next time I’m somewhere near them.  Because of their fresh nature, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel ordering from them online (their masks generally need to be refrigerated, so I’m not sure how well they would hold up to mailing!) but I will seek them out whenever I am travelling.

Speaking of masks, I had a whole other post planned about their masks that just wasn’t meant to be – I decided to resurrect the bath bomb post because I had all of these great videos, but for the masks I only had a couple of photos and nothing really that life-changing.  Next time I find a Lush location, I promise to get a bunch of their masks and create a whole new post – deal?  Great!

Finally, I also tried two of their shower gels: Don’t Rain On My Parade, which had a great ocean-y sort of smell, and the limited edition Snow Fairy, which had a yummy candy sort of smell and a ton of glittery opalescent fabulousness – in the bottle mostly, but this one did leave a small glitter presence on my skin after a shower!  They were both fantastic and the freshness of their formulation did give them an extra fragrant punch that I don’t always find in other shower gel products (or if I do, it’s because they smell super duper perfume-y – I’m looking at you Bath & Body Works!).

Definitely check out Lush if you get the chance – you absolutely can’t go wrong with a super fresh face mask treatment or a bubbling, colorful bath bomb to soak away your stress!

Now Go Forth And Get Painted!

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